Saturday 1 August 2015

The Show goes on

Sheffield Cycling 4 All is open on the 6/08/15 at Hillsborough Park, Sheffield. Despite the fact that Steve Marsden, is still on holiday in France. He maybe sometime???

I am currently looking after his dog Robbie, who behaves like a dream!! he is so obedient, if there is a treat involved.

I am sooo poorly though, and I can feel my mood slipping, because I cant cycle at the moment. I'm just too weak, because of the effects of my 3rd session, of Chemotherapy,

I was assessed yesterday by Social Services, to see what extra help, I need? I can't cope with 4 visits a day again!!! Like last year, when I had a double fracture in my hyper sensitive left leg, So sensibly I opted for a tea time visit, of 2 hours. When my legs have usually had it!! But only for the week I have  Chemo therapy.

I also asked for a Greenspeed Magnum Pedal Assist Trike, because for the cost of a PAs wages. They could buy me a trike, and I could do it myself. Retain some dignity and independence, stay healthy, have control.


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  1. So you got a good company but sad to hear about your present condition. Hope you will get well soon and will be cycling again. Keep us updated about yourself.