Saturday, 26 May 2012

Ooooh!! this is new and exciting!!

Poor Sheffield United though, every year, they seem to get to the play offs. Building near hysteria in my 9 (going on 15 year old), who was fortunate enough to go with his Dad and Sis,(he does have some benefits) leaving me to pull my hair out, because of frequent power cuts!! since 10 am, and frequent phone calls, I must have had 10 power cuts.  Which involves me lying accross the kitchen floor, putting my head amongst the jam jars and cake decorations, to reach the Trip Switches. flicking them back just long enough to boil the kettle. Ahh ha!! So it's a fair assumption, that it was my kettle, the electrician thought, 'I must put my hand on the Holy Bible, and tell you to get rid of that kettle Maaam' I don't think he said those words exactly, but you get the picture? So in the bin it went! and the nice man waved goodbye, and my Electricity trip switch well.....tripped. I now think I've narrowed it down, to my tumble dryer!!

Milljam is on tomorrow in Millhouses Park, I called last year, and I felt a bit awkward because My kids went with my ex and their step family. Steve M, was there but kinda said hello, and then carried on with his kids and his wife of course. So I felt a bit of a twat. So I'm not gonna go, I may however call, if I'm cycling to big Tesco, for a new Bloody Kettle!!

I think I'm gonna wait until I've actually got my Torch before I do anything with it. I'm a bit Peed Off, because I did actually have plans for it, to be a Feature on my Diningh Table. But I now think I cold never do that, because I'd have to hide it.

I was thinkling of getting a Power Assist trike, and donating Ziggy to Hillsborough??? But having thought about it, I've often needed a spare???? so maybe, I'll be mean??  

Awwww just found out, We missed Milijam, it was today. So my children, are disappointed .....again.

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