Wednesday, 31 July 2013

To my friends up North

What a load of B*


 I so wish it was that simple.

I came back from a meeting the other day with a Cycle hater for a Taxi driver!  Who I hadn't had before, and listened to him blaming the Road planners for the cities chaos in rush hour and he went onto say, how stupid it was to give cyclists the priority at traffic lights, because all it succeeds to do is make them look silly, as they try and go faster than the traffic, and really Piss drivers like him off. Because they're blocking the way. I think he needs to read his 'Nice Way' Code!!

Forgot to mention, yesterday, was a huge success at the 'RoI goes digital'. I can't believe how big this has become. What started out as a cup of coffee at Waterstones, is gonna help so many folk Volunteers, Clients, Patients alike. 

Monday, 29 July 2013

don't quote, I like sitting on the fence

How stupid and dangerous, to let car drivers stop for a short time on double yellow lines!! It just shows how seriously 'Pickles' wants to encourage folk to cycle?  Unless cyclists were given a lane down the middle of the road??

It's gotta be safer than traveling by train or coach, I'm not entirely serious, I know rail is the safest :)

I've got a huge event tomorrow at SOAR in Pitsmoor, about putting the Record of Involvement online. With the help of HealthBeMe.

I am in it with some sound folk though :) so i'm sure no one will let me make a total Ass of myself.

I've had to walk Robbie dog on the grass, it appears the pounding of concrete, was dislocating his hip....eeewwwwwww!!! Because hes better now, I've reduced his walks amd limited them to grass only. I'm sorry am I being boring?? :)

Saturday, 27 July 2013

I meant 2!!

I'm just greedy!! I am of course electrifying the one I've got. Any news on that Rob? Do you need any money off me yet? I've got it in a secret bank account!!

Took the dogs in the woods at 8am, and in answer to a question Rob, I do have to put my MD on twice, on that journey once to get over a waste pipe, and I do need it to get up my drive.

It's just started rumbling with thunder. And sight hounds are such wuss' in the rain!!! so I might be dragging em in the morning.

Oh, and thank you Mark for trimming my bush.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Safest way to travel?

Wow I bet you train engineers, are having some heated discussions?

Was it human error that drove that locomotive so fast, causing it to 'tip' off the line, in Spain? Or was it a fault with the engine? Should i9t have had a cut off, to stop it speeding.

And I'm sorry, what's the church of England doing??? is it taking on Wonga??? I purposely avoid Wonga because I know they would make it too easy to get into debt.

I've missed C4A today soooo much. So I know it won't be the same, but I'm visiting Hillsborough Park, next week, I've booked my transport, and I will pop in to meet Dave, and Pam, and Jan.

I have taken the dogs in the woods, everyday for over a week tied to my trike. And they love it, but Robbie, is so competitive, he strains to get in front of me!! But it's sooo quiet in my house, without Daisy and Finn, who are sunning it on the beach in Los Angel es

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Chris Froome :)

Ahhh he's only got a couple of laps, and then Chris Froome decked out in his Yellow sequined jersey.

What a year it's been for British sport.

I wish Steve Marsden, would get his job back!! or just enjoy talking constantly to me about Cycling!! I have got his gorgeous dog at the moment, and I must look a bit strange, cycling towards the woods with 2 dogs tethered to my trike.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

I've stopped weeing!!

Does this mean I'm secretly thin??? because I am sweating profusely!!

Seriously I hate tap water! I think it's because of my brain injury?? don't smile, but I have got an incredibly astute sense of taste and smell, because of it. Maybe that's why I can taste the metal in water, from the pipes?? But I am running out of things to drink!

I've not been on my 20minute,   ride this morning, it wasn't that I didn't want to or owt, it was just I thought I'd let Finn do it for a change, except he walked.

Yesterday I spent the morning with my fellow 'Nutters' (sorry if that offends!!!) I'm referring to my Write Way writing group, the group that brings brain injury survivors together to explore their writing skills.

Any news Rob?

Oh'  I like the additional Brompton thingy Dave, I could have done with that for taking my kids to school.

A bit of an extra :) My son, and I took the dog in the forest, so he could show me all his little adventures, like the cliff he leaps from to get over the river?????? and the tyre rope swing him and the older children made. (I kinda wish I didn't know almost!!!)

Awww, a year ago this man, I used to see on the Park in the morning with his Staffy, left a cuddly squeaky dog toy on my NEW gate this morning, because 'Pip' his dog ate Hollys toy. How lovely of him, sooo I've pinned a big Thank you to the gate now :) Aren't folk just lovely :)

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Awwww I miss everyone :(

I missed everyone today from Cycling 4 All, only 7 weeks....and counting! till it starts again. But I know it wouldn't have been right for me to carry on going and meeting the usual's, and telling another 40 individuals they couldn't ride. Although, never say never??? :)

I had a visit from Community transport today regarding Ziggy :), the driver and his hernia?, and the weekly trips to Hillsborough Park. I didn't dare tell him about my cunning plan. The fab West Country Recumbent (Rob and Carol) are fitting a Pedal Assist to Ziggy. Well kind of? Rob is fitting the motor to a new Boom, and then he's coming to my house and simply switching the Booms over :) My plan Cycle there and get a lift time :) We will see?

I think it will be some time though because the parts are coming from Australia, but I'm willing to wait because it is soooo exciting, I hope it's as good as I am imagining it will be. :)

Hey, I've continued to cycle at the crack of dawn, wi my dog. But I'm right proud, because I creasoted my new gate today. Why would I ever have paid s'one???

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Sweaty face!!!

It's too hot!! I tied Holly dog to my trike at 7.30 this morning, when it was fairly cool....? not really, but in comparison to what it became!! So I took her for a drag :) in the forest, with the meadow. I don't know what she will be like if I get an electric trike?? She'l be the fittest dogin Sheffield. The thought of me being able to do more and go further on my trike is totally wacky and soooo exciting!!

I would need s'one to help me on the Sheffield Cycle Routes now? I'm not sure how willing Steve Marseden would be now, he aint paid for it???

My face is dripping...Yuk!!.... doesn't sound too attractive does it??

I aim to do the same with Holly tomorrow, it all depends how much sleep I get. Night. xxx

Thursday, 11 July 2013

I loved today, cycling makes me sooo happy.

I loved today :) I don't actually know if it's the physical effort, or just talking to people, and helping them be happy. But I do love Cycling 4 All.

I would do owt, to be able to get a pedal assist trike, so I could attempt to get to Hillsborough Park, on my own. I know in theory I could but it would be a trike ride, a train, and 2 separate tram journeys, with a bit of a walk at the end.

Hey has anyone seen these? Would it work on

Perhaps my reason for loving Cycling,  is being in the moment, and how cycling helps me to not dwell too much on the past or the future? But today I did very little cycling, I was just incredibly gushy, and happy. I've just realised that sounds sooo rude!!! sorry folks :)

Sheffield Community transport, are still refusing to take Ziggy!!  I've spent 3hrs today, just getting to Hillsborough and back. I could have got to London in less time!!

Steve M had invited an ex-cyclist, who used to do about 20miles a day and more, and then 6 months ago he'd experienced a Stroke, effecting one side of his body. He was already cycling round the ball court, when I arrived, so I can't take any credit, for him giving it a go. But I made a big fuss of the couple and persuaded them to join us for a cuppa.

Fiona came back, Sorry I didn't get chance to speak, I hope you can join us in September.

I can't wait till September the 5th, but it's just sooo busy, and I don't want to cut folk short. I hope s'one gives the project sooo much money over the summer, so we could open twice a week.

Missed Dave though.

Looking forward to going to the pub with a few from Hillsborough, on the 23rd.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Gateway to my happiness :)

TF I've got a new gate! and no longer have to run after Holly, every time I let her out for a wee-wee. She's got bog all recall skills, and just saunters back when she feels like it! Today at last Steve Marsden fitted my new gate,  ( I did pay him, beforevyou all think that I'm being ungrateful. And I got my spare inner tube, thank you Rob and Carol.

I can't believe !!!!! what Holly dog did today!!??? I cycled with her to the local shops, dragging behind as she does, but she absolutely loves it, because any other way. And I'm just not quick enough for her. Outside the shop, I tethered her to the usual post, which is in the middle of the pavement. I was in the shop about 20mins, I came out to see 2 massive heaps of steaming, sloppy pooh. Next to Ziggy,  luckily I had pooh bags!!! It was a bit embarrassing though.

I am sacrificing a Healthbeme meeting tomorrow, because I want to grab as much bum in saddle time as I can,  because C4A is finishing for a month, at the end of July.

Fionas coming tomorrow, and lorraines hopefully bringing Pat. :)  I'm excited, how old am I? Im so childish at times!!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Busy, busy, busy.......zzzzz'yawn!

I am sooo tired, I went to a BIRRP meeting. And no we don't all eat, and listen carefully to each other belch!!

I'm too tired, ....cycled in the woods and meadow......cut the very hot.....I'm going to bed. Luv you all and sorry for not being chatty!!!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Hot & Sticky

Some of you long term folk, might remember that a year ago I started wi my sensitive teeth? TF! I'm believed at last! I went to the main dental hospital today. When the Consultant ??? saw my tooth, or gum at the back she was full of concern. My breath must be horrid!!! So I'm having it extracted at my dentist, which will be a train journey.

I was just going, and she said, 'Oooooh that's right I remember you now. You'd be a fantastic study, for some of my Students' I offered her my contact card, and she said, no thanks. She could find me, if and when??? So I don't know what that meant.

Wow, I forgot to mention,  I have just completed only the 2nd book I have managed to read, since my brain injury. The first was 'Jonathan Seagull by Richard Bach? and the second.. was 'If You Fall' by Karen Darke, which was autobiographical and it told of how this 21 year old very fit woman's life changed just so much, (but soooo much more than words can say) When she became wheelchair bound, but some of her words, just made me go 'Yeah, that's so right' Including how Cycling made her live in the present, and that is why she associated it with being happy, I think that's so me!! Because I have to concentrate and focus on staying safe. It lifted me from melancholy.

She spoke of how in the early days in hospital, she would set her self little goals. And I did exactly the same, with my walking frame, and 14 steps, with a landing step after 7, where I would turn and look up at my key worker, Neil who was a gorgeous 25 year old. I haven't changed have I??? Just waiting for him to mutter approval, and praise.  And that to me at the time was worth all the effort.

It has been so hot today, but I was determined, to at least take Holly out, and on my trike because it tires her, just pulling against the trike. SoI just nipped to the local shops which are maybe about half a mile away? So not far, but I was drenched with sweat.

I've got a Brain Injury Rehab Redevelopment Partnership, meeting tomorrow.

And then at last Steve Marsden, is coming to fix my gate on. Not for free mind!! :)

I do just love my trike xx

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Wow, I cracked it, I'm back!!!!!

You know s'times, I am just soooo dim???? :) perhaps you ought not answer.

Last Tuesday, I think it was?.... I don't know I was kind of in a right low spot in my life! I'd got no Ziggy, and she'd been in hospital for 12 days. With Steve Marsden doing the surgery. I couldn't have got much worse, when my computer was attacked by every virus in the world!! So with no Cycle to cycle on, and no Pc to write on, that explains my absence . At 10 am, all hell broke loose with Ziggy coming home, my computer being taken, a tent arriving, and a gate!! Urm, but everyone had to look after themselves whilst I stroked Ziggy :) We vwent for a couple of wee rides that day, nothing mad just the things that I had once taken for granted, like the woods, Anj' for a cuppa, and the shops. All seemed fine.

Wednesday, I was to put her to the test. I cycled to meet Emily at Millhouses Park, calling at little Tesco for a lot of shopping! Now they are resurfacing Baslow Rd? Which has meant razor sharp black stones, lying as extra on the fantastic new road. And I thought to myself, mmmm I bet I get a flat! and sure enough I did. But I didn't notice until the next day. And I'd forgotten how to change a tyre or owt :D don't laugh. So I rang Steve who was at my house in a jiffy, he charged me though for his time :)

I've been borrowing C4As Greenspeed  Anula, which is just as well because Community Transport are refusing to take Ziggy!!! I have used the transport for over a 18 months? 3 weeks ago, a new driver lifted my trike onto the bus, I did actually tell him to hang on so I could help??? He immediately doubled up, and explained it was his Hernia, that he was having operated on the following week! And now??? they won't take Ziggy!! until I have been reassessed. I think tough tatters, he shouldn't have been at work, if he wasn't fit!!

I have absolutely loved it at Hillsborough though. It is just sooo busy, I am struggling to have lunch!!

I'm doing some research into Hand Cycles at the moment because of a gorgeous guy whose started attending :) but hey, i'd do it anyway. Another of my online friends has come for the first time, she experienced a brain aneurism 2 years ago. I'm not too sure of her abilities other than she's a fab Mum :)

The Inclusive Cycling Forum, of which I am the publicity person??? Is wanting ideas for its AGM, I've talked to Steve M about whether we could host it in Sheffield? and there is a fab venue, about a mile from my house, in the ancient woods near my house. And Steve is now based there 2 days a week. So he's confident we could use it, it's called Hectors House :)

Monday, 1 July 2013 s'thing, is coming to Hillsborough on 03/08/13

Bad timing? because all the cyclists I know will be in London.

Inspired by Karen Darke (the Olympic Medallist in Hand Cycling) I am reading her book (purchased off ebay for £2.40) and it's kind of knocked me side ways! Her early days, in hospital are so like my memories, some of the frustrations of being totally bed ridden, how it was a separate world outside the ward. And more than anything, how it changes the thrill seeker/risk taker side of you?

The s'thing is having a thing in 4 main Parks in Sheffield, including Hillsborough, through the first 2 weeks of August. This is to include a few celebrity B listers? (sorry Richard Cayborn) :) but thing is........drum roll!! I've been asked!!

Initially on Quest 88 running bike!!! but I've said I will try that, and if I can't then I must be able to use Ziggy. I'm waiting for an answer. ?