Saturday, 30 June 2012

.........There's more...:)

I'm gonna milk  this for along time :)


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Friday, 29 June 2012

Does the link to ICF work?

I aint come down yet, I don't think I ever will!!!xxxxxx love everyone xx

At last!!!

I couldn't access my blog.....very frustrating, when for once I had so much to say!!! To save me writing it over and over, this is a piece that I've made earlier :)

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Best Day Ever!!!

I'll be back in a bit when I've had a snooze with some picvs hopefully. xxxx

Monday, 25 June 2012

Only 25 prs of eyes!!

I hope, I don't let folk down or make them embarrased to know me!! And that my children are good, and my bruvs are good! Cos we are only ever all together at Weddings or Funerals. And it seems to ,,, no actually I tell a lie because we all met for lunch last Boxing Day, twas very civil. :) Loads of folk are making it happen tomorrow, I couldn't do any of it on my own. But yet I'm the one who's gonna get all ther credit :)

I'm not sure whether folk are joining me at Endcliffe, but I spoke to Ash from Endcliffe Cafe today, who was stranded in town, as the torch went through the Centre of Sheffield.

Hey and does anyone remember me talking about the Gorgeous Mike,  who was a Student Nurse with Autism Plus?? Well he's been in touch loads today, to tell me he can't wait to see me in Conisborough tomorrow :) and the boy now man, who first came to tea at my Mums house when I was 13, and remained friends, visiting me in hospital when I was 21. Taking me and my ex to the pictures, and then returning me to the hospital ward at 9. He got in touch to sday he would catch up with me at Endcliffe :)

I do love folk :) xxx  

Sunday, 24 June 2012

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Sunday riding Chic

Eat Cake!!!!

Chain Breakers!!

I had promised, my lil boy that we would dodge the showdrs, and go to the place, where Charlie Pennington, had nearly died. And was now all over grown, wi tumble weed blowing about, and old western music playing in the distance! - I made that last bit up!! It's all fenced off now, and it's no more dangerous than it was before, so I let Fin have 10 mins b4 we moved onto the Bike Tree. I kind of convinced myself, not to wrap him up in cotton wool. And I'd rather be around if owt happens than him sneaking off, with his mates. And no one doing the right thing if owt occurred. Anyway it wasn't him who fell it was me!! I was reversing onto my trike, and I somehow fell backwards, banging my head rather heavily, on the gravel path. Thank heavens I weear a helmet!! Finn had to show me a special short cut, behind some rather posh flats, and through the train station of Dore, to The Bike Tree. Next to the bike tree, is a very Exclusive and expensive, resturant called Morans. (I so wish it was a Cafe!!) We called in anyway, Finn hung back until I'd got the ok.  But I asked if we could buy a drink, as I'd just fallen etc. They agreed, and I beckoned Finn in. 'Mum we look like were from the Orphanage!!!':D My Son was soooo right!!

We cycled back, I let Finn beat me home (not hard!!)  but walked into find him up to his elbows in Cookie Dough Mix. ' Mum I'm doing your Favourite!!' I am Mary Poppins!!

Dave H called on his travels. Was it my conversation that was dull Dave? or were you just tired?:) xx

£ WoW £83.

Eeeeek!!!! I got Zig back today, much to my relief. But I can't believe the cost, and I didn't even have my brakes mended. The lovely Ash, explained what was wrong and which part I needed. But that was all, he advised me to contact you Rob, sorry.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My Moment To Shine, has come.

Oh before I forget, it wasn't the lovely Gareth who made a swifty repair on Ziggy? It was Paul from Pedal Ready. (I know there are probably a few!)

My Official uniform is here, and I can just get into it!! My kids are fighting over the 1 supporters scarf though.

Recycle bikes have collected Ziggy this morning, to give her a Service ;)

Originaly they promised to have Zig back after 2 hours, but once they'd realised that the tyres weren't the 16s that they stocked, they called me to say that they'd keep her till Friday morning, and order some. So I'm still going to Hillsborough on Thurs, and I'll just borrow one....I suppose :(

Oh, Steve and I are Writing and filming a video, of the Torch relay for the CTC, but I've got to have it in for 12.00 noon the next day. Eeeek!!

My daughters off on some residential tomorrow mmmmm, I wonder how that will go!!

Cycle ....Cake.....Cycle

Me on the Cycle Chic Ride,

Well that's how my cycle goes anyway!!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Fantastic Weekend :)

I've had a really nice weekend, it makes me wonder what I used to spend my time doing, before I took up Cycling. Well actually I do recall, and best not go there again.
I dropped off a particulally high curb (I misjudged the height) which took off the bolt, that was holding the steering rods together!! Fortunately Gareth Dent (the main guy in the pic on the yellow bike)  recognised, what was up. And quickly found a new bolt, and fixed it, in less than 5mins!! I am so glad that Miar, and Graham and Paul from PR, had checked out the CTC ride first, and even gone to the point of rerouting when they knew I was coming, because Ziggy, is a bit wide for some of the paths. So Thank  you,
I need a new back grippy tyre, as well as a new left hand hydraulic brake, I could do with a service (enough about me!!) Ziggy needs looking at.
Hi everyone I met today, please get in touch. xxx

Friday, 15 June 2012

Thursday 14th of June

I absolutely loved Hillsborough today, even though it absolutely skinted me to go. And I couldnt go without buying Marjorie a cake for her 80th B'day!! It skinted me so because Dial a ride could only bring me back, and so I paid £17.00 to go and just £3 return!I was very keen to go for a number of reasons, eeeeek! and I aint no Miss Mop, but the place was filthy. So I went armed with Bleach, Dishclothes, Washing up liquid, Hand Towels, Bin Liners and elbow grease.
I arrived and the place was heaving, with folk, there were the usual trainers Steve, Dave, Paul, Graham, and Gavin (CTC) he had come to check us out :)
Autism Plus came, and they are so lovely, they get so much from Cycling and this Young Asian Man came with them, and alas he got so much enjoyment out of being a passenger on the Velor Plus, he had such a Cracking Smile it was enough to brighten anyones day. The staff all said they would see me on the 26th o0n the Torch Relay :)
Ahhhh, it is my Beautiful Dave celebrating his 65th B'day.
What a fantastic Day.

Lawrence came and helped me clean, which I really did apprechiate.
DAR came to pick me up, and phew I was totally knackered. So I came home and celebrated a really nice day, with a Curry a bottle of wine and Pete for company.
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Below is Marjorie, who celebrated her 80th b'day, apparently all she talks of to her family, is how much she used to Cycle. By all accounts it was a heavy, beast of a bike. We sang, Happy Birthday, and about 20 of us had signed, a pink sparkley Party Girl Card, I had bought a gorgeous Strawberry Cake. We pinched the Candles off Daves cake....there lies another story!!
View Photo0246.jpg in slide showMarj having a really memorable b'day, before she went on to try the Side by Side with her daughter. But she told Steve how she used to go on bike rides with the local CTC club. And how she'd like everyone to ride round the Park with her. So we obliged gladly :)
I spent along time cycling round the court on the Velor Plus with Pat,  telling her all about my friendship with Lorraine, who is her main Carer.

I've just read this the morning after I posted it, and I'm sorry it's a bit disjointed in places. But I was juggling tea, dogs and my friend Paul and Son had popped in, for B and B. Hi Paul, it was great to see you both! xx

Friday, 8 June 2012

I do love Robbie :)

Robbie dog slept beautifully, last night, snugled up on the bed settee with my little boy and Holly dog. Walking and bounding about the rather damp park at 4.00 am!! Whilst I slept unperturbed through all of this!!Dreaming of, how I might one day, take my pedal Assist trike, through my extra wide access to Green Oak Park.  (in my dreams)

My son and I cycled to the deli for a bit of lunch and some shopping. And I think I've become the new Julie Andrews as I actually acted enthusiastic and keen to first take the dogs out with my 2 kids, and come back to make a chocolate cake!!

I wish I had s'thing to say about a man or s'thing? But I've given up and obviously no ones bothered!!! But hey ho!! x

Thursday, 7 June 2012

:::It's that magic again.

I know it was my decision, but because I was up at 5! I thought what the heck, and I took the dogs, very reluctantly for their morning walk. I say reluctantly because it poured down with rain. Holly has her tarten green jacket, (it would be apt if it was a Douglas tart en?) but I'm not that knowledgeable, sorry.

I showered, took the dogs to bed (owt for some peace), setting my alarm again for 830.

Dial a Ride were very prompt this morning, I didn't really have time for breakfast, when they turned up at 910. My children still slumbered in bed, (they were being picked up at 10). I bellowed instructions to my kids, who grunted in agreement, and left for Hillsborough. I arranged with the driver to be picked up again at 2, but said I may well be early because I doubt anyone will turn up with this rain. Shows how much I know!!!! There were 17 of us in the morning. And 8 in the afternoon!!

Hey I really dislike the 'Markee, coffee man' Silly Prat that he is!! I feel a bit of a battle, I know this is petty :) don't laugh!!! I cleaned round the place, as it doesn't get done now. And left it clean and tidy. When I came back after Markee prat man had been in, there was a full jar of coffee smashed on the floor, in the middle of the kitchen. (i know it's boring but it made my blood boil!! Especially as he's trying to take over the cabin, and run it as his own cafe..

My lovely Fred, was running C4H, and I joined in with them and really enjoyed myself :)

Martin came with 2 children for the KMX, just as I was going.   

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

How Cycling Changed My Life. by Chris Spann

Exercise wasn't something that ever appealed to me and if I'm honest I'd avoided it until my friend offered me her bike. I've made a few attempts at sports for a laugh, but I hadn't really made many inroads into 'getting fit'. I hadn't realised how good it would feel to be fitter.

Now I owe my new improved waistline, slimmer figure and increased confidence to a successful balance of a healthy diet and time spent out and about cycling.

Of course, it wasn't easy at first because I didn't know where to go and what I might be capable of achieving - But don't give up before you even start. Take it from me - give cycling a try before making a judgement and you'll be surprised how much fun you'll have.

Make Starting Easier
Bike with friends to begin with and start your cycling routine in the spring or summer. This means you'll have less hassle with the weather and easier tracks to follow without the problem of puddles and mud – as cool as it might look, riding in the cold with mud encrusted legs is NOT fun.

Plan a simple and easy-to-remember route and make sure you're wearing good trainers and a cycle helmet to be on the safe side. I like to take a waterproof jacket now too, just in case I get caught in the rain.

One of the best motivations to complete a ride is to have a couple of goals to achieve. I find that taking a healthy packed lunch in a rucksack gives me a good reason to achieve a set distance and a get to a given place so I can have a nice lunch out; especially if you’re out with friends. Riding somewhere, then sitting down for something to eat before heading back is a great way to not only break up a ride, it’s also a nice way to spend an afternoon.

As I've gained in confidence, I've slowly increased the distance I cycle. I'd never have thought it would be possible but now I regularly ride 10-20 miles in a session and enjoy the sensation of having a bit of a work-out in the process.

Just Do It
Thanks to keeping an eye on my diet and my new-found love of pedal power I've lost 100 pounds and I really feel like a new person. I used to think dieting alone would be enough, and for many people it might well be – but cycling definitely helped to speed up the process!

If you want to start exercising and getting fitter, the main thing is to stop thinking about exercising and get on with it. Find something you enjoy (because there's no point it doing something that isn't fun since you'll never keep at it) and DO IT Just a little bit at first if you have to, then more and more until those early days of struggling and straining seem so far awa you can barely remember them.

The key to my successful weight loss was turning a sport that I thought was a chore into an activity that I really enjoyed. You don't have to cycle in a straight line, in a race or up mountains - I cycle country routes and through parks because I enjoy the scenery (and because it’s near my house).

For me, making exercise a social activity and getting help from a group of friends keen on biking helped keep me motivated. One day, I'd like to complete a more serious cycle route, maybe even a race. Now I know I can do it, this nothing seems impossible anymore!

This lovely piece was sent to me by someone who stumbled accross my blog, and I think he drew some parrelels. And it's taken me pretty much all day to's just to tedious to tell you about it.
I'm getting a bit scared of the Torch thing, I think everyones had enough of Celebrations. Or is that just me playiong Bar hum bug again.
I read s'thing today, which could have quite easily been applied to Cycling also. It was saying if you Walk for 40mins a week at the age of 55? It prevents the onset of dementia....FACT. .
Anyway have taken Robbie and Holly to the Ponds 3 times today!! I have to tire them, so I can have peace :) I do love them though, it's so thrilling watching their agile shapes sprint round and round the park. I just wished they loved water!!  They are a bit wussy!!
I can't wait to see firstly my children, it has been quiet here. And secondly Folk at Hillsborough. Steve's not there, but Dave and other folk are coming. And I've been in touch with a guy whos bringing his Son, for a go on a KMX, I'm not 100% sure what disability his Son has.
Catch you soon and thank you Chris for your piece of Pros.

Chris is a writer for"> by day; by night you can find him pedalling around North Wales (w

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

No BMX ramps this time!!

I thanked my lil boy so much for today :) Because I wouldn't feel so happy if I hadn't cycled.  It's amazing how exercise, really does make my mood better, whether it be the endorphines, the Independance, or the Inclusion. Or because it gives me s'thing to talk about, to complete strangers.

Oh wow,  I must thank these young folk who came to my rescue,there were 5 of them. All aged between 10 and 14? As I began my journey, to the Rise. The Hi Viz I have covering my Panniers, slipped, and tangled in the derailier? I couldn't move my pedals,  at all. I was panicing right!!  Because I knew my boy had rushed a head to wait for me. These boys, on seeing me struggle, wandered over to help. We know Finn, can we help you???? How lovely is that??? Charlie took control, tipping Ziggy on her side, and instructing assistance from Majo to hold a bit for him whilst he freed, the jacket. I am so grateful, they absolutely saved me.

Finn caught the bus!! whilst I cycled, which doesn't sound right? I beat his bus by an hour!!! And the cashpoint was out of cash? And how nice? the owner of the Cafe at Millhouses, told me to order a drink and butty and owe it !!! How nice folk are!! :)

It took me 35 minutes to get home, I'm out of practice!!

I've been up since 4!! Robbie got a bit frisky, much to Hollys pissed offness!! She's tried to be polite, and he just doesn't take the hint. So 2 tones of howling rang out, I rushed downstairs before the babies next door woke. In my haste, I put my jeans on back to front!! Not really very good, and although daybreak was happening, I certainly wasn't,  so I ended up taking 2 dogs to my bed, to sleeeeeeep.

If I rode a 2 wheeled Cycle, I wouldn't get boys stopping and wanting to help, and I wouldn't, get recognised and respected in Cafe's. So although I'm, not totally dismissing the idea, of trying again to ride a bike. It'sd just who I've become 'The Woman on the Trike'

Sunday, 3 June 2012

I'm here!!....never fear!! (that was so immature!!) :)

I am back, lifes been problematic, about everything apart from my cycling and my dog....s (at the moment) I've got Steve's dog here he's called Robbie, and he is totally smitten with Holly!! He cleans her ears, polishes her teeth, and feet, lies on the floor, in a submissive way, if she casts a disapproving glare. He is totally besoted!!!   I dream of someone crawling on their tummy and licking my ears ...maybe not teeth and toes though.

I can't wait till the 26th of this month!! When fingers crossed I will ride Ziggy whilst carrying the Olympic Torch, and up to press theres about 15 different folk coming. Which I am soooo excited about. Because I do love folk :) I don't know what to do with everyone or after even??

It's pouring it down in Sunny Sheffield, and although I've been out twice, my doggies being typical Sight Hounds did NOT like it, and took the ball and went home!! Hyey did I tell you I had great fun the other day, I cycled to the Shops and Drs, and then met my Son who was 'Swimming in a fish pound!! that the Rangers in the Park have made (thanks for that then!!) Anyway I sped down the grassy field at a fair pace  with Holly snapping at my wheels!! This was a great way to exercide her and me. Unfortunately it is a right pain in the arse to get my trike through the gate posts, and down the wide but not wide enough slope into my garden! Daisy was about, and she owes me big time for things this week. So I handed her the keys and dished out the instructions!!

If...when....i have some money, I might think about making the park accessible to Ziggy, because it was really good!!

Daisy is going away tomorrow, for a couple of days. I feel a little bike ride with Finn coming on.