Friday, 30 April 2010


Decorators, were at home this morning, urghh, I could have done without it to be honest. My taxi arrived and we had exactly 1 hour, to get there, but there lay a problem? could we find it? .....eventually.

Steve spoke first to a mixture of brain injury survivors and students, who used their spare time to study/facilitate this social group called Flourish. I was very 'heartened' by the fact that I recognised a couple of faces. From my BIRRP group which I attend. And I could see how impressed folk were with Steve, and I just glowed with pride :) But it wasn't really Steve they wanted it was 'Ziggy' the trike. And I knew that was my fortei really, I was the person, who had experience of riding with a brain injury. And I know every injury/damage effects folk differently. But atleast I know what it can be like to over come difficulties. And how rewarding that is!!!

I was so proud of Rod, who I understand to bequite poorly, because he had a go. And I reckon that was totally in support of me. And a young woman I met today for the first time 'Lisa' who seemed to bne blown away, by the whole experience.

Hey, one of the survivors of brain injury, called me over at the end and said he remembered me from 20 years ago when we had both attended the Head Injury Unit, WOW.

Hey I may act all capable, and switched on....but I still forgot my bag!!! Thank you Mr Marsden, for reminding me.

My taxi, I knew was waiting, I rushed home where Julie Andrews, was waiting with my children. I made some tea, and we got the wine out. Aren't people nice to me?

And I've just text Lisa, who nearly made me cry, shed enjoyed today so much.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Mary, Liz, and Nicky

Ahhh, I think I really missed working, last week. Because I was really pleased to work with everyone. And what a fab group I'd got this week, because they laughed at all my jokes.....bum..bum. :D It is quite an eye opener for me to see how far I've come, in 3 years. And quite nice, to think when I'm acting as I did 3 years ago? My ultimate goal, would be to ......'Cycle'.... Because it meets all my needs, why didn't I think of it so long ago, why has it taken me 3 years to discover.

But it was such a neccersary struggle I had to go through. To think last summer, I wanted to snatch (not that sort!!!) someones hand off because they offered me a tricycle for £150.00, and Steve CTC kept saying 'you deserve more,' because I tried so hard, and he just wanted me to find it a bit easier :) I'm happy to say, I did hang on and thanks to so many folk including West Country Recumbent and the Cycle Touring Club, I got a Greenspeed GT5 the dogs bollox of recumbent cycles.

Hi if I met you today, and good luck for tomorrow :)

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

My Nemesis!!

Ok, so I havent turned right at Beauchief lights yet, but I did sit first in the cycle box, waiting for the lights to change. When they did, I knew I had a few seconds spare, before the stream of cars facing me actually moved........scarey!!! I quickly turned left. And moved like the clappers, with the traffic.

I reckon, it's 3 miles uphill back to where I live, and it was hot. A bus gave me a friendly honk, and it was indeed Pat, I waved as he sailed past. I had exactly an hour to get home, and get the next Pat bus, this meant. I did it in 15mins, which was quicker than last time. And I only stopped for breath the once.

The next time I saw Pat, I was on my way to tesco on his bus, he commented on how 'lovely' I looked, on my trike, (I thought ey for a fat lass) because I was and am still very hot and sweaty.

The school run followed, with more sweat, and more burst blood vessals in my head. How attractive :)

Monday, 26 April 2010

ICDH My Presentation and more....

Eeeeeek, a mixture of calamities, (and partying) left me in disarray this morning, hopefully my mentor, confident, advisor, and now friend, would see me through. I am talking about Steve Marsden (CTC).

I cleared my throat and began, My presentation was on my simple aim of cycling to school everyday, on a pedal trike as apposed to the motorised electric scooter. Steve sweetened everyone with key rings etc, and I gave out the folder, that contained 'My Journey' metaphorically speaking.

I got a lot of things muddled, and didn't really allow for questions, and I'm sure I missed loads. Ahhh, but Steve never really, really blows my trumpet, I think he thinks enough people do that. So I found it quite emotional, when he took over and told the story from his point of view. I have always just done, what I enjoy doing, so I don't know why folk find it such a big deal? But I am so happy that I can give a bit back to all the organisations who have helped me.

And at the end, when I got the feed back sheet of paper, I wanted to cry again. Everyone was sooo nice, about me personally and my presentation. Although the devil on my shoulder said, 'Well they wouldn't give negative feedback to the first one, would they?' But that's just me doulbting my organisation skills not my effort.

Ahhh, I thanked Steve, and gave him a cyclotherepy mug, I just thought it apt. Because he always tells me to go out on my trike, if ever Im stressed. It will be interesting, to know how Steve felt it went. Having been a pupil, and a tutor on the ICDH course? And because he is often as blunt as I am, but he doesn't make it 'pink and fluffy' like me.

What would I have done differently?

Not a lot, but I don't feel I can really take the credit, because the success of it, was down to Steve. Because it would have looked odd, if I'd have given myself credit!! And it would have detracted, from the folk, who've helped me live my dream.

Urrrgh, I can't really say, what the rest of the lesson was about, because my mind kept playing back to the presentation, but I will try.

Where I live, it really does have a diverse population, which is cool. But problematic at times. The diversities aren't neccersarily linked in any way, but 1) Age and physical ability, although this is obvious, in some ways because if a person, gets lots of exercise. Than, they will fight off heart disease, and blood pressure problems. obesity. leading onto possible diabeties, loss of limbs due to possible amputee. Mental health issues, depression. But the problem doesn't stop there with the younger side this depression could lead to alcohol abuse, or drugs. Which in turn leads to an increase in crime. I know I have been the obvious exception to the rule, in all of this, and I've probably answered the question I asked myself in the 3rd paragraph, which is good :)

There is also much diversity where I live, as regards wealth. some of my neighbours live on income support (like myself) and live in council houses, others live in private houses, and their children go to private schools. And they have private health care.

I felt very selfish, or did I? I had such a dilemma last week, my little boy, had a pain in his kidney. (He has had numerous ops on kidneys) Now the consultant, has fitted him in for a consultation tomorrow, but his Dad, could have paid for him to have it, that day!! Fortunatly his pain subsided, and it wasn't an issue, but what would you have done?

I'm done now Debs, I'm sorry, that I aint made an attempt to answer, the questions directly, I'm tired, I did put a lot of effort into today.....honest :)

Sunday, 25 April 2010

blue birds tweeting :)

After my friend visited last night, on his home made recumbent (13 seater), as my little boy calls it. We had decided to meet for a ride today, well he called round for me actually. and once it had stopped absolutely slinging it down with rain. I t was so cool both of us off to the pub, on our recumbent trikes!!! Parking side by side in the car park :) Mmmmmmmmmm I liked this :)
C x

Friday, 23 April 2010

Julie Andrews :)

Julie was a star, and I managed to dry the freshly washed clothes :) So I niether went out naked, or in yesterdays clothes.

I reckon, the only time I've felt good today, (do I sound like a miserable b*?) was when I cycled to the nurse, what a fantastic day it was again! I do like this weather, I really don't like it any warmer, mind.

I aint been for 2 weeks, and in my head I had a dream....that she took the dressing off and it was healed :) :( Not the case I'm afraid, nursey paced round the room shaking her head in despair. I just don't know what to suggest any more?

B*, I've just thought I hope it's better for me going to Centre Parks, in August.

I went to Zest, and someone suggested, another commitment. Which at the time seemed like a great idea.

I ran onto BIRRP, where everyone seemed in a relaxed mood. but certain dates for our diaries and the allocation of tasks, which I think I managed to body swerve.

Once home, I almost fell onto the settee, phoned Steve (CTC) just for a catch up really. Because we'd not spoken all week, and I do miss him at times, you know? He's helping me with my ICDH course on Monday, f* knows how that'll go. I'm just hoping that we can blag it :) and then Tuesday he's coming to Cycle For Health, at Endcliffe. And Friday we are both giving a talk at 'Flourish' a social group with the survivors of brain injury.

Sorry I'm late tonight, btw.

Night, I love you all. xxx

Thursday, 22 April 2010

sunshine and joy

What a lovely day it was to be cycling, in Hillsborough Park, It wasn't too warm or cold, it was perfect. Fred and Nick were as gorgeous as always, and I met John, who apparently was the guy to see about Ziggy, been in ship shape condition. But all 3 trainers agreed to check her over whenever they see her. Everyone appeared to be very competent, and we played games on the bikes that reflected this. (I made a mental note, for when I do my Wheels for All course in 2 weeks.

I am very happy, apart from my f* washing machine. Julie Andrews took me 2 bags of washing back to hers, I am so grateful. Thanks Miss Andrews, xxx

I must go and have my leg dressed tomorrow at 8.50 am, speed home as I have a taxi picking me up at 930. Then a meet at Zest, with Miriam at 1015, after which Im going to my regular meeting at BIRRP Brain Injury Rehab Research Partnership. I don't want to give up any of it, but it doesn't leave much margin.

I've got bugger all to wear.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Still Ill

In the words of a lyrical genius, I'm afraid that is me. I stumbled downstairs early because I'd remembered the washer repair man was coming , to condemn it. I was banging into walls and units, this wasn't on (notice how I didn't say it wasn't me!!) My head was spinning like a top, but yet I hadn't touched a drop to drink in about 48 hours, and that had been a glass full. I hate to be gruesome, and graphic, but I'm gonna be. You know when your saliva glands start gushing water when your mouths expecting food, from either end, (if you get the pic) I had my head hanging o'r a plastic jug emptying, saliva and an attractive looking clear bile, from my mouth. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

I so needed the money as well today, as I've promised my children a trampoline, shall I get the violins out?

Julie Andrews popped in 'You look awful' :) well that's what she said anyway. I must have looked like a tesco bus regular, rocking and hugging my own body. (i forgot I am) I was actually freezing. Anyway, she was a star and issued the remedy (without a spoon full of sugar) a big glass of mango juice, a cup of coffee and some toast. Perfect :) I felt much better, but not bursting with energy, maybe a little flat. Coincidentally, I got 2 emails this a,m, telling me not to take on anymore, but thing is I like it though, no one forces me to do it, I'm just excited about too many things!!! And I don't know if it's because I'm a virgo? or if thats bollocks, but I do like to be a perfectionist.

Have I said, they are going to condemn my washing machine....urrrrrrgh (random?)

My mobys back at the shop, sooooo I can go and collect it soooon. And show you photos of my ever increasing pile of laundry, I do feel like it's taking over a bit like the Triffids. I keep looking at shirt sleeves warily, half expecting them to attack my legs as I step over that pile....again.

I am very loosely wondering about doing a course which will enable me to become a community tutor. I wouldn't be wanting to start till s'thing else had finished mind :) The course is Petills, it stands for something?

I feel ok now, (you can tell I've not spoken all day, you can't stop me at the mo) A touch of cabin fever I think.

I'm going to Cycle 4 Health tomorrow, Hillsborough Park, partly because I love cycling, I love Fred, and I love seeing folk happy, and I love seeing folk be happy because they are cycling.

Rob 1 I did mention, my online friends and how they could blame me, I didn't forget you all.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Health Champs

Oooooooooog I can't believe I've been a Health Champ, for 6months, I love it, because Nigel, gives me a free reign, basically. If I know of a group, or an individual, with a disability, I can seek them out and 'influence' them into taking up cycling, or just to get in touch.

My friend and ex blogmaster Mr Bocking, was facilitating the 'cycling table' and Mr Potts had arrived, who is my hero at the moment :)

Nigel asked me to say a few words, that weren't a few......but hey? Anyway, he can't grumble because he forgot my certificate, which isn't at all what has driven me, to volunteer. Good job ey?:)

I met Dave? who's Nigels boss I think? And hey I sat on his top table until I saw Mr Bocking.

And I'm NOT going to be cheeky tonight, so sorry folks.

Thank you Carol for my Gt5 spec
Rob2 I've sent you an email about Rony
Mal, fantastic seeing you today, thank you. Drop me a line :

Monday, 19 April 2010


Probably the best experience I have of community groups, is Cycle For Health. And I actively seek others out in the hope that they too will benefit in the way I have. Although, I do apprechiate that I become a bit fanatical, and anoraky at times!!!! I find it so positive being involved in the promotion of health. That I have pursued each opportunity, life has thrown in this field of 'work' (it's laughable calling it work). Because I love it!! And I have discovered, that lifes adversitys, are just there to make us apprechiate the good times more :) Briefly below I have listed, the positives, I have experienced and what could happen if they weren't put in place.

We split the class into 2 groups, and both groups were given cards, with the various stages of forming a community group. And asked to place them in order, (we had a few blank cards for good measure :) ) In my group was Julie, Matthew, H, and because my mind was elsewhere (sorry) and I was perched on the outside, perhaps, I wasn't as involved as s'times. But I found it interesting observing the group dynamics. Matthew, became the leader, almost immedietly, and rather 'masterful' at times. Just moving cards, and saying outloud that he was doing it. But there was no consultation, he just did it. Julie, on the other hand was like the Mother of the group, forever mindful, of everyone else and making sure all veiws were considered. And H, tried to support everyone and there fore just being'nice' found herself changing her mind. Me? I like to think I didn't say a lot. But like to think what I did say was succinct, to the point and valuable. And I'm right pleased that somebody in the larger group apprechiated my humour.

Socialisation: I have listed this as the number 1 benefit of a community activity, whether it be cycling or knitting. Because I just think to be able to share and learn from each others experience of life, is in fact 'priceless'. And maybe, sub groups of friendship will be formed, which will make for longivity of the group.
get fit: To keep your body, and mind alert and ready, helps burn unwanted calories. Aid to dieting.
Fresh air: I get to cycle on trails, I would never, have dreamt of, like Beeley Wood, upto Outibridge.
Less Of a drain on the NHS: I reckon this is partly to do with self esteem, because very loosely speaking i reckon the more positive you're feeling, the more physically better you are. As well as lowering blood pressure, and there fore reducing the risk of a Stroke or Heart disease.
Education and Awareness: As part of the sharing process, a learning, and sharing of knowledge takes place.
Pride and consideration: If people enjoy the area, they're more likely to look after it.

Without a group: the following might occurr.
Lack of socialisation, sharing of experiences:
An increase in crime:
Poor Health:
Low self Esteem: alcohol abuse, drug abuse:
Heart disease:
a drain on resourses, like gp's and dentists and hospitals.

Despite my taumas of yesterday, when my trike collapsed, whilst cycling quickly down a busy Road. I was really heartened by everyones concerns when they heard. So thank's if you were one of those people, who phoned.

And I mean to stick around for a bit of time yet :)

Sunday, 18 April 2010


That was so horrible and scarey, I can't jest about it yet. I was speedin on the main road, mingling with the cars, but having a double decker bus up my a*, that refused to overtake!! When something mechanical happed to Ziggy, it was far too complex for me to do, fortunately I wasn't far from my mate Dave's house. I asked him 4 some help. He became all masterful, and took over the situation, which was fine by me. Because I was a bit of a wreck. Bungled Ziggy into his van, took her to Halfords (she had a flat as well) took me to my Mums, and then picked me back up, and brought me home. I'm gonna phone Recycle tomorrow, and see if I can book Ziggy in for an MOT, I know the lads down there are dying to have a go on her!! I think I'll be sticking to the quiet roads for the moment.

that magic cuppa

I'm here again with my ever flowing coffee cup. The one that refills itself magically? Because I'm putting off cycling on that ever so busy road. What a wuss, I know.xx

Friday, 16 April 2010


Ahhh, this lovely man, sent me a poem today via Radio Sheffield. Remember I did the Rony Robinson show, on the 8th of March? Because he felt inspired, ahhhhh. How nice is that?

Thursday, 15 April 2010


My children grumbled at Me getting then fed and watered, for 9!!! Wait till they're back at school, my job will be a difficult one.

I waited outside, for my usual taxi, phoned him and he wasn't gonna make it...bugger. If I got a normal car, I wouldn't be able to take Zig :( I went to Hillsborough anyway, because it was Freds baby today, and I want to support him. Also I knew I'd see Nick there, who I needed to talk to about 'Inclusive Cycling'.

Everyone who began today seemed capable, just a little nervy perhaps?

I recognised when watching them, that a lot will have been feeling a little like I did, when I began a year ago? Hark at me, anyone would think I was a professional!!!

I met a guy called......Mark, who is a health Champ, (has read my blog apparently) Rushed off at 1230, as Id got some work to do in town for Social Services again :)

I arrived a little flustered, Mary and Jeanette made me feel welcome. I 've gotta say, and I would have told someone at the time. I just forgot....brain thingy. It was crap that disabled folk had to drink their drinks downstairs, and non disabled folk upstairs. Talk about being non inclusive, and especially the topic we were there to deliver.

Anyway, I guy came upto me amnd said 'Hi Caroline, Ive read your blog, and I'm going to the lunch thing next week that the Health Champs are holding' 'Ill see you there. It appears more people know me, than I do them. But apart from the faithful followers, most peeps only visit the once. But it might be a case of once seen ne' forgotten :)

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

nob all :(

Sorry folks, eeek I feel like I've really coped out. I'm experiencing another dip, which really pissed my kids off. But today was not totally wasted, I did manage to do a tiny bit of project work. And it kept my daughter happy as she was helping me pack 20 files, with information, on the various organisations (slave labour). Who've helped in my 'Evolvment'(is that a word) from woman with a disability, using an electric scooter, to an able cyclist using a recumbent cycle.

Oh yeah, by chance I know that Steve is bringing a lot of novice (like me) cyclists over to Sheffield to look at Cycle For Health, from Bradford, I think s'ones trying to set s'thing similar up. Anyway this photographer for the health service phoned me today wanting to come and take some pics, so I'm gonna try and arrange it for then. :) The more publicity cycling gets, of it being all inclusive regardless of ability, or class or colour, the better. So bring it on I say :)

Mary phoned and asked if I'd work a bit extra tomorrow, I've had to jiggle taxis around, and stuff. But I'm doing C4H with my darling Fred, until 1230 then off to work for S.S till 5. It's Daddy's day for the children.

Am I boring? all I've done is give you an itinerary of the day, which has been exceptionally dull.

I'll be better tomorrow, because I will have been cycling, and working :)

I can't wait to get my moby back, I will have forgotten how to put pics on here again:)


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Satistfying :)

No not that kind!!! Ijust really feel like I've helped enable someone to cycle again, and it really gave me a buzz today, so I now know a little bit of how folk have felt helping me.

Wow it was great today, at Cycle For Health, I had wondered how I might feel? Would I know folk? Would Dave the Social Worker show, I had discussed a dream I'd got of really making cycling inclusive. With Steve prior to todays meet, just incase it might be possible. I kinda forgot I was meeting Dave, because there was so much talking to be done. :D Todays C4H was kind of Pams baby. But lovely Fred was there, who I haven't seen since that ill fated night in December, when he had to bring my Jezza home, lock her in the shed, sit me down, with a bowl. Lock me in the house and post my keys through the letter box.

Then I recognised this huge recumbent with big trailer on the back, as being a guy called Mal. I only recognise him because of the CTCs blog, or pedal ready? Anyway, he was admiring Ziggy. So what do you think I did? Of course I offered him a ride!!!he loved his ride, so I asked if I could sit on his Monster.......of a trike!! He even reckons, that he could get a handbrake for Ziggy!! I think he's like my very own Mr Potts.

Then this women walked over quite delberately, from the path to the lodge. 'Caroline, isn't it?'
Yeeeeees, I said hesitantly, and then the penny dropped. I'd done some counselling studies with her, and we had gone on a team building exercise, in which we had both ended up being the group clowns. As we had stopped in this youth hostal for the weekend. I had really dreaded that weekend, but ended up loving it and not wanting to come home. I'm digressing....again. Hi Dianne!!!! if you're reading.

I sat down with Rob, helping him with his learning journal.........which I forgot, (ooops) Because I heard a voice asking for Caroline, I turned and it was Dave Ansill the Social Worker.

We got completely excited about the possibilities, I must be patient.

Hi to everyone I met today :)

My children are home, and everyones happy.

It's often quicker to get hold of me if you send your message to,


Monday, 12 April 2010


I blushed profusely, and phoned Steve.

:) I'm going for a lovely cycle ride tomorrow, with Cycle 4 Health. And I'm meeting up with a social worker, about setting up a similar cycling group for the brain injured.

Remember Rob 3, who I helped find a cycle? well he's going as well, that is a nice thought :)


Under normal circumstances, I would tell the world what I had put in a text, that Steve, was the unfortunate recipient of. But I'm still crawling out from under that stone. I had intended it to go to a certain man, I was hoping to have intimate moments with, again. I'm dying of shame, sorry Steve, sorry Dawn.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

How fat????

I convince myself on a good day, that I look ok, and that I'm just 'big boned' :D And to justify the fact that I like my curry and booze (i am a manbird). I cycle to the Mohul, to collect it. Well today was no different, and these poor unsuspecting asian, young men started talking to me about cycling. Well it was like a neon light to me, (i bet they hadn't bargained for me) I led one out the resturant, and up the road to where I'd parked Ziggy, just because I am so proud of her. I offered him a go on her, but he looked scared, not of Ziggy, of Me!!! :D

Saturday, 10 April 2010

I ache!!!

I ached this morning, and I was tired. it's not so much the distance yesterday, because I reckon I only did 6miles. But it was the stress, and concentration it took. Because it finishes on a 5 mile gentle uphill, on a busy dual carriageway, passing through my Nemesis!!

I took my flatened moby, to vodaphone, but first I cycled with my wee boy, to the bus stop. He's such a confident rider, I am proud of him on his big new bmx. And I love the fact that he rises upto the challange of being the 'alpha male' in my house.

How ridiculous, my flatened mobys got to go back to see if it can be repaired??????? Ey!!!! I think I could tell them that!! But atleast they've lent me one, in the meantime. But WTF are my gorgeous pics? You do believe mer don't you about yesterday? :)

Hey my groovy new cycle helmet came today, it's well cool, and is a good fit. And my boy and I have planned our next adventure.....kind of!!...Wednesday, is the first chance we will get.

And Dave I thought you were away Friday night, seeing your wee gals? And Hi to everyone on the ICF weekend, maybe I will join you next year :)

And Hi to Rob, hope you're stilll gliding round Britain. And thanks Carol, Iv kept 4getting to say ta for the mirror thingy, and do I owe you owt?

And the other Rob, when are you off? It is fab weather for it :) Although I've gotta say, I DID look like a tomato, yesterday, and I DID sweat a lot!!!

I love you all, and I am happy.

Friday, 9 April 2010


Sometimes I feel, I just try to hard? To please everyone I care about, and s'times like the cycling, it makes me feel fantastic. But there are the other times....

My kids had nagged to go to 'Climbing Works', and at the same time my Mum, was wanting to see my kids, and me, and I needed to cycle on busy roads, and my kids wanted to try the bus.....on there own. With all these considerations, I planned our day. Firstly, we dropped Ziggy off, at Mums home via taxi, which continued the journey straight to Climbing Works, which was closed :( Back to visit Mum, My friend was on duty, and laughed a lot, at my various predicuments, that I invaribly end up in!! Mum and some other residents came outside to look at Ziggy. And I do love it when folk get into cycling, whether they are 90 or 9.

My kids, managed to get Ziggy over the rickety bridge, because I couldn't, I did take photos with my moby......but there lies another story!!

It was great cycling in the park, by the fast flowing stream, the sun was out, my mum was happy, my kids were happy, and I was happy too. And I did have photos to prove it, but there lies another story.......:)

From the cafe, to home, it's about 4.5 miles, passing through the awful Beauchief Lights. It was warm, and I was a little stressed, as I was letting my 11 year old use the bus. (do you really need to know?) I guess not, I just like to build a picture of my mind. Bugger, my mobyfell out of its pouch and smashed on the road, and the road was just too busy for me to take risks, and go and fetch it, but that is why I have no pics to show.

I can confidently say, I didn't piss anyone off, on my journey home, it was cool. (well warm actually) But it exhausted me, my face was indeed like a tomato, I staggered after parking my cycle, phew my children had been home ages. I ushered, Richerd, my cleaner/handyman/saviour, to come and help me put Ziggy away, because I just needed to collapse, and feel like i'd done REALLY WELL, there, there. On hearing of my phone plight, he went and salvaged my sim card, how nice of him. I told you he was an all round saviour.

I'm thinking, about all sorts, maybe working for the Health Champs, Maybe going to the CTC dinner?

Early night, my legs feel like concrete, and Im still warm, and I've got a busy day of insurance claims at voda phone......AGAIN.....the library for our constitutional. And I just can't be funny today, Sorry folks!!!xxxx

Thursday, 8 April 2010

I hate to disappoint :(

Here is, as the more observant folk will tell me a pic of Jezz the XR3 and not my new superfast supersonic XR5 Ziggy. And yes I know I haven't got the jist of turning it round. (feel free to tell me, I won't be offended) But unfortunately on the first nice day in ages, (I really apprechiate good weather, after the housebound winter we've just experienced) Anyway, I had to stay in, all housebound waiting for deliveries :( and I wasn't a happy bunny.

Spoke wi Steve (CTC) who told me I needed more experience b4 he'd train me up as a trainer :( But we as always managed to put the world to rights.

Hey, I got a massive confidence boost, my health champs folk, want me to go for a paid job, working with them. It's all very exciting.

Hey, and I'm on a promise on Monday ;) I'll keep the world posted.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Don't ask me to turn it round as well!!!

:) please be patient, a little bit at a time. Hey you should be happy to see a gleaming pic of Ziggy, I think she's a bit muckier now.
This blogs gone bonkers, I know folk will be smiling at my ham fistedness, and I aim to please.
Cycled to nursey, this am, who was non too happy. And I've had to go back to the airtight and waterproof thing, which actually isn't very. The first time I went in the shower, I tied a tesco bag round my dressing, and had more difficulty stepping over the bath than normal, as I had 5 gallon of shower water strapped round my calf, by the end of it!!
Did you miss me yesterday, I was at the pub, I'm afraid, being extremely responsible, and not drinking. I just daren't because once I start, I just don't know when to stop, and I never want to leave my Ziggy, which is always a possibility. But Julie and I came home and I got out the wine :)which was nice.
I haven't got a clue why my font colour is changing. Has anyone spoken wi Fred or Dave Bocking?
Hey I met Pat today, I didn't recognise him because , I saw him when I came out of the Drs, and not at the end of my road!! He did hold the traffic up, and let me cycle accross the dual carriageway!!

Sunday, 4 April 2010


I'm back, and I'm right proud of myself. A few concerns, that were pointed out by these really lovely Hells Angels as they slowed down to over take me and give me some friendly advise. The one at the front said, 'Woa, you're driftin luv. keep in.'

Another incident occured, on the way down, that frightened me enough, to make me finish the journey on the pavement. And I know folk are bound to support me but whern I told them about it, they all said I was totally in the correct place. But this f* fiat picasso, dared to honk me for about 200 metres!! I think it was a case of he hadn't seen a recumbent before, so therfore it was outrageous and should be banned. But then again, I think, am I being like Mr Bean? with cars colliding in the wake of my path?

Thanks William, My next goal? is to be able to visit my Mum without the drama :)


I've been putting it off for too long, today, I'm going to tackle Beuchief Lights, honest I am as soon as I finish this cup of coffee. That is like that magic pan of porridge, that's forever filling itself :)

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Sorry x

I learnt today that, BB guns hurt!!! Ouch!! I think I'm so ard me, and urmmm I'm not. As a tester, I told my son to shoot at my palm before I let him lose in the back garden, with his new toy. And I honestly expected to see daylight through the otherside of my hand it hit so hard!! To think I had given my boy £3, to go and buy one off this market stall???? Was the market trader totally bonkers!! Rant over with:$

I'm very boring today, just cycled to the bus stop wi my friend Paul, who'd just nipped into my house this morning, to give the kids an egg each.

My gears on right, is anyone an expert on recumbents? and my front wheel is catching on s'thing, I must try and look tomorrow.

Hey will someone ask Fred Shepherd to phone me please, I've lost his number in the process of repairing my moby. And Nik the nurse, I'm afraid your number went, but you can always phone me. So has Dave Bocking, so can you phone my moby please folks.

Hey sorry folks not to add variety and laughter tonight, I'll try harder tomorrow.

C x

Friday, 2 April 2010

uncomplex but missing something?(aka simple but not all there)

Did you think I meant me?......No, just my life.

Before my wee boy went to bed last night he tried his new bmx, that he'd got and unfortunately, the handle bars were too far forward. He was upset because not only had he not got a new one he was comfy with but, he'd let his other one go. In steps Steve, who tried to issue instructions over the phone, about which bolt to losen etc.....doa!!...........He ended up bringing his entire family to rescue my dilemma. I felt really bad stopping in all day, but my kids like chilling on a Saturday, and F just wanted to ride, and ride his new bike, on my park oops I mean the park that the garden backs off on to.

I had to, you must understand that ;) take my lil boy back to the pub, to be with his mates. I'm glad about because atleast it got me off my arse, and made me cycle to the pub and back. Oh and to all you folk who have been lucky to get through life, without a brain injury :) I'm really gonna piss you off now, and say, I feel quite strongly that children should wear helmets, until they are old enough, to make that choice, for themselves. So I had floods of tears, from my wee boy, because I made him wear his helmet, to go to the pub. He hasnt done any cycle proficiancy stuff, so when he's with me I let him go a bit on the road and a bit on the pavement. To cut a long story short, he wrapped his head around a lampost!! Got up dusted himself down, and got on his bike. He did say, good job, i wore my helmet Mum!!

I've been in touch with my 2 most recent fb today, well actually they found me, but just to see if I was ok, which is nice because they care, but not that much you must understand.

And thanks for the comments about beauchief lights, it's nice to know I'm heard. :)

Luv ya all. xx and the wines flowing freely

Sorry to piss all you CTC folk off, about the helmets thing, I just have different views, about children, in my very individual but battered you all hate me now? :Dxx

Thursday, 1 April 2010

turning minus' to plus'

I was so naffed off this am, when this taxi driver who'd sworn blind he could fit my trike in2 his estate, without disassembling it. (Because it was a lucrative fare, and he thought he'd baggy it. ) Just couldn't do it, no matter which angle he tried, urrrrgh! And by now, I'd missed Cycle For Health, and although the settee beckoned, I seized the moment, got the same taxi to take me to my Mums new nursing home. I do plan to cycle there, but there are these notorious traffic lights, that I'm kinda dreading really, and I thought I'd suss the route out, in the relative safety of a car. (I don't know why I said that, because the number of serious accidents, involving recumbent cycles is actually none)

Steve did swaps, long story won't bore you. But the consequence was me being stranded at the local pub, with my mates, and my bike being locked up outside, the key for the lock???? At home in my wee boys bike lock!!! I had to walk home, find the key (thank the lord!!!) After returning to the pub, a group always gather round Ziggy, to kind of wave me off, and I can never ever resist showing her off, and letting folk have a shot. How 'Adam' could possibly skid and fall off her I don't know, but it was funny :D

Any volunteers, to try Beauchief lights with me? I'm a right wuss.

Night Everyone Happy Easter, :)xxx