Friday, 17 July 2015

SC4A closed early :(

Well we've lasted a year, and today we closed early.  I wasn't anything to do with the final decision, because I wasn't available for comment. I was up the drive approximately 100 yards away?

Monday, 13 July 2015

Naughty Hickman!!!

Did I mention, that my Hickman line had come out, one night. Meaning, I had to have basic rudimental ways to administer Chemotherapy, last time? Well I'm back in Northern General Hospital today, having another fitted. Potentially this is much worse than last time, because I now have no Platlets, to clot my blood. Because of the Chemo....Oh the joys!!!

Sunday, 12 July 2015

A quickie, catch up.

I have got so much going on in my life at the moment, I've never been so popular. Cancer has made me a very popular Chick.

Ahhhhh, I had my 2nd lot of Chemotherapy, last week? - well Friday the 3rd. And as ~I thought, because Chemo/mustard gas. Stays in your blood for 6 weeks, meaning that I have a time when my treatment effects over lap. Which might be why, I am back to using one crutch again because it slows me down, stopping me tripping! and makes me safer. And my joints are aching a bit. I am lucky, because my children, were nowhere to be seen when I returned from the hospital, both had a busy social life!! But my mate Anj, text and offered to get me a Curry, and she brought it round, plated it, with a glass of wine. Nice.

I spotted Will, at Chemo the young boy? the Student Nurse, who was unfortunate in his use of language :) He saw me, and ran!!! Cheeky, he knew I couldn't catch him!! I'm not that bad.? Some time later, he returned rather sheepishly. I think he enjoyed the 'banter' though, because he kept telling fellow nurses (always the female ones) about the Spit/Swallow incident.

I'm gonna have to come back to this.

I'm back... The Sheffield Sky Ride.

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36 hours later wearing a Bandana and having a pink balloon, on the end of my flag pole. I began, the ride. My beautiful friend Dave Brenen, was as ever so supportive. In fact I couldn't have done the ride without him. I didn't even do it, I only did about half. I just think it was important to show that Cancer or Disability, needn't stop you having a go, because it doesn't stop me. I didn't feel like I'd failed, I was as 'proud, as punch' for having a go. And felt energised, and sociable, instead of achy and lonely at home staring at the 4 walls of my lounge.
By now all my hair on my head has gone.  And I don't like the thought of people who don't know me ? Assuming that my life is shit? Because I do promise  and I have wondered, if in fact I'm in some kind of denial?  Apart from the loads of appointments, I have to keep, for my own good. And I do not feel as physically strong. For example, I'm quite bothered by the fact that I can no longer cycle to the shop, Drs, or bus stop. I am taking my dog Holly, for a ride to the Meadow, and woods, on the flat, it's only about half a mile though :( I do quite miss being able to be self reliant)
I am really aching today, it is Tuesday, my skin is peeling on my fingers, my pubes have long since gone. And I'm disturbed that every time I look at my phone screen, stray eye lashes fall. But luckily, I have the luxury of not moving terribly far today. But I've just agreed, to do some work for TLAP (please google it, they are so supportive of their members, and they do help me feel useful.
Macmillan fund issued me with a cheque to buy a Wig, so today I am going with my lovely Niece Amanda, to do just that. I'm a bit sad because I would normally have cycled there. But I'm not up to it yet :( In her lunch hour the lovely Amanda, collected me in the car.
Click for OptionsEeeeek, Daisy's words 'Don't you dare go blonde' echoed in my ears, as I settled on, a wig. A blonde one.
I had decided, to be brave and face loads of important folk in my life, at the same time. My cycling buddies,.So I caught a taxi to Hillsborough on my own, because I know it's a travesty, but I have to pay £5extra (each way) for the taxi to take my trike. Even though it's my wheelchair, in fact even if it was a standard conventional wheelchair, it would cost anyone that! Eeeek, I was a bit nervous, how would folk respond. The lovely Dave had collected my lunch for me :) I pulled up, and my friends waited with bald heads, looking like 'Hard Mafia guys'
Click for Options Steve Marsden, looked cool, in my wig, in fact it was the first thing he did, was respectfully ask, if he could have a go. :) And then Gill Price (who is responsible for most of the pics!! Everyone helped me feel great.
But I think the highlight of the day for me, was getting my friend Grant from Friends Together, to sit down longer than 30 seconds, and paint my finger nails.
Here's me enjoying all the attention!!!
My mate Lorraine came back with me on the Community Transport bus, bless her she carried my bags, and fussed around me, it was great. And so lovely the way folk look out for me.
Ey up, we're nearly done :) Friday, saw me working in Manchester, for TLAP. I had to tell my favourite story :) You know the one about how so many folk Coproduced my mission, of me swapping my Mobility Scooter for a Recumbent Trike, for the school run. Who would have thought it could lead to so much.
Sheffield Cycling 4 All runs every Thursday at Hillsborough Park 10-3.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

4 Slap heads

4 Slap heads

Pics soon, I promise I'm just aching so much, I can't walk into the kitchim to get my moby. I know I'm a terrible lightweight .

Chemotherapy tomorrow at 10.30. Think of me?

And Mr Hickmans not doing his job :) I needed 4 injections in my ever collapsing veins!! yesterday

Good mood, it could just be because I'm off my face on steroids, which I need to take b4 during and after my chemo.