Monday, 27 January 2014

Positively Disabled!!

I'm not alone. I met Andy in London last week? week before? And he is such a grab life and enjoy type of Guy. I love that!! When life deals you your cards, it is so up to an individual, whether he seizes the opportunities, or curls up.

We spoke today on the phone, and I got so giddy, because he is so into lifes adventures, he's coming to Sheffield on Friday the 2nd of May, for the launch of 'Head lines 2' Which reminds me Kev and Brigitte, will you text me your new number please Kevin mines 07909972140.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

I'm just not that important - obviously!!

Heeley Development Trust have never visited Cycling 4 All, at Hillsborough, and the new CTC Disability Officer, has only been perhaps 5 times, if I'm being generous!! neither have personal experience of cycling with a disability. Or are in close frequent contact with any disabled cyclists!!!

I have been told cycling for all will commence again, some time at the end of Feb? Whether I'll go....??? I know I will, I'm just gutted. It is not what I'm about, I am about Co-Prouction, and Inclusion of any service. From the light bulb moment to the feed back.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Hillsborough is like a magnet :)

I jumped-ish, out of bed this morning, because I knew I had 'motherly duties to attend to, (my poor kids, do get neglected - not at all) I had boiled eggs to cook perfectly!! no that wasn't, it wasn't dog walking, or showing my cleaner, what to do I had got to take my 15 year old for a blood test, it's not that I'm scathing and doubtful, that she can be ill. But I did ask for her immunity, to be tested. I had prescriptions to discuss and collect for my wee boy too. No longer do I huff and puff into the surgery, now I'm on the new improved Ziggy. Which reminds me Carol.....I'm going for the option, of another spare exactly the same. But I'm not sure when?? It will depend on a lot.

I arrived at Hillsborough, and met a new guy who is known to the mental health team, but not too sure of his history. We chatted a while, and he loved Ziggy, so I promised him a go....:) Ah he loved it :) which made me very happy. Then I just had to give Marj a big hug, as I aint seen her for a while. And then Norma and family. And Ann, and my lovely friend Dave who is just ace.

Anyway, I came back and promptly fell asleep, didn't touch a drop of  booze, I wisely saved my units for tomorrow. How sad is that??? when I'm having to count my units!!!

I'm off to meet some folk off the non Directors team of Executives from NHS England tomorrow. And then booze and sleep :)

Catch up :)

My life seems to be quickening again. Which I do love, under usual circumstances.....? but I feel a tad shit to be honest, and I'm just sleeping in my armchair and dribbling attractively, in-between bursts of activity. Yesterday, I went to London for my first meeting with the National Coproduction Advice Group, which is a sub group of the more known Social Care Institute for excellence. Which went really well, and I am really looking forward to finding out more and getting stuck into it. And I actually get paid, and rightly so!!  

I took the hassle free easy way of travel, and I'm glad I did. Because I was a bit analy retentive, stressed, and tired by the time I got off my final train at Dore. It was just nice to have a car waiting for me, than fiddle about in the dark.

My lil boy had earned his supper :) and fixed my PC, I'm well impressed.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

I wouldn't have a prayer!!

One of the journeys, I wouls love to make on my trike. Is to NHS Sheffield, for my monthly's not menstrual!! And there are just too many hills, for my battery to last, I don't even think 2 would??

I must apologise to folk, for just how personal, I'm gonna get now......I am in a lot of pain in my CHEST!!! It's like hot rods!! Before you ask, no I don't know anyone called Rodney. I am at the drs on Friday. :)

I just went for a quick spin today, the things I do for my dog!!! It's so easy now, although Ziggy is very noisy!! which worries me, she just switches gears and slackens and locks her chain?

I'm going to London tomorrow as part of the National Coproduction Advice Group, which is part of the Think Local Act Personal. Who have a lot of kudos and respect.

I do have no shame :)

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Life Hurts!

You know me? I don't grumble and moan....too much. Well not about my life any way, because I do like it....ok, I love it. But not today :( I am just ceasing up, it started in my right shoulder, and spread to my elbow, and wrist and little finger. And last night it caused me to nearly fall down stairs because of my grip on the bannister. It's my back also. I just really feel sad, and badly done too, IIt's an obvious side effect of using my good side too much. And I know I'm not being very politically correct, saying good and bad side, but I'm in a bad mood and don't give one!!! But I do I'm sorry and hope I've not offended any fellow 'crips'

My trike with new battery, stayed put today, I do a lot of miles on it these days. But sadly the battery isn't big enough to get me to Hillsborough. I think it's capacity is about 10 miles, and it takes 4hrs to charge again. Thinking about it, it was flashing at me at about 4miles? To warn me it was getting low?

Can I switch battery size now? Without the massive expense of doing it all again??
I do feel so much safer on it, because I have the power to move out of the way.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

:).....folk x

I just love folk :) I have been drinking, but non the less it doesn't take away my philosophy, that folk are nice.

I took the easy option because I wasn't sure of my batteries capacity, plus my limbs were aching from yesterday.  And got Community Transport to Hillsborough.  Where I met the gorgeous Dave, and a very unhappy novice lonely? cyclist. Who I have actually known for a few years, but I have never seen her look so sad, which was soooo sad!! I spent 3hours writing down phone numbers etc. And volunteered to be her advocate, if she needs me in her application, for Direct Payments. Which I think she qualifies for~? But hey, what do I know really???

I cycled a little and ran into Norma on her very own 3 wheeler, which she gpt from Kinetics??? She said 'I only get here about 3 times a week!! but that is loads, I said. I reminded her that she probably did about 15 miles a week!! She seemed quite happy with that fact.

Pete's just gone home, having drank his Cucumber and Gin, ewwww!!!!

I'm meeting Anj tomorrow, and we're going ??? on our bikes. :) x

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

14 miles today.....But....

I think I need a bigger battery...urrrgh, I'll continue this tomorrow, I'm going to bed. I aint stopped till 20minutes ago!! but I'm happy and I love Dave, he is just the kindest person I know, I'm sure he works for, because they just trip off his tongue. Gotta go it's storytime. I'm off to Hillsborough to meet Marj and Barry tomorrow, I will fill you in about my adventures another time :)

Oooooh it's a long way.......for me!!

I'm scared, I'm off to meet Dave B, at Millhouses and we're cycling to town?? maybe further? I'll let you know later.

Steve M moved my controller, to where you suggested Dave. So I'll let you know about that. He also fitted me a new mirror. Got to dash.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

I love life again.....TF the celebrations are over!! :D

I know I'm a grumpy sod, but it's the pressure I feel under to make things happen, that can make certain folk LOVE/HATE Xmas! It kind of makes me grumpy. But now its January, and I really am excited.

Disability Sheffield are going to host the Record of Involvement, and so yesterday I zoomed and I really mean it! It's not often I go faster than my wheels can turn?  (I hope you understand?? them that cycle might?) But I jumped on a train from Dore, to Sheffield. And then a tram, to the Circle. The journey took me 40minutes :) and cost me didly. Once there Emily and I were joined by Krill whose a software manager/developer/lecturer, Mark from SCBIRT, and Chris from the Council. My heart melted at the gorgeous things that folk told Krill about 'little ol me' :D And it was fantastic that although the ------- (I don't think I should say whose funding it) Everyone wants me to 'own' it, when the digital version is finished which is really nice :) THANK YOU. I think this has been Coproduction at it's best, everyone has brought different skills and ideas/ venues/equipment/contacts/volunteers/money/encouragement.

My journey home was not quite as successful, like an a* I stood at the wrong platform ! Cold and wet, from the drenching I'd got waiting for a tram. But with only, 7mins to Dore. And remember the new street lights I was cursing??? Absolutely marvellous they are!!What with my pedal assist, as well. I was home in a jiffy. But my brain kept switching to the poor guy who died this week, when his mobility scooter fell into a river, as I pedalled blindly behind Totlet Rise, on the designated cycle path I might add, that has absolutely no lighting.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

I love Ziggy again :)

It's fab, just being able to nip out with such ease, as I am surrounded by hills it's just so lovely. That I'm  not arriving everywhere hot, and red, and VERY sweaty.  And because it was lighter longer, and the parking situations got much easier. I feel a bit mean, but I've reclaimed my drive on in front of the house back off my neighbours. So all things considered I went out twice today, MAKING the dog go and telling her how much better she would feel. :)

Kev Hickman, if you're reading this please call me.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Anyone want an off road wheelchair?

I've been out....:) a bit

It poured and it was dark and dingy, but I dragged myself kicking and screaming, out with Holly, well you don't expect me to walk do you??? I cycled a few miles, cutting back through the Park. (bless her!!!) I took holly :) in exchange for my kids taking the Xmas decorations down, fair deal :) A bit of a win win for me.

I wish I'd known Dave was opening up Hillsborough tomorrow, last week, when I booked transport. Oh well I'm going on a trip to the sales instead.

Are you making any New Years resolutions??? I think mine has got to be to venture further on Ziggy?? I am an insy bit scared though.

And hopefully s'thing big will become of the Record of Involvement? thanks to Simon Geller for the tip off, and Roz Davies, Chris Shaw, Mark Parker, and Emily Morton. For believing in it, and me.

And who knows what will happen with the National Coproduction Advice Group and our meetings in London. Oh and I've enquired? joined? Philosophy in Parenting group, which starts on ther 15th of Jan, which happens to be when I'm in London. But I can do the 22nd. And the only reason I'm doing it is because I can cycle there, it's probably about 5 miles :)