Thursday, 13 September 2012

Marj and Baz!!

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They turn up for their weekly Cycle, but I know it's not the wheels they love, it's the different conversation, and the fresh air.

We were over run with staff today, Graham, Gavin, Paul another bike mechanic volunteer, and me. Oh and Dave Bocking kept appearing, I love Mr Bocking, as he set up my blog 3 years ago!!

Steve was in hosp today :( not too serious! but he was missed by me.

I know I've missed DH s b'day??? about a month ago, and if you read this I'm sorry,.

I need to speak to Kev Hickman, about the ICF weekend in October??

I had my a* squeezed today!! but nowt was said!! - how would you take that one then!!

Oh I met Neil who was covered in Tats, and had been viciously kniffed!!! he too had brain damage. And I trusted him to ride Ziggy, he was so impressed, and promised to book on for the following week. Thamking me for giving him a bit of my time :)

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