Sunday, 20 May 2012

Urrrrrgh Mobile Phones!!

I've not been able to use my mobile phone, for a lot, since about Wednesday. And I must have been poorly because I aint missed it too much!! Long story but I ended up going to the Shop today, to see if there was a cure, and No there isn't. It's my area, some consolation that is!!! He just advised me to complain, because the more folk grumbled, the quicker it would be sorted.....hopefully!! - not a very satistfying answer!!

I did cycle to the bus stop, but I miss going somewhere, anywhere?

I've got a Statergy Planning Meeting tomorrow, I do enjoy those becasuse it focus' on my stregnths as apposed to my weaknes'

1 comment:

  1. Give you a cycle and you become a travel junkie. Doesn't need a reason for the trip you just want to travel. Careful, treatment is available but it is a hard medicine to swallow.