Saturday, 10 April 2010

I ache!!!

I ached this morning, and I was tired. it's not so much the distance yesterday, because I reckon I only did 6miles. But it was the stress, and concentration it took. Because it finishes on a 5 mile gentle uphill, on a busy dual carriageway, passing through my Nemesis!!

I took my flatened moby, to vodaphone, but first I cycled with my wee boy, to the bus stop. He's such a confident rider, I am proud of him on his big new bmx. And I love the fact that he rises upto the challange of being the 'alpha male' in my house.

How ridiculous, my flatened mobys got to go back to see if it can be repaired??????? Ey!!!! I think I could tell them that!! But atleast they've lent me one, in the meantime. But WTF are my gorgeous pics? You do believe mer don't you about yesterday? :)

Hey my groovy new cycle helmet came today, it's well cool, and is a good fit. And my boy and I have planned our next adventure.....kind of!!...Wednesday, is the first chance we will get.

And Dave I thought you were away Friday night, seeing your wee gals? And Hi to everyone on the ICF weekend, maybe I will join you next year :)

And Hi to Rob, hope you're stilll gliding round Britain. And thanks Carol, Iv kept 4getting to say ta for the mirror thingy, and do I owe you owt?

And the other Rob, when are you off? It is fab weather for it :) Although I've gotta say, I DID look like a tomato, yesterday, and I DID sweat a lot!!!

I love you all, and I am happy.


  1. Well I tried a different travel arrangement - a bit of train-jump-around that left Glasgow at 23.30, and was at Crewe for 05.30 with not really any decent period of getting my head down, that got me arriving early enough to drop in a letter and see if I can trace my kids cousins, who have also suffered from the family breakdown issues with other members of my wife's family, all a sad case of history repeating itself which I may get around to explaining.

    Not a good cycling weekend though - bang went spokes until the bike was unrideable, (about 8 spokes left intact) and the 'influence' which has turned 2 kids who went almost everywhere by train and cycled frequently into those who throw a tantrum whenever we get near a station, and say they don't like bike rides. This meant we caught the bus (1.5 hours) to Derby instead of the train (30 min) to go to DERT - rapper dancing championships. A short time at the event and they were almost back to normal but it is a tough challenge, and like you, it's only me with some supparting comment and ideas from a pile of 'friends' out there that is making it work.

    I ended up carrying a useless bike around because I had no easy place to drop it off, and that knocked any idea of calling in at Cheshunt on Sunday on the head.

    Off to fix the bike and other stuff - will get direct train back - pity not all trains have good wifi yet.

    You'll need to model the new headgear, presumably it will look a lot cooler than the jaunty angle perched atop job in past pictures. When will we see this one?

  2. It sounds like a good idea, getting a night train down, it's a shame you didn't get a good rest. Is there any news of when you may be able to get p/t residential access? Are they Scottish? did everyone live up there before?

    You have briefly mentioned the sister in law b4?

    Call me cruel? but my wee girl, threw a paddy, whilst in the shower this morning, whilst I was downstairs on my pc, and not terribley busy. She went hysterical because there was a huge spider in the shower with her. She had my little boy trying his hardest to help his sis, she refused to get out. And I refused to get off my ass, and go and rescue her or it. Consequently, I've got a squeeky clean, cross 11 year old, who spent nearly an hour in the shower, b4 gingerly (very apt for her)sulking her way downstairs.

  3. I know it was seeing that jaunty angle that made me order this new one.

    And when I've washed my hair and put some lippy on ;)

  4. Off on 29th April. It'll probably be snowing again by then!

  5. "And when I've washed my hair and put some lippy on ;)"....You could almost pass for Victoria Pendleton????