Sunday, 16 September 2012

Ey I'n right proud!!

Cycling back from the bus stop earlier, after a grueling session in town where I let my 13 year old daughter drag me into 'Thou Art' where the sadistic child paid for me to have my inner helix pierced.......ooooh it's not pervy honest!! in fact I'll get a pic of it soon, it's just difficult to do it myself! My chain got jammed between, the Sprocket and The Sprocket Guard??? Anyway having freshly oiled the chain with Sunflower cooking oil, (Finn had pinched my cycle lube) It was really yuky, and I was all primish, because I'd been to town, (i don't get out much!!) I extended the chain forwards, and it was huge!! I still can't figure out where it all came from? It just kept kinking, and zig zaging, but it wouldn't come unjammed. I sat on the pavement with an upturned Ziggy, and eased the chain free, carefully feeding it back on the sprocket, and then is it the derailer, at the back?? Do you know, no-one stoped and asked if I was ok!!! I am really chuffed though, because I thought it was going to snap the chain.

My new piercings on Face book apparently.

Hey I'm going swimming tomorrow, lunch with my mate Miriam, and then I'm helping to redesign the waiting area at Brain Injury Rehab Centre.

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