Thursday, 31 May 2012

Hi, do any of you older.....I mean folk who've been reading my blog for a while :)!!! Remember my daughter being very excited and happy because she'd just taught a class mate, to cycle a 2 wheeler. And how happy they both were with this new skill.  Anyway, this girl 'Emma' (not really!) went on to a Special Unit, within a mainstream school, which teaches children  with Autism. Well this unit came cycling at Hillsborough today

Sunday, 27 May 2012


ooooh, I've just looked it up, when its going through C.. and there's only one Torch Bearer, and that's me that is!! So it would be fab, if anyone could come, but if you can't think of me at 10 2 10 in the morning won't you?

How exciting!!!!

It was great, it is great going out at 7.00am, and mingling with 'Sadies' (staffy X') Dad, Digbys (Labradoodle) Dad looking tired, and 2 week old Son, in a papoose, and Jack the Border Collies Dad. We all commune on the Cricket Square, that hasn't actually seen a cricket ball for 20 years?

I had words with my daughter, or should I say she had words with me!! over s'thing silly, so I've just sent her this email Emotional sensitivity. Be there tension in your home? Are people loud or angry or emotional? Are there arguments or fights? Whippets are extremely sensitive to stress and can end up literally sick to their stomachs, with severe digestive upsets and neurotic behaviors, if the people in their home are having family problems. Sighthounds are peaceful, sensitive dogs who need a peaceful, harmonious home.

Just saying.


I was fine though, I cycled to little Tesco, all happy and free. But I noticed I'd forgotten my flag, so crawled back on the Pavement..

I'm only busy 3 days this week, so looking forward to some Holly dog time :)

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Ooooh!! this is new and exciting!!

Poor Sheffield United though, every year, they seem to get to the play offs. Building near hysteria in my 9 (going on 15 year old), who was fortunate enough to go with his Dad and Sis,(he does have some benefits) leaving me to pull my hair out, because of frequent power cuts!! since 10 am, and frequent phone calls, I must have had 10 power cuts.  Which involves me lying accross the kitchen floor, putting my head amongst the jam jars and cake decorations, to reach the Trip Switches. flicking them back just long enough to boil the kettle. Ahh ha!! So it's a fair assumption, that it was my kettle, the electrician thought, 'I must put my hand on the Holy Bible, and tell you to get rid of that kettle Maaam' I don't think he said those words exactly, but you get the picture? So in the bin it went! and the nice man waved goodbye, and my Electricity trip switch well.....tripped. I now think I've narrowed it down, to my tumble dryer!!

Milljam is on tomorrow in Millhouses Park, I called last year, and I felt a bit awkward because My kids went with my ex and their step family. Steve M, was there but kinda said hello, and then carried on with his kids and his wife of course. So I felt a bit of a twat. So I'm not gonna go, I may however call, if I'm cycling to big Tesco, for a new Bloody Kettle!!

I think I'm gonna wait until I've actually got my Torch before I do anything with it. I'm a bit Peed Off, because I did actually have plans for it, to be a Feature on my Diningh Table. But I now think I cold never do that, because I'd have to hide it.

I was thinkling of getting a Power Assist trike, and donating Ziggy to Hillsborough??? But having thought about it, I've often needed a spare???? so maybe, I'll be mean??  

Awwww just found out, We missed Milijam, it was today. So my children, are disappointed .....again.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Warm and Sticky!!

Speed was not the order of the day today. Firstly I was picked up by Dial A Ride, I felt a little dubious, because of reporting the Guy from last week. I needn't have stressed, it was a very pleasant woman, and we chatted about inane things, until she got a phone call asking to ask me if I'd mind going nearly home again, because s'body couldn't go to the Tea Dance or s'thing, because the other bus had 'Melted' and if I didn't mind, could we go back and fetch her.  I agreed but I was a little anxious because I knew Graham would be strugling if Paul, hadnt come. As steve was going to the Town Hall for the Transport meeting that I had wanted to go too, on the Tram. Fortunately Paul was at Hillsborough.

I was most use staying up the top looking after the trikes, but I did feel a bit like the kid who wasn't picked for the team, and who's job it is to look after the coats and bags, whilst the others played games. Then my friend Lorraine came, so a quick change of cycles and locking the big ones together, and pushing a few into the kitchen. Awww she spoke about How her Client Pat, had kept her awake since 4am, singing with excitment. Because she was cycling today :)Lorraine and I sat on the Side by Side, Paul and Pat on the very Popular Velor Plus, and off we set. I met a man on the way round who asked how much it would cost to hire one? I explained it was free if you were disabled, to which he revealed a walking stick from behind him. So maybe, he'll be back.

Barry, and his Mrs came, and I can't for the life of me remember her name??? Marjorie????? She does talk a lot bless her, even more than me!! He explained that She'd really not been well emough, to come. And how he'd really missed bringing her, which I thought was very sweet.

Marcel, Russel, Dave Brenon, were starting to arrive, 'Happy Days' came and went. And then I noticed a woman on crutches, walking towards the Cabin, with a purpose!! I stopped introduced myself, Ahhhh she was looking for Steve, he'd given her his enthusiasm, the same as he had me the first time Id spoken to him. I sat with her fotr a while knowing Graham wouldn't be long.

DAR arrived, the driver was a little cool, which suggested to me, that he might have heard misgivings about me? Anyway, we chugged (is that rude :)) and you guessed it the bus broke!!!! He wouldn't let me Cycle from the Top of Abbey Lane, which is about a mile away (at the top of a hill) from my Mums Nursing home. So I know I could have done it. He wouldn't let me!!! I felt like a prisinor, I hate feeling so dependant on folk, and when I want to do s'thing why can't I??? I am sane!!!

Talking of Bonkers, along time ago, a guy called The Singing Poet wrote me a Poem!! about Cycling, that's all I can say unless you email me, because he's Copywritten it.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

York......and Sorry Dave

What a cracking morning it was on the Park,  with Holly chasing the swallows who dive bombed her (i swear deliberately!) I was picked up at 830 by Kate Gridley from there it was train and a taxi, and a beautiful day in the lovely City of York. And I know I can talk, just going on, and on...:) I hardly got to mention Cycling and Hillsborough, and the Torch!!(which I aint gonna do anything with until I've actualy got it!! and then it's not coming home with me!! I daren't. I have so many facilties????? is that the right word for connections, involvements that type of thing??? Anyway an hour and a quarter, breezed past, without me barely pausing for breath!! A few folk (10) asked me questions, but they all listened in silence, there was no heckling or giggleing even. Either they were very interested or very bored :) But lovely anyway :) I stayed for lunch at the University Campus, and returned to Sheffield extra quick (45 mins)

I called on Julie Andrews Woodhouse, who'd looked after Holly for the afternoon, in her garden :) and remembering that my Moby is faulty, I rushed home to get the landline phone. It was Dave ther bus driver, waiting at the Vets on Baslow Rd, for me to try my Trike. Even though I kept sayiong I didn't want to take it on a double decker, I wanted to take it on a tram!.....tomorrow!!I cycled to meet him, although I explained I didnt need a bus I needed a tram, he kinda smiled got out his...tape measure, and said I'm really sorry Caroline but I can tell you now, it's way too big. Twice as long and an extra 6cm wide!! We sat for a while hoping that Ziggy would some how shrink or s'thing???

I got home and rang Stage Coach, who are the Tram operators, who stupidly (i think) said if it doesnt fit on a bus, it proves you can't use public transport to get home!!

So I've eaten, exercised my brain and tongue a bit, Cycled a bit, I wanted to talk with someone last night about 'My Torch' but no one called, :(xxxx

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Anyone want to buy a Torch?

I got soooo excited today, as The Torches used in the Relay, reached £153000 (i think that's the right amount of noughts?) But they seem to have settled on about £15000???? I don't know when to add mine, because I really wasnt bothered about selling. But 3 noughts on the end of a figure make it a very attractive asset. So thanks Pete for making that thought possible.

I've got some extremely exciting news for you Dave!!!! First Travel, are bringing a Bus round to my house tomorrow!! (yes I know it's not a bus route)   To see if Ziggy fits??? not really on the bus though.....thing is, on Thursday I wish to travel from Hillsborough Pk. To the Town Hall, and then return again an hour later. I set First travel this challenge on Monday, and Graham Willis, phoned me today, to arrange a visit.

I'm off to York in the morning to share my experience of Co -Production. I'm doing it all for Love and a free lunch!! And the fact that it's one of my driving beliefs, of creating an equal society.

Gosh I am serious at times.

You know I said about the Dial a Ride guy omn Thursday,  the very ignorent one!! (see Health Watch ) Anyway, I feel a bit of a git, but I reported him yesterday!! And I felt loads better for it too. I can't stop thinking how hed spoken about Derek.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Urrrrrgh Mobile Phones!!

I've not been able to use my mobile phone, for a lot, since about Wednesday. And I must have been poorly because I aint missed it too much!! Long story but I ended up going to the Shop today, to see if there was a cure, and No there isn't. It's my area, some consolation that is!!! He just advised me to complain, because the more folk grumbled, the quicker it would be sorted.....hopefully!! - not a very satistfying answer!!

I did cycle to the bus stop, but I miss going somewhere, anywhere?

I've got a Statergy Planning Meeting tomorrow, I do enjoy those becasuse it focus' on my stregnths as apposed to my weaknes'

Saturday, 19 May 2012

It's Coming......

Well the Olympic Torch is definately on it's way. I really hope folk are still gonna be interested though, by the time it reaches Conisborough, and Me!!

I've slept most of the day inbetween dog walks and laundry, I think it's because of a little chest infection, that I seem to be not shaking off. Despite being on Anti biotics for 5 days now. It's a vicious circle though, because it makes me sleepy, and because I do actually lie down to sleep!! fluid gathers on my lungs, which obviously isn't good.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Health Watch

I attended, a very boring Health Watch meeting in Sheffield conveniently it was at SWFC which is next door to Hillsborough Park. Which meant, I could go on Ziggy and make an entrance!! and park her up next to the Bar, in our meeting room. We were placed on tables depending on 'Our hat' for the day. I chose mine as being an interested Individual. It soon, I sat with Emily Morton, who is a really nice intelligent woman whose job is at the Centre for Independant Living, she is also married to one of the bosses at ASC so a knowledgeable contact.

I knew things were busy at Hillsborough Cycling, and I kinda thought I  making a better contribution to Sheffields Health at Cycling, so I left. But not before accosting this, Scotish Guy called Andrew?? who promised to call about coming to Inclusive Cycling. He too had been to London Recumbents, and Dulich Park.

Cycling 4 All, was packed with loads of new faces, because it was a new Cycle 4 Health, and Cycling 4 All, my mate Lorraine was there, and my darling Fred! who I aint seen for a while. Lawrence turned up for a Cycle, in fact him and Fred cycled the side by side down to the chip shop.

Dial A Ride collected me, and it was the most ignorent driver, you can imagine!! He sat and waited an hour in the car park, whist I had my lunch, determined not to move for his convenience. As he wasn't due to collect me till 2. At 140, I boarded the bus, and listened to his grunts of disapproval, as he very akwardly, strapped Ziggy using seat belts????? I offered advice on how other dreivers 'Coped' by shackling her to the floor using the correct 'Belts'. He ignored prefering to spend 20mins ranting because he'd got to take the seats out!! We moved on to Chaucer, which is quite a way out of the way.  Where we were to collect 'Derek'  a chap of about 60?? who was very affected by his disability. When wheeling Derek onto the bus, the driver commented 'He's got very poor communication love, He doesn't understand owt' I was absolutely horrified, that this guy was probably aware as he wasn't deaf!!! I said Hi, to him, not sure if I'd get a response, he smiled and pointed a very conourted arm towards Ziggy, and uttered the word 'Recumbent.' I gave him one of Steve's contact cards and invited him to Hillsborough. I'd love it if I was able to see him again, but I doulbt I will :( My journey from Hillsborough to Home took me 90minutes. Not a good day. 

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Such a boring the name of Co-production.

Ewwwww, is that correct though? I have been asked to help produce a new independant Eservice, for Services that are available to those on an Independant Budget, like myself. But it was incredibly dull, and I felt just a tad uncomfortable, that I seemed to be cateorgerised as having a Learning Difficulty. Now it is true, I do maybe find some things a little harder, and suffer concentration issues. But I think they put that hat on me, when it suits them. And I'm not always comfy with it.

:) Hillsborough tomorrow !

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Poorly Me :(

Hey, I got prescribed some ace, anti biotics today, I'll tell you what they're called tomorrow. But I only need to take one every morning for 7 days :) I missed Encliffe :(my lil boy is bugging me soooo much)

I got a cold call last week, from a guy who wanted to Co Produce some internet, i'm gonna have to finish thios when I've spokem saharply to my child, because he's irritatingme to F*

Monday, 14 May 2012

Full of cold.....still!!!

I have had a cold since Thursday!! which means I'm really not going to C4H at Endcliffe. This is despite Gordon Seabrook going. But even if I was skipping with vitality, DAR have cancelled!! (I knew they'd start cancelling, now everyone is aware that Ziggy only fits on one of the ramps, limiting me to 1 bus!!) - out of 12

Sunday, 13 May 2012

New Beginnings

I'm sorry Folks, but I give in trying to keep up wi myself s'times!! So you're gonna have to fill in the gaps for me!! Hey tell me if it's good though!

It's Brain Injury Week this week, so the old Cookie about Cycle Helmets will arise!! My view?? I wear mine, most of the time, but I don't not cycle if I happen to have forgotten it. But I like my kids to wear theirs because at the moment, they do some pretty scarey things, and my boy still uses the pavement s'times, and because lamp posts and trees, are like magnets to him, I just think best. But I know I've got double standards! because I don't insist on one when he's being a cool Dude with his mates on his skate board??? sooo I'm a hypocrit!! Personally though, if I've got my helmet with me, and I'm being driven anywhere? I put it on in the car :) Because I live everyday with the effects of having a car crash without wearing a helmet!

Jim Bush arrived, on Friday, to stay at my house because of the Sheffield AGM and Dinner at the Hilton. And having been out all day working interviewing 4 people for The Health and Well being board, the last thing I felt like doing was making tea for guests. So having arranged for my children to eat elsewhere. Jim and I set off for the Spit. Which was pretty full with Sheffield United Supporters, jostling for space arouind the Big Screen, but the resturant part which has no tv, was blissfully empty. (secretly I wanted to know the score anyway, as a secret United supporter)

So we enjoyed, Fishy Friday-food!!!!

Mmmm, I don't thionk Jim was too fond of Holly :) But she was quite happy to spend all her time on my bed, soo that was cool.

Jim ended up locking Ziggy away, as I kept droppin g keys, missing the key hole etc, you know usual kind of slightly drunk behaviour, so I gladly accepted his offer to help. I'm sure Jim won't mind me saying, that he is an amputee, who has had a bang on the head, also.

I didn't go to the AGM, I just thought I ought to see my children s'times :)

I left for Dinner, and to see Kev and Brigitte Hickman, Roger Crosskey, and meet up with Jim and his Mother.   I forced my self on various people :D  Including The guy from the Times, who I think was scared of me, because he hastily introduced me to his 'Girl friend' who was charming and looked like a very pretty 12 year old boy. Jim got an award, for a Cycling 4 All project in Croydon, which he helps at with Isobel Clements and Roger Crosskey. And it looks and sounds fab!!
Awwww, Kevs Ace!! he's coming to watch me carry the Olympic Torch, how cool is that?

Gordon Seabright is the new Chief Exec of the CTC, and I missed the chance to go and say Hi!! I was too wrapped up inm conversations. The dinner went quickly. And don't ask me how but I managed to get hopelessly lost by the canal, when I left :)

I met up wi Jim, and everyone and we said ouir farewells. I would have loved to meet for a ride this morning because its been a cracking day. But I no longer get funding for taking my trike to meets, that start just too far away for me to cycle.

Anyway, I hope I've still got folk who read my blog, business will resume as normal!! And I hope I aint offended anyone!!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Ey I'm confused!!

It's not difficult, I know!!

I think I might be entering quite an exciting stage, but I just daren't pause to draw breadth, incase I'm wrong. After a some what tearful, and dare I say lonely Tuesday? I used Dial a Ride to get to Endcliffe Park, for Cycle for Health. Now I'd had a couple of really upsetting things happened at home with my kids, so wasn't in the best frame of mind. So when we all gatherered round to decide, where we were going, and who with. I said ' You've all got my number, can I just head to Bingham Park on my own? I think this shocked folk because I am usually very gregarious, and always sociable. To make matters worse I bumped into an old school friend, who was and still is, incredibly beautiful-looking. We exchanged hello's and I admired her 'little shitty pedigree dog (no it was lovely) and she asked politely what my dog was ? and where I'd got it from I curtly replied Whippet , Erin Hounds Rescue! On my way back from Bingham Park, I over took the group as I sped past on my Recumbent, which was as always.... really slow at the uphill and incfredibly fast, on the down hill.

I bumped into Steve Marsden, on the way back and we went for a cuppa!! He had to adjust my Kick Plates slightly because one of them had become bent.

We shared our thoughts, and I cried, mostly about being on my own :( And not always having the answers????

DAR came to collect me, and the driver took out his tape measure and measured Ziggy 'Don't be alarmed, but some of us drivers are worried about our backs' Bloody Hell, I thought and said 'Ahhh, that'll be the jobs worths then?' to which I didn't receive a reply!!

I got home....I'm tired, I'll catch up soon. I promise x

Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Trough

I had the 'Peak' and predictably I'm in the 'trough' now!! I was determined to cycle, just a wee trip today. But it was brrrrrrr!! Even Holly the whippet, chased her ball, quickly snatching it in her dainty mouth. And hurtling back to the garden gate!!!Casting me an over the shoulder glimpse that said 'I'm off!!'

Friday, 4 May 2012


I really am soooo boring!! I awoke this a.m,  with a catalogue of stuff to do, and none of it was homely stuff. So I kind of dug my heels in amd stayed put with my kids ALL DAY, and it was great.  :)x

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Busy, busy, busy!!!

I think my little jaunt last week, has really taken it out of me!! I am really so tired... And usually I tend to go a BIT HYPER, WHEN THINGS ARE BUSY....BUT. oops.

I had to cancel Dial A Ride, because I was needed at Social Services, to help on the interview panel for a new Health and Wellbeing Board Member. In true Co Production style. So SS paid £50!!!! for a taxi to pick me up at 830, and take me to SS till 10 and then to Hillsborough Park. I am very tired, it was so good at Hillsborough, and Nick called in which was ace. Because I did quite miss him.

I'll catch you later, I've got Creative Writing, and the children off school tomorrow, so I must sort out who's going where??????

Nite, I'll try and be more positive tomorrow!!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hey, I did it, you can't expect me to smile as well. (put a pic on here!)

 Hey it was hard work as well, riding the trike I borrowed from quest 88. I did miss Ziggy, I can't remember what sort it was. It was stocked by Quest 88, and was a Drasison? But was actually hard becaue the cranks were very short I thought. I did like an Electric Assist, that I had a shot of...built by Kinetics in Glasgow. And actually cost £5000, but perfect :)

I'm very subtedly (?) influencing the council, by being involved in some Interviews with the Health and Wellbeing board. Trouble is, when practising today? Folk just kept laughing at me being serious!!! As this is my attempt a\t being taken seriously in my co production role. I am going into Redvers House at 8.45, prior to Hillsborough, where Steve is bringing an electric assist, bike for me to try. My life is exciting s'times???? I think so :) Simple things.....? xx

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Camel Toe! urrr, I mean Camel Trail ;) sooo rude

It's all 'Jack Ass'' fault, honest, I didn't know what a Camels toe meant, until my 12 year old told me, refering to women in swimming costumes. And all the time, at the weekend I kept refering to the Camels trail, as the Camels toe. Luckily no one caught onto knowing the very funny mistake.

I'll see if I can find some pics of the Camel......trail

I'm back :)

Hi Chucks, this is Thursday, Friday, Saturday, an awfully long train journey and Today, which is Monday.(Tuesday now)

I can't really remember Thursday, apart from I really missed folk at Hillsborough, I did phone there mid morning, and I could hear folk laughing and joking, and I wanted to be there. :( Instead, I was layinh myself open to lots of critisism, by goiung to Newquay, to talk to lots of folk, about.... My Cycling Journey. But you've all heard it all. And thank you to Rob and Dom, for making me feel better about that creaking bridge!!

The above Pic appeared in the Times today :), as well as Kev Hickmans very Powerful one.

Is anyone else having difficulty with this Blog? I'm getting in a right tangle. I keep trying to add pics etc of the conference. And I cant do it :(