Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Thanks for the Best Day of My Life!!

Nigel West nominated me for, what turned out to be the best day of my life. I know a lot of other folk, ever so many infact! Played their part in building the reason I was nominated, and I thank them nearly everyday!

I look at the Torch which the Wellbeing Consortium (nigel) and Zest, Miriam being my contact there, bought me. And it makes me cry at the moment. Because sadly Nigel West died on Sunday night, RIP.

I am writing this now on my blog, because presumably, all those who loved Nigel, will know by now.

My heart goes out to his family, and friends of which he had so many.


Sunday, 27 January 2013

I could have so done it!!

I cycled to the bus stop today, and I was so happy that the roads, were grey again instead of white. And the grass verges, blissfully green. The snow had all gone!!

I looked at the distance from the Sheffield train station, and as I would be allowed to cycle on the Pavement? I could have very easiky gone to Redvers House last week!!! Barrrr Hum bugs!!!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

I wonder if it'll work?

You'll have to be very Patient, it's an American idea, about Bike leasing??

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Millhouses Park

Eh, it's about as far as I get, and by ek! I'm out of practice, what with the snow etc, I've not Cycled since Friday. And to be honest it was a bit scarey, there seemed to be more traffic on the roads? I presumed because of the cold. And what a pain, there are a set of traffic lights up, on Abbeydale Rd South, which reduce the road to a single carriageway, for about 200 yards. And unless I'm at the lights when they change to green? It doesn't give me an abundance of time, before I see big Juganaught lorries heading towards me - whose pedalling franticly to reach the other set, of lights.

I spoke to Steve M which I aint done for a month, I do find 'the blame' culture to be a right pain??? Lil old me as a volunteer? has to work with 2 other members of paid staff?? How ridiculous ??? And it is the same for all volunteers male or female. And do you know how crap that makes me feel? To not be trusted, or valued as an honest individual?? But that's just it, everyone has to be treated the same!!!

He spoke excitedly abot March  the 7th which is the Thursday Cycling 4 All, will begin at Hillsborough. And we will have to start charging, so I reckon £5 gets you either a morning 10-1 Cycling round the park, wi me, tea and coffee, and s'where to eat you're lunch. Or from 12-3 where you get a drink when you arrive eat your lunch maybe?? and then a Cycle round the park. I'm not sure how that will work, we will keep it flexible though, I supposed it's all very new, and kind of goes against the grain. But????

Nick Clegg??? We're having a  bit of a shin dig at Endcliffe Park on  the 22nd of March hopefully. When Nick and I and the Paperazzi, will go cycling on the side by side.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Cost

After my meeting today was cancelled due to bad weather, I grumbled that I would be ok, if I could cycle train, and cycle again. But I think we are leaving that for a bit, but not scraping thje idea. But did some behind the scenes texting,  I needed to go into meet a guy who I love but can't name!! and a woman called Ruth. Who was producing a Story on our experience of Co-Production.It became Oh sooo very apparent how all the organisations, I am involved in want the same!! And could possibly share info, and stuff???

I am a a bit bolloxed, how buearacracy and the blame culture pisses me off. And I'm sorry if I offended you today. I am fond of everyone apart from my ex' wife!!! and to be fair, I'm not too bothered about her, because, without her, I would have been de motivated and helpless.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Sorry to hear!

Sorry about the death of Michael Winner, I wonder what You can say to me now, instead of 'Calm Down Dear' Dave???  I think it was some kind of Liver Scirosis -? Perhaps I should take hither??

How do I 'Tweet' without being a 'Twat'?

Ahhhh, my Stall at the Mental Health Event today, was cancelled, well the whole event was. Incase anyone slips, getting there and gets hurt???

And my meeting tomorrow has been cancelled, and I was sooo looking forward to it. It was with one of my favourite guys, in case I slip!!! he works for the council, and that is why I can't name him??? I know it's bonkers!!!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Lancing A Boil!!!

I know Cyclings Cycling, no matter where or how, you do it.  But I cycle for very practical reasons, and any other benefits, are just add ons. It matters not, what I'm wearing, or the brand of my Cycle, just that it gets me from A to B. And it helps, that it makes me happy, and healthy, gives me choices, and gives me s'thing to talk about :D I like to be happy, honest, and positive, and I have to say th majority of Cyclists I come accross, are in that Ilk. And not competitive cheating gits.

Which reminds me, I have got myself invited to a SHSC sheffield Health and Social Care Event on Monday. I've got a table, my Torch and my Record of Involvement.

Snow!! :)

Thursday, 17 January 2013

I MADE myself go out today, and mighty glad I did!!!!

It's so cold and dull outside, a bit like me eh?? :D Inside it's all warm and cosy....? I'm a bit worried now, where this could lead!!!!

If you notice, I've calmed a little and I've retracted the foul language, and subsituted it with Blighters :D Crikey!!

I logged on this morning, to read several supportive emails. I don't often feel totally adjudicated??? but I feel so right about me catching the train into Council meetings, and saving my Health shaking my lethargy,and sav

Not Long Enough, sad :(

Monday, 14 January 2013

Northern Rail Are Pants!!

On what could be a very monumental day for disability travel, in Europe. I thought I'd better get more experienced in taking Ziggy on the train. And I was actually wanting to save Sheffield Council, about £25 a time, So I hatched a plan, and that was to cycle to Dore train Station, board a train with my trike at 957 arrive in Sheff 7minutes later, and then cycle to Redvers House..

Directors and Managers in Social Care were extatic, at my innovative plan, I just needed safe storage for my Trike??? I received an email, telling me there was no prob, and the reception staff would look after my cycle. At 5.20, I just thought I'd prewarn Sheffield Station, that I was coming, and I would need assistance to get my Mobility Aid off the train.I was passed from Manager to manager, and eventually I was told NO!!!!...........Blighters!!! :/

I was really happy, before they said that, it had done marvels for my confidence and Wellbeing.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Peace :)

I miss Nick Blood :)

I have taken Holly on the doggy attatchment, down to the woods today. Hey I look like a Regular dirt biker, Ziggy is filthy :) I'm quite proud of her being muddy, not so chuffed about the doggy paws though! Mmmm Ziggys making a noise on the back wheel??? It was a bit dark to inspect, plus I suffer from a condition known as 'Hand on the door' (its when you want to Wee, as soon as you put your hand on the door) But in my case it's hand on the bike lock!!! It's only because it's further away!!! and I have to sprint (as if!!!!)to the toilet. So you see the chances of me pausing, hand on chin to survey the damage is very slim!!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

I've done my bit, have you done yours?

I've written, and sent my Report, to the EMP, about disability travel. After Pete Z, pointed it out. and said he thought that I would have some valuable contributions to make. Hey, that's quite good that :) ?? That s'one considers my written pros to be worthy, and legible!!!So if anyone interested, they will have to contact me privately on, because I'm not allowed to publish apparently, and I don't know if this is classed as that. So after spending all weeekend writing it, I don't want to jeopardise it's acceptance.

'Our Kev' sadly Kevin Hickman, has stepped down from being the Inclusive Cycling Forum' Chairperson. :(

I don't blame him in the slightest.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

ooooh I pinched this off FB

But I have no sound today, and I'm not in the mood, to find out why? so it will have to wait! I presumbe the guy is known to our Velomobile friends?

Happy New Year Everyone!!

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Finns Mongoose :)

I woke today, after not sleeping terribley well, I woke and felt really low as memories of the previous evenings events unfolded. Suddenly everyone wanted to know me, to pour their hearts out, and tell me their side of the story. But do you know?? I told them all to leave me alone!! To the point where I've ignored knocks on my door!!! Thats so unlike me!!? I just wanted quality time, with my kids including the 4 legged sort!!

We couldn't cycle too far in Gillfield Woods, because of the Style, and I was feeling too feeble to get 2 cycles, and a Whippet over!! But we did a couple of miles which walked the dog, and the paths in there are fantastic!!

And Happy New Year everyone, you know I can't really think of any Resolutions? I know I should lose weight, but I aqm normally happy and healthy. And my GP reckons, it would take surgery to remove my stomach, as she can tell my muscles in my tum are as tight as they are gonna get!! It comes from Cycling Lying Down!!

New Years Eve.......

There is no wonder Counsellors have Supervision, and therapy themselves! Becauase do you know? After a really busy day, visiting my Friends, and sharing wine. And dragging poor Holly (i think she loves it really) round attatched to Ziggy, and Finn sitting on my panniers, hey he's getting heavy!! I ended up meeting a couple of mates....? in the Spit. The night was young and we boogied along down, to various tunes, and as I can't dance at all, and don't ever claim to really dance, it just ended up being some sort of walking about waving arms, shouting, and singing even? the words of the songs. Not really acting like a 46 year old!! My friends proceeded to fall out, with slaps, drinks over heads.....much was like being at a Youth Club!!

I left, bringing an extra child back, the time was 11.30pm. So I had a lonely midnight!! :(

In fact I ended up in tears, because an unsuspecting very young man had asked me when my Baby was due!!, I just smiled and said 10years ago!!

I lent my ear to so many folk yesterday. New Years Day, was gonna be different!!!