Monday, 28 October 2013


I woke this morning, amazed that it was 8.00. I had chuntered off to bed last night grumbling about how the weather was sure to keep me awake all night?? !!! But I slept like a baby!! Robbie dog had snook up in the night, and had sprawled across the entirety of my bed, leaving me with a corner, where I clung like a postage stamp!!

The dogs weren't happy, as I shackled them to Ziggy, in the wind and the rain. Coming back it was a mixture of wet leaves and feebleness that prohibited me from climbing on to my drive. I had to spin around and speed, and ram it up the drive.

Jon, the a* feeler called to see me, which was nice, :)

I nipped to the shops with the dogs shackled to my trike. Robbie wasn't happy about the bin lorry!! Bless. But we are fed and watered or  wined!!!!

Ahhhh bless it's my wee boys b'day tomorrow :( and he's not here. He's in Lanzerote.   :(

Saturday, 26 October 2013

It still hurts

So i'll be brief to let you know I'm ok.

I had the customary tour of Sheffield, but I didn't really mind, because I wanted the memory, if that makes sense?

I arrived to meet John, , a double amputee and his 2 carers and Steve. J used the side by side hand cycle, because he was a relatively new amputee, and didn't have oodles of confidence. 'I'll go on my own next week' he said. Well it finishes today, for a few months, we had eo disappoint him :( He was fab though just the kind of person, who could really benefit from getting his own hand cycle and rehabilitating himself a bit, in his new accessible home.

I don't know much else it's a bit of a blur. Marj and Barry came, she's not been well, and has been told that very gentle exercise at a sedentary pace is fine. So we did our usual 15 laps of the courts very slowly :)

I missed Dave B :(

I have had some posters made, of all the faces, cycles, I have come to associate with Hillsborough. I know it's extravagant, but I've  got copies for free if anyone wants one.

I've gotta go. xxxx

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Last Supper :(

I have been  quite emotional today,  at the thought of not seeing Steve M again, I know I'm a softie? Because he does nowt to encourage such feelings. It's because he was my saviour. Saving me from a sordid life of Sex and Booze, (ok he helped me reduce!!! :D and encouraging me to lead a more positive, and self respecting existence. He played a key role in my presence at Cycling 4 All, which earned me the Greatest Honour of Olympic Torchbearer in 2012.

I spent the morning, visiting an old (well same age!) school friend who'd started working at Forge Dam, one of my coffee stops, when I began cycling in Endcliffe Park.. She looked fab, and informed me that 2 years previously she had sustained a fractured skull, (eek) she fell backwards downstairs'  hope that another old friend is ok, as he too, has spent a month fighting for his life, having a serious brain injury after falling from a roof.  And having a heart attack, whilst he lay in a coma.

So despite Dave's humour about making sure I'm sitting on the right sort of battery, for the ultimate experience,  of the new Ziggy, when she is done. I'm really not looking forward to my final day, with Steve and Graeme, Charlie, and Andy. Dave Brenan is away.

It sounds so wrong that the best years of my life, have been as a 'crippled Single Mum.'

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

interesting - if you can get past the voice :)

Should I stay or Should I go???

I am definitely going to C4A on Thursday, but after then, I honestly don't know?

I have agreed to do an internet video to promote exercise, even or especially if you have a disability. Because as in my case, it was a matter of finding my passion, which happened to be Inclusive Cycling, but it could be Inclusive anything really? It's for Ollie Hart, I like working with Ollie very much :) and Roz Davies, who seems to support everything positive :) on the 6th of November., at the City Hall.

I love being 'inspirational, it's why I get up, in the morning, to Inspire my kids and more.....

But who'll be at Hillsborough now to inspire me?

I asked Steve and no ones mentioned it to him. And I'm not sure if he wants too now? I wish folk would talk....I'm crying now, I didn't want it ever to end, because I've had some of the best days of my life, since I met Steve Marsden, and cycled.

For all you Sheffieldish fol, over the age of 30!!

I love this x

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Better Late than Never


My heads been s'where else since I was informed Cycling 4 All was finishing for 6 months!! I'm not going to talk about it, because I'm sounding like a bitter woman, and I'm not bitter.....a tad sensitive maybe?

I arrived at lunchtime, long story but I knew I'd be some time and didn't want to leave Holly all day. (that was boring and unnecessary!!) So I arrived at 12, clutching buties for everyone. But I say everyone? There was only Graeme, Andy and Myself. Steve was in the woods playing with his chopper:D. And Jetsetting Dave Brenen is in Germany? So after a fairly uneventful - Never been uneventful, and sad day before, with no one really mentioning BIG premature closure.

At 3.30, after everyone really pulling the stops out and fitting around my needs and wants. Graeme Symmons, and myself began our journey along Penistone Rd, through Kelham Island, near The Courts. The Markets, Pons Forge, in by Hallam University, reaching my destination, of the Winter Gardens, where I was meetring my friend for a bite to eat.

Eeeek I cut things fine, and then was horrified to find that Simon Gellers phone was unobtainable!!! Quick thinking!!! I phoned Dave Holiday, who I know would have been at the meeting if it wasn't 300 miles away from his house.

We rendezvoused , and, access to the main Conference Hall, at the Town Hall, was a piece of cake. I had no idea, what to expect from the meeting or who would be in attendance. And I still don't have much idea!! I just, I just spoke from my heart, occasionally. I didn't say too much. Other than be a visual reminder, that folk with disabilities, DO cycle, and for some it's a necessity, as I reminded them, I cant walk very far or safety reasons.   But I can cycle miles, safely....eventually. At the end of the meeting I excused myself, and left with Simon, to catch the 19.14 train to Dore Station. It takes 6 minutes by train, with an extra 20min at Dore to home.

We arrived at the Station, to be met by a fantastic guy, who I have nominated for an award for his customer relations. His name was Paul Fletcher from Northern Rail, we moved to platform 8, and he escorted me, and having a word with the Guard on the train, to make sure, he understood who had given Authorisation for the journey. Which was the Station Manager, Richard?? a friend of Dave Holidays. Ziggy the Trike, was an absolute breeze to manoeuvre  on and off the train, but I did have a lot of help.

So a MASSIVE thank you to everyone for making my journey home from Hillsborough, soo successful. :)

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Arse from head!


Arse and head!!!

I believe the CTC and it's new disability officer (nowt personal) and Heeley Development Trust  know nob all about each others intentions!!! and the effect it will have on peoples lives!!1

One sent out an email declaring that nothing would change at Hillsborough Cycling 4 All. 

2hours later I get an email informing me that it will shut indefinitely (until it gets warmer?) in 8 days time!!

Out fuckin rageous!! I am gutted I can't imagine how steve feels.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Richard/Julie/Tracy/Vicky. Ey I've had a few!!!

Personal Assistant/ Cleaner I've had a few. But that makes me sound awful, I'm a lovely boss honest. Today I welcomed the latest Lady, :) She seems lovely. Perhaps not everyone's cup of tea, but I think purple hair and tattoos are cool.

What a pain, I lost my debit card and my bus pass today. Whist cycling back in the rain from my mate Anj' house. I know what I did!!!!! durrrrr!!! I cant see my zip too well, on my tiny hand bag, and I unzipped it as apposed to zipping it shut. What an a* I've had to cancel the world. I aint even started on my bus pass yet.

I'm getting worried about Thursdays expedition, I've sent an email to Claire and Mel at First travel,  when rather flippantly, they sent an email saying 'no problem I could fold the cycle' yeah once it was possible. I believe!!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Just maybe s'one was V clever!!

By not giving Steve the new post of Disability Officer, for the North East. It will mean, he can remain part of the Cycling 4 All team at Hillsborough :) and we will all continue to support him

I have suggested to Claire and Mel (of Sheffield Tram Fame) thyat I will be in town with my trike on the 17th of this month. And could always meet before or after.??

Or I've just thought I could always meet at Hillsborough one Thursday?

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Have the CTC gone Bonkers!!

Why change a wining formula???? Steve Marsden knows I will do anything (Steady on....nearly)  to promote him and Inclusive Cycling. But with him, not anyone else. It was him who's ear I bent for 3 years. It was him who supported me with my children, and my dog. And just occasionally had to drop everything to come and help me with a puncture, or my derailleur. It was his project, that got us an invite to the queens tea party, to the Paralympics with Nick Clegg. And I know it was the lovely Nigel, who nominated me, to carry the Olympic Torch , but it was for my work as a Health Champion for STEVE. That I displayed hours of commitment and  devotion too.

It was his enthusiasm and happiness that has always made me spread my happiness. See it's very contagious. Many tears were shed at Hillsborough today. (ok they were nearly all mine) How we dreamt of empowering more folk like myself who had sustained brain damage either through a medical condition, or through a trauma. And helped them to achieve a level of independence.

And maybe tomorrow? because I keep crying whenever I think of my perfect life changing.? But I need to speak to s'one from Cycle Sheffield, about the train tram thing. Don't worry I still intend to do it, but they want to fold my trike to take it on the tram. I don't do that.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The suspense is killing me!!

I'd love to know if Steve had got 'his' old job back? And I'd love to know if I'd got a little gig in London? I do wonder if Steves been told... and for whatever reason, wants to tell me himself.

I totally wasted the day, hanging round the PC and home, just incase s'body called. I know it's a bit sad :)When I did venture out, it was Brrrrrr, just a tad cold. I think I may even put my thermals on tomorrow, for Cycling 4 All. I had to nip to the drs for my Flu jab, which was gorgeous! I did struggle though :D I got upto the T junction of Baslow Rd, which is at the top of a steep hill, and I ts a dual carriageway. I turned my left crank, realising my shoe lace was fastened in it. I had to furiously back pedal to get it undone/looser, but unfortunately I cant be a real woman, because I'm hopeless at muti tasking. And couldn't keep still? I ended up sliding backwards down Mickly Lane, calling franticly to an Older woman, on her bike whomwas an absolute STAR.  She said  'How can I help? It'sCaroline, isn't it?'I've seen Pictures of you! :) I was giddy that she knew me it was great, and I tried not to act all 'Snobby' and aloof, as I thrusted my smelly black plimsole in her 'Coupon'

At the doctors all the nurses huddled round to discuss, the importance of my orange flag. And thanked me. There is a Guy who I often see, on a recumbent bike. Who never has a flag.  I must admit, I absolutely cack myself if I ever forget mine. What do other Recumbent riders think?

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Ugly Fruit?????

What do I do with it??? I bought one for my kids, and now I'm puzzled???

Ouch!!! I've realised I've not been on Ziggy today!! that's awful! I have walked the dog and stuff, - mundane housy things.

Fingers Crossed for Steve Marsden, whose got an interview for Disability Officer for the North East, based in Sheffield. I can't win either way though because if he gets it, he won't work at Hillsborough anymore :( And if he doesn't I can't see him continueing either!!

Friday, 4 October 2013

I'm Here!!! I'm back :)

I just needed a prompter, from Dave :) Me and security locks? either cyber ones, or 'rubrics cube' security bike ones? I'm pants at them all.

Oooooh I've gone for a very little part in a project looking at the transition between NHS and Social Care Services, but in London. They ???? want to pay a 'Punter' 'Service User' 'Client' an 'Individual' (delete as appropriate)!! to sit on an advisory panel. In the true manner of Co-Production. My friends/colleagues at Redvers House found it and encouraged me to apply.

I have been cycling, getting the train and 2 trams to Hillsborough recently. But it only takes me about 75mins. Which isn't much longer than Community Transport, on it's normal days!! Which reminds me??? Apparently the boss of the community buses, wants a word!!???

I feel I have a lot of little battles going on, to do with Ziggy. I can't wait till I can cycle her home from Hillsborough, I know I'm doing it on the 17th (stopping off at the Cycle Sheffield Meet, in the Town Hall) But I would love to 'take it for granted, and it not be an excursion.

I'm waiting for another 8 weeks, for the right battery to be delivered to these guys in York? So hopefully before Xmas.

The Interviews for a Cycling Development Officer, for Sheffield and the North East are happening on Monday.  I hope sooo much that Steve Marsden gets it, if he doesn't I don't envy the person who does! NEARLY... all the trainers at Hillsborough and me, have talked about not working, for anyone else. And it's soo sad, what would happen to the Marjorie and Barrys, the David and Sues, and Norma, her daughter and her husband. ???

I can't think of anything else I want to talk about now, I am speechless!!!!