Tuesday, 18 September 2012

I was fitter then!!!

Firstly against my impulsive behaviour,  I sat on the Tesco bus this morning, and witnessed a young woman , whose language wasn't English, struggle on the bus. She was told, it wasn't a public bus, it was a private one for Tescos customers. She clearly didn't understand this, but got on it anyway. As the dry bus was more welcoming than the heavy shower she was escaping. After several failed attempt at ringing the bell and getting off, she made a dash for the door as the driver let folk on. 'You can't get off luv, you've got to stop on till we reach Tesco' an arguement followed in broken English. I felt very sorry for this woman, but curbed my instincts to get involved. She was let off, in the end and told to learn how to use the bus! I felt very sad for the poor woman, she was probably about 3 miles away, from where she'd got on. I wish I'd been braver, and tried to help, but I wasn't alone in thinking this, lots of folk, including the local Vicar! just mentioned how 'un Cristian' the drivers behaviour was. And I so wish I'd intervened to help!

Anyway Finns School rang, could I collect him? He'd been sick! So I climbed on my trusty steed Ziggy, and off I sped, except it wasn't so much 'Sped' as a Crawl. We did return quite quickly though down the steep hill, with my son perched on my Panniers!! I'd had enough of acting my age.......which is 40 flipin six tomorrow!!

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