Saturday, 29 September 2012

Mick and Me,

View Photo0280.jpg in slide show Ahhhh, at school, we were inseperable, we were one anothers best friend, never more. Incase you were wondering?? But we used to hold hands constantly! Anyway he went off to America, and I met Jock, 20years later, we shared a taxi home from the School Reunion. Vowing and declaring we wouldn't leave it quite as long, and we didn't (just another 9years!!) But last night was great. Ey i aint been on a happy boozy night out for a ..........week! No but it felt extra good. Anthony, Dave and Jason joined us, and we spoke excitedly as Dave (a qualified Caver) spoke  about new plans for Speedwell Cavern. I asked if he needed any help promoting Caving for All abilities, as I would be willing to 'Fly the Flag' if he were to take Mick and I, one Saturday, a plan was hatched. So on October the 1st with helmet and wellies. Thats what we're doing. But we all had been in the pub for 6hrs!!At this point.

Jason, a keen Cyclist rode Ziggy back to my house, I let him have a go. I love it, when folk apprechiate her

Oh I forgot to mention The Cycle Show in Birmingham. I wish I was there, and I wish I'd known Steve was going......I missed a right opportunity !!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Ahhhh, I was missed today. :)

Lots of words have been said today, not many of them repeatable!! I've shed a few tears, and lots of lessons learnt, I hope. So I didn't go today, but all I needed was to hear, how much I was valued and missed, and I eagerly agreed to return, next week.

I wish I was at the Cycle Show, I bet it's full of folk I know, I'd love it.

OOoooh, I'm starting the Write Way creative writing group tomorrow. I wasn't going to go, but after I'd spoken with Steve I felt better. (it's so true that Hillsborough or Inclusive Cycling) is my identity, and I wasn't happy or whole. Until, I'd got the security of it back.

You know I was asked to help with the Waiting Area Redevelopment Team? at the Head Injury place? Well one of my ideas, would be for the Write Way group to post some Personal Stories and pictures, maybe Gwynifas Art stuff? (she's the wee Scottish lassy wi the Ginormas............. red heeled shoes!!) anyone who came to the reading?

And.......I'm going to a hugely important Networking event on Monday about the inequalities in Health in different Communities? Well although it is talking about Geographical communities. My Community is one of differing abilities, who often feel dependant on taxis to access gyms or swimming? As I did, so well..........just gi me a soap box!! Ey... I do feel better tonight than I've felt, for a while.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

:( I'm gonna miss Hillsborough tomorrow.

But I supposed all I wanted was for s'one to make me feel wanted and needed. And not replaced, by a bit of braun! And I think I've nearly got that, but it's too late to use DAR.

Steve has asked if I wanna go to the new All Ability MTB in Dalby Forest, now let me think........? I tried to act all cool, and say 'Dunno', Depends? Meanwhile my 9 year olds drooling with Jealousy at the Snowbikes in Cycling magazine.It's on Saturday the 13th of October, and then the week after I'm off to the ICF AGM, the week at Oxford.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Make No Decision about me Without me!

Was once said by a 'Mate' of mine! and as I sit here and fester, I'm beginning to agree.

Tomorrow being Monday, and it's the AGM of SHSC trustees, which going by last year, will be Pants! but I'm attending with my Torch etc. :D But how can I gush about Hillsborough?

Thursday, 20 September 2012

I didn't enjoy today, at Hillsborough! :(

I don't want to say anything too soon. Because I am hoping that I'll change my mind, but I don't want to go anymore.

Fab friends!!

I am lucky, or' Special' :) as s'one put in a card.

After a liesurely morning, opening a present from my kids (it gets less, every year) My brother Steve arrived, to wish me b'day greetings and bring a  cool ideal gift for me. As I seem to do so many really exciting things that I never want to forget. It was one of those digital photo frames, I aint got a clue how to use it though, niether has Richard the cleaner yet :) Julie Andrews popped in, taking on the guise of Dr Dooditle, with Holly, and walking her to the shops.

I tried to no avail, carrying my Olympic Torch, to the Library to show Jane (the librarian and holder of painful memories of a time, when I was 'happily' married? and Nicky was a close friend. Just a little closer than I had imagined!1! Anyway I took myself and offered, to call in with the Torch (if they collected me as well) when Jane was doing a 'Events of 2012' piece of art work with the children.

That was yesterday.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

I was fitter then!!!

Firstly against my impulsive behaviour,  I sat on the Tesco bus this morning, and witnessed a young woman , whose language wasn't English, struggle on the bus. She was told, it wasn't a public bus, it was a private one for Tescos customers. She clearly didn't understand this, but got on it anyway. As the dry bus was more welcoming than the heavy shower she was escaping. After several failed attempt at ringing the bell and getting off, she made a dash for the door as the driver let folk on. 'You can't get off luv, you've got to stop on till we reach Tesco' an arguement followed in broken English. I felt very sorry for this woman, but curbed my instincts to get involved. She was let off, in the end and told to learn how to use the bus! I felt very sad for the poor woman, she was probably about 3 miles away, from where she'd got on. I wish I'd been braver, and tried to help, but I wasn't alone in thinking this, lots of folk, including the local Vicar! just mentioned how 'un Cristian' the drivers behaviour was. And I so wish I'd intervened to help!

Anyway Finns School rang, could I collect him? He'd been sick! So I climbed on my trusty steed Ziggy, and off I sped, except it wasn't so much 'Sped' as a Crawl. We did return quite quickly though down the steep hill, with my son perched on my Panniers!! I'd had enough of acting my age.......which is 40 flipin six tomorrow!!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Perfect day :) eeek and I didn't cycle!!

I swam 10 lengths in 20m (only 25yards a length though I don't know it in Kilo grams and grams :D) HYad a gorgeous Omelette and coffee for lunch, courtessy of My lovely friend Miriam though because they didnt take debit cards!! - nightmare!! Moved on for a a project called War ....Waiting Area..Redesign. Which was very exciting, with talk  of Face Book, Blogs A Work Station. Hey amd they've copied sssssssh, I did it honestly :) the official pic of me with the torch.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Ey I'n right proud!!

Cycling back from the bus stop earlier, after a grueling session in town where I let my 13 year old daughter drag me into 'Thou Art' where the sadistic child paid for me to have my inner helix pierced.......ooooh it's not pervy honest!! in fact I'll get a pic of it soon, it's just difficult to do it myself! My chain got jammed between, the Sprocket and The Sprocket Guard??? Anyway having freshly oiled the chain with Sunflower cooking oil, (Finn had pinched my cycle lube) It was really yuky, and I was all primish, because I'd been to town, (i don't get out much!!) I extended the chain forwards, and it was huge!! I still can't figure out where it all came from? It just kept kinking, and zig zaging, but it wouldn't come unjammed. I sat on the pavement with an upturned Ziggy, and eased the chain free, carefully feeding it back on the sprocket, and then is it the derailer, at the back?? Do you know, no-one stoped and asked if I was ok!!! I am really chuffed though, because I thought it was going to snap the chain.

My new piercings on Face book apparently.

Hey I'm going swimming tomorrow, lunch with my mate Miriam, and then I'm helping to redesign the waiting area at Brain Injury Rehab Centre.

Friday, 14 September 2012

I'm booked!!!!

Saturday the 20th of October, I am booked in Oxfords Youth Hostel, I'm presuming theres only one! and I had to say top or bottom!! .....bunk :)

It will be fab cos Kevin Hickman, is lending me his Trike, so I can zip along.... I kid you!!

My lil boy has just saved all his hard earned pennies, bought himself a Half Pipe, I paid for shipping £45!!!!! and it's now assembled in the middle of my Lawn, among the Rhodedenrums!!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Marj and Baz!!

View Photo0275.jpg in slide show
They turn up for their weekly Cycle, but I know it's not the wheels they love, it's the different conversation, and the fresh air.

We were over run with staff today, Graham, Gavin, Paul another bike mechanic volunteer, and me. Oh and Dave Bocking kept appearing, I love Mr Bocking, as he set up my blog 3 years ago!!

Steve was in hosp today :( not too serious! but he was missed by me.

I know I've missed DH s b'day??? about a month ago, and if you read this I'm sorry,.

I need to speak to Kev Hickman, about the ICF weekend in October??

I had my a* squeezed today!! but nowt was said!! - how would you take that one then!!

Oh I met Neil who was covered in Tats, and had been viciously kniffed!!! he too had brain damage. And I trusted him to ride Ziggy, he was so impressed, and promised to book on for the following week. Thamking me for giving him a bit of my time :)

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Monday :) Tuesday :/

Yesterday, was good, but I'm soooo unfit!! I only cycled to Millhouses to see Miriam in the Park, and I didn't half weeze and splutter, coming back! In fact I was going so slowly I transferred onto the Pavement at Totley Bridge, I kinda thought it safer.

I received a gorgeous lovely text off Chris Shaw - remember I went to London with him in May? to the National Centre of Sport and Exercise for Medcine. And he introduced me to many folk, who I now know are 'movers and shakers' in the field of finance and health. Anyway I called back and we spoke excitedly about our next project.....Rio!! I jest!! Anyway he's collecting me and taking me to a meeting on the 1/10, so I'm really excited now.

Hey Long Term Neurological Conditions, want me as a poster girl, holding The Torch!! Which I reckon is a good thing because a lot of Brain Injury groups, seem   to discourage cycling. And although I'm not on my Trike, everyone will ask why I was a Torch Bearer. So me being me, reluctantly had my arm twisted again :)

Sunday, 9 September 2012


I think I must have been on a high since I was a Torch Bearer. And I've kept up there, without anyone else influencing how I felt. Which is a very satistfying thing, knowing that I'm not relying on s'one else to make me feel better. But suddenly today, maybe the end of the Paralympics? Or maybe it's my new Memory Foam mattress, drawing me like a magnet, but I've felt tired, lathargic, fat and listless

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Fantastic!!! I could have gone as well!!1

David Stone

All ability Cycling team (some of it)

ability cycle leaders
CTC member Caroline Waugh, who carried the Olympic torch, and CTC Cycling Development Officer Steve Marsden were invited by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to watch Paralympic cyclist Sarah Storey win Britain's first gold medal. Caroline, who is now used to the limelight, even managed to persuade Mr Clegg to promise to come along and watch a session of the disability cycling activities she assists with at Hillsborough in Sheffield. Disabled CTC member John Thraves thinks our Paralympic cyclists are inspirational. John, who had the lower part of his leg amputated due to diabetes, has just qualified as National Standard cycle instructor. He will be helping CTC deliver a one-day All Ability Cycle Leaders’ courseas part of a four-day National Standard Instructor course in St Austell, Cornwall from 29 September to 2 October.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Good News!

Nick Clegg, Steve Marsden, and myself have it in our diaries that on the 22nd of March next year, we will all try and be in the same place. With the Side by Side Cycle, like the one pictured yesterday. But who knows, where we will be, in 6 months time.

Today, I aint moved !! 

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Today was Ace!

View photo0274_001.jpg in slide showZara and I today on the Side by Side :) I reckon there was a group of 20+ young people, 10 carers. And then the usual lot, like Marj and Baz, who are so lovely because they brought me a Vegaterian Haggis back and a special suprise of Puffin Droppings!! from there recent holiday to the Shetlands.

Now I don't mean to be contentious!! but it strikes me, I'm the only one with honset motives here!!.........Nick Cleg and I had set a date for him Cycling on the 'Side by Side' with me (like the one pictured) Steve said it had to be Hil;lsborough, because that where Cycling 4 All takes place, Nick says it's gotta be Endcliffe, because thats his Constituency. I say....does it matter really just get the Cycle publisised!!! So anyway it's not happening !!! what a missed opportunity!!!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

I've missed Hillsborough :)

Marj phoned, Pats carer phoned me. And Kate the 32 year old Mum who had a stroke.  They all had my number because I fret incase they can't get hold of Steve, I just don't want them to miss out!! Lets hope they don't turn up at once, although Steve thought we'd cope. I'm having an insy bit of a disagreement with Steve about my date with Nick Cleg next March.

My lil boy, bless him emptied the copper jar, and back of the settee (always a treasure trove!!) and got his bus fare £1.20 in 2ps. And do you know the bus driver counted it out.....very...slowly!!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

I'm ok! :)

Although I was thrilled on Thursday, and the day went soo well, it was just so relaxing, and I didn't mind being spoilt and pampered a bit. And the luxury of having Steve as my captive listener, for 15 hours!! It can't ever top being a Torch Bearer! I know I go on, but hey? wouldn't you.

I'm Cycling to Millhouses Park tomorrow, to meet Steve and Nigel, I'll probably call in at Henliegh Hall, on the way.

Monday, 3 September 2012


At the velodrome with Nick Clegg

Steve Marsden's picture
Printer-friendly versionPrinter-friendly version
CTC Cycling Development Officer in Sheffield Steve Marsden and Caroline Waugh were invited by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to watch Paralympic cyclist Sarah Storey win Britain's first gold medal.
Nick Clegg and Caroline Waugh
Nick Clegg and Caroline Waugh
Last month, Caroline Waugh carried the Olympic Torch and this week she was invited by Sheffield MP and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to the Paralympics.

Steve's blog

Caroline decided to take me along as her guest, as through my work for CTC in Sheffield, I have helped her to ride a tricycle and also more recently encouraged her to ride a bicycle.
It was a very full and special day at the Velodrome. We were treated like VIPs. We met Lord Sebastian Coe, who is a local Sheffielder too and got to sit right by all the celebs and members of the Royal family!
Nick Clegg came and sat with us for about an hour. I was surprised how much he new about sport. We all chatted as though we had know each other for ages.
Caroline managed to bend his ear about the disability cycling at Hillsborough and got him to agree to come alone to one of our sessions! She is never one to miss an opportunity.
Then the women's individual C5 pursuit started with Sarah Storey in the final, Sarah out classed Anna Harkowska from Poland and she took gold with ease. It was so exciting to see Sarah Storey win Great Britain's first Gold Medal of the Paralympics!
I was amazed how the crowd was so supportive of all the teams but when Team GB came out, the roar was electrifying - I had goose bumps on the back of my neck.
Steve Marsden
CTC Cycling Development Officer
The session came to a close after the tandem time pursuit and the medal ceremony. We had a fantastic experience and Caroline had a great and full day. We got home to Sheffield after 11pm, tired but inspired and happy.

Caroline's blog

We arrived in London by train from Sheffield, fortunately I hadn’t got to walk too far to the Javelin - which is a rail link that took us to Stratford and the Olympic Park. Steve was wearing his CTC shirt and dark smart jeans with pride and I was in my new ‘Primani’ gear.
We met Kate, who was assigned to ‘chaperone’ us all day, So we could get VIP passes and eeeeek!!! (a blast from the past) a mobility scooter! I must admit it felt a bit strange resorting to that mode of transport, I had jokingly asked if Steve and I could share a tandem, but everyone seemed to laugh it off.
What a good job it was that I didn’t have to walk though the Olympic Par - it was a huge place.
We arrived at the Velodrome, and we’re taken to the bar, where food and drink was free. It all looked and tasted gorgeous, Kate came back with our drinks, tea for Steve and a bucket sized glass of wine for me! I caught Steve’s glare, but I needed some dutch courage!
We were joined by a guy who claimed to be Boris Johnson's PA, and he spoke incredibly like him. No one was asking him who he was, so I did!! And we swapped contact cards, he turned out to be his brother Leo Johnson.
I also saw Wendy Creed who I'd met at a cycling conference in Cornwall. She is a volunteer at the Velodrome. She ushered us to our seats, and gave us a piece paper which explained the different 5 categories.
Seb Coe joined our row of seats, and I looked at Steve, is that Lord Coe? Yes it was, was his reply.
Nick Clegg came and joined us, and it was like meeting a friend the way he approached me. He didn’t hold out his hand, he went to ‘air kiss me’ and give me a hug, it was lovely and very informal.
Inclusive Cycling has become my total passion. In the same way the Paralympians are totally dedicated to a cause and make sacrifices, I am striving to encourage others. All ability cycling is about independence which is something I hold dear to my heart.
Caroline Waugh
I kept trying to steer the conversation towards the different Community Health Projects I am involved in and how beneficial they were to the economy. But Nick Clegg didn't really want to discuss any contentious issues. So we had a really ‘normal’ conversation, about children and Sheffield stuff.
I did suggest that we meet up back in Sheffield, for him to try the ‘side by side’ cycle with me in one of the parks. He seemed keen to do this, as I explained the benefits of this compared to a normal tandem.
I didn’t mean to sound like I was testing Nick Clegg but I asked him lots of questions. To be honest my brain had store so much stuff on the day, I couldn’t recall what disability Sarah Storey had, so I asked Nick, who eagerly provided me with a bit of her history. He explained how she had also qualified for the Paralympic swimming team, but her preferred discipline had been cycling.
Sarah Storey was so fast, she was obviously winning, and was a whole half track ahead by the finish. We all stood for the medals, and our National Anthem. I was very proud, to play a part in the moment.