Thursday, 30 June 2011

No Hillsborough

My lil boy wasn't at school today, because of the strike action, by the teachers so I've stayed home :( I am ignorant as to how the Unions want to pay the countries deficit? Because I agree there must be another way? It's got nowt to do with me having to wait another 8 years for my ex's pension) I missed Hillsborough and the usual folk though.

I felt fat, slobby and unattractive. So it was really hard to do, honestly I was nearly crying ....I made myself go for a cycle, to the local tesco. Its probably only half a mile, all down hill and all dual carriageway!! I pick up some speed, and never trawl in the cycle path. With the horrid red uneven tarmac, that's always too narrow for my width :D if you get my drift. On the way back though, I know a really flat easy route behind the local shops, so it was a win, win. And now I feel fine.

Hey my Story is in an Exhibition on the 17th of October, called Off The Shelf.

Wednesday- Millhouses Park

Ahhhh.....I forgot to mention? That possibly due to my growing size and weight, and the prospect of not going to Hillsborough this week, (because of the teachers strike.) I feeling negative, and unappreciated, and under valued. I think I was looking for s'thing that I'd got more control, over whether I get there or not? ie s'thing nearer.

A long time ago Kev Hickman asked me why I didn't set up a Cycle group in Millhouses Park, because I can and do cycle there frequently. I asked round as bit, and the problems were beyond my control, so I left the idea, till I met with Richard Webb recently, and suggested that, a bike and a tricycle were kept at Millhouses Park. (I would be on mine, it's just in case the 2 wheeler was difficult for the wanna be cyclist?) And once a week, I would come and meet s'one who'd maybe been referred or wanted to get back into cycling??? And cycle round the park, ending the cycle with a customary cake and coffee, (it's no wonder I'm a fat bastard) I hear you say!!

Anyway Richard Webb, suggested that I contact Friends Of Millhouses Park, so thats what I did, on Tuesday. I didn't even reread what I'd written, I just thought they'd get the jist, and if interested, they'd get back to me.

Wednesday Morning,

I'd made arrangements to meet, Pam, and Lawrence in Millhouses Park, at 930 am. Steve Marsden rang, and because we aint spoken for ages, I blither ed on about stuff and I just chucked into conversation, that I'd written to FOMP. Eeeeeek!! It was 920!!! I must go I've got to meet Pam at Millhouses Park!!! in 10mins!!

Off I sped, and did it in record time, (no make up though, my hair looking bedraggled from the shower) I was only 5 mins late.Anyway halfway through speaking to Lawrence and Pam, Steve arrived. Having just had a meeting with FOMP about 'Cliffhanger' which is in the park this Saturday and Sunday. And they spoke of my contact and whether it was possible? Everyone thought it sounded good, but.... they came up with a few buts, which I did give solutions to. So watch this space....

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Thank You x

Thanks to Rob and Carol, at West Country Recumbent. For forwarding on my 'Dull' Greenspeed T Shirts, I will wear one tomorrow, when I have a meet in Millhouses Park. I don't think I'll be needing any Hi Viz stuff either. They aint dull.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Geee it's hot!!

I've gone up nearly 2 clothes sizes in 2 weeks!!! It has to be the new tablets. Plus they are making me sleep during the day, which I find so wasteful!! Today was no different, I had my daughter home last night, which is unusual for a Sunday....but flexibility is the name of our fairly ...(not always) successful shared access.

I waved my wee girl goodbye, and fell asleep, how awful!! Lawrence phoned, just to recap, on arrangements. (i've just had an idea!!) I'll talk about it tomorrow. I cycled to my Mums, it was nice getting there with the wind blowing into my damp face, but coming back was hard. And I think all the residents were suffering with the heat!! Because my Mum kept glaring at me with the same wild eyes that said 'What time of night do you call this!!!! when I was 15 :D ...I didn't stop long.

I mess.....Hey guess what? I won in the School Summer Fair Raffle!! a Cut and 'Finish' hair do, and a manicure 3 days before the Palace, which is nice :) I still intend to go to the hair dressers at the top of my road in the Morning, just before I catch the train. Hopefully I can escape without a blue rinse (which is their usual style)

Where was I? Oh yeah, I text Steve Marsden (ctc) who I miss so much. I know he's still battling through 12 weeks of emails though.

I've had an idea, because I've just received an email about a new thing called Health Watch Champions. Health 'Experts' who demonstrate a healthy living style plus claim SDS. I think I should be 1st choice plus possibly it could pay for Hillsborough? watch this space....?

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Solitary, but ok.

I spent the day, on my own, but I'm cool with that :) I tend to be easily pleased. Lawrence, had forgotten, so I didn't remind him of our dinner date. Also I don't wanna lead him on, into thinking I would commit, because I don't think I would! (I get more like a Manbird, everyday!!)

Flipping Eck it was warm today, I only cycled to the shops!!

Hey, you know those tablets I've been prescribed? One of the side effects, is weight gain! That's all the Fat Lass needs!! - I don't think.

Saturday, 25 June 2011


Am I suffering the consequences of 10 days worth off Omeperazole? (my stomach ulcer tablets) How can I make falling asleep on the settee every afternoon, sound exciting? The clock strikes 3pm, and the Sandman comes for me!! I just grab 40mins b4, my children rush in, but you can set your clock by it! I don't know what will happen when I've got a presentation or owt? Which reminds me, I think I told you about the guy with Narcolepsy, who fell asleep during one of my training on SDS sessions, hey I'm that good!!I wanted to scream with laughter at the irony of it, but I stifled it :)

Today I really struggled, and I mean struggled up the steep road to school, for the Summer Fair. I haven't done it for so long. I think I'm possibly riding further than I used to, but it's all on the relative flat. Booming Ek, I had to stop 3 times on the School run!! It was kinda different than usual seeing the Mums, who have all supported me immensely in the past. I mean everyone was friendly enough, but life had changed for them and me.

I must go to town tomorrow.

Shall I invite Lawrence for tea?

Friday, 24 June 2011

Sally, Pete, Tracey

I had a fab day, of not dressing and just sleeping, and being slovenly :) I do feel like a survivor today, and I feel bratish for expecting Steve to give me more attention, when he quite clearly has 1 million things to catch up with. And an old very good friends moving away today, and urrrrrm his wife may not approve of him contacting me, all we do is talk, but it's quality substance, so who knows, I feel a bit helpless in both situations.

Oh wow, I had some really good news today, remember my friend Lawrence, well he's got an interview for some voluntary work, at Zest, where he will be able to use the Pool everyday, and the Gym. So that's really exciting, it's not too far from Hillsborough either.

I showered, and cycled to the Spit for tea, where I was meeting Sally, for tea, Pete was in there and we had a wee jokey. And we all left together and came back to mine for a few drinks. Pete remarked on how happy I seemed, and how I should be, because I could take company or leave it??? (I don't think he realises that it's all a sham!!)

Thursday, 23 June 2011

:) Ahh Lawrence is a sweetie

I'm really sleepy but, basically I was delighted to see Lawrence :) I'm sooo tired I can't recall, other than a couple from A+ (who weren't with the usual staff :()

Learning Disability week, ......I'm tired I'm gonna do this in the morning???? ok Darlings love you all nite

I'm here!!! feeling much better, than my incoherent, illegible state of last night. And thankfully Matt didn't run the Creative Writing group today, which is a good job, because I am just slobbing until Fishy Friday at the pub.

Ah, yesterday, I was really relieved and glad, and excited, and all sorts to see Lawrence :) I feel happy because between, myself, Fred, Steve, Matt, and Miriam we have made a real difference to his life. (I'm really glad he hasn't got access to my Blog!!)

CFH set off down to the ball court, to sort groups, and adjust bikes etc. I hung back with Lawrence, who'd not had a drink yet. I chivied him along and we set off. Thing is.... I've said many times, how you can't be lonely and ride a trike!! We passed 'Philip' and his Spaniel, whose friendly face was level with mine. (It's a good job I love dogs) One thing led to another and before long he was doing 180' turns on Ziggy, I tried to persuade him to join CFH next week, but I'm not sure he will, I gave him my card anyway. Go on Philip, if you're reading?

Ooops fortunately Lawrence had gone ahead, to join the group. Who by nopw were off on a ride. I followed for a while, until Autism + arrived.

A group of young folk came who were celebrating Learning Disability Week (LD) What do I call these normal folk? to describe them to you??? Am I being correct? Heaven forbid, that I offend anyone. Anyway, we all zipped around the court together, LD group, at one end, Autism Plus, in the middle, and CFH at the far end, it was so busy again. So much so that CFH, broke early for lunch, and I excused myself and followed, because I kind of feel a bit responsible for Lawrence, (and I like being nosey) and Nick and Fred could cope, and everyone else gets paid, so why not? (ooooh it's not like me to be idle) But I needn't have worried, he was speaking fluent French with Mar cell!!! and they were sharing tales of their long distance bike rides.

At the Cabin, Pam had arrived to help with the Afternoons mental health group, who I love, and it was getting busy in there. A Man enquired about where he could get a bike, and a 3 wheeler for himself and his Client, I showed him and phoned Fred, on his moby to tell him. And he said eeeek, we are kinda busy down here. I felt immensely guilty, and sped down there, seeing immediately that there weren't enough trikes. I offered Ziggy, to a young woman with LD who absolutely loved it.

Another young woman, said it had always been her dream, to ride a bike. Well Fred's your Man s'one said. And within half an hour, she was cycling independently. :) I have to admit, I was a tinsy bit jealous.

My taxi arrived, I hugged everyone. My time there is so precious to me now.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Wet Wednesday :)

Hey I'm good today, must be my endorphin fix. That and the lovely company of Matt, the Creative Writing facilitator, he's such a positive support in my creative life. And not just the writing, I've found myself bouncing ideas off him. And he thoroughly supported my Picnic, last week, and brought Steph and Gwyn in who wouldn't have made it, without him. I suppose it's because of the absence of poor Steve, Matt's the one with Cauliflower ears after a coffee with me!!

We met at 11, and the roads are so much quieter aren't they at that time??? Apart from this Humongous Salisbury's articulated lorry, that nearly squashed me into the curb, for absolutely no reason, he had absolutely acres of space grrrrrrrr!! but nowt was gonna p* me off today.

We shared dreams of this publishing company he's setting up with his mate, hey he's got a website , and spoke about maybe putting the 'Fat Lass' in print.

There is an exhibition, of our Creative Writing in October, Ooooh!! he wants me to read my pros out, to ??? not too sure who.

I found it incredibly hard to accept praise about my written piece, I mean, I'm sure folk just want me to hurry up and get to the point, as apposed to being beautifully descriptive???. I'll show you the finished thing eventually.

Hillsborough tomorrow :) and it's learning disability week, someone booked in every half hour!!! But I think Lawrence is coming to CFH, which is fantastic news. xx

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


I did have a horrendous day on Sunday, feeling very down, and lonely and just generally a 'Victim', and thoroughly neglected by everybody. I sent some really stinky emails off as well, to those that I felt should have noticed that I wasn't well, and hadn't been for a while.

As many of you have commented, the res nowt like Cycling, to get the Endorphins flowing again, and helping to naturally aid recovery. And I'm so glad that I have had the motivation still to do it. (I know there may come a day, when I'm too far gone) if you get the meaning? But Monday was a new day, my Mums b'day, I had to meet Lawrence and Miriam in Millhouses Park, so off I set at 9.00. And I like to think I was introducing Lawrence to another really useful person!! Miriam and I are planning a day out at Tissington cycle trail, with Zest, and folk from the Upperthorpe/Netherthorpe Communities. In these comes the Head Injury Rehab Centre, where I spent 3 years of my life. Along with Lawrence, and Steph and 'BIRRP'. Anyway the day outs planned for August the 4th, which I know is a Thursday, but it was more convenient for everyone else.

Speaking of Thursdays, August the 25th will be my last day at Hillsborough, as it stands.

Anyway so I was feeling happy sitting back and watching Miriam offer Lawrence a voluntary work position, where he would be able to use the Swimming Pool and Gym at Zest etc, I really hope he does it. I also invited him to mine for Dinner ;) on Sunday.

Oh wow, I forgot, to mention, that on Monday, whilst sitting on a park bench wi Lawrence, we noticed this boy on a KMX. He was with his dad, and they were admiring Ziggy, I 'waddled' over and correctly identified the KMX. They said that they recognised me from Hillsborough (i did think I remembered them,but I didn't want to say so, incase I was wrong) and couldn't see the sons disability, if he had one, I just thought I'd look really crap, for that. But Apparently he'd got the bug at Hillsborough, whilst out with me, so :) So I offered 'Dad' a go on mine so they could cycle around the park together :) and gave him a my card in case, he wants to do it again.

Tesco Tuesday, began with Julie Andrews, whose cleaning and sorting my downstairs...but despite your fantasies, she was armed with a duster and hoover, and polishing my kitchen floor!! Whilst I nipped to Tesco, and I've FORGOTTEN HOW BAD i WAS FEELING ACTUALLY!! because IT'S LIKE WHAT i WAS SAYING, i'M ALWAYS REALLY CONCERNED FOR PEOPLES WELFARE ooops!!!
But no one seems to return the question, ' and how are you?' when I ask them? So I was feeling really sorry for myself today!! But that was then and now I'm ok, Typical woman Ey? swings and Roundabouts. It's possibly because Mark my friend??? called for some impartial advice or a cup of coffee :)

Awww, and thanks Derek, and others, I've just caught up wi the comments on my blogs :)

Saturday, 18 June 2011

I'm just fed up

Don't really feel like writing, or doing much, but I'll catch you all soon. I'm cycling to the Park on Monday so there fore injecting some endorphines :)

Friday, 17 June 2011


What a fab and varied life I have! I do love my time at Brockwood. And today was no different, but hey on the way, this taxi driver (not the usual ones, I have to use the ones the council uses-Mercury Cars? Well the taxi driver, because I talk insessantly at times. Suggested that I get in touch with his firm, about my transport problems to Hillsborough. So watch this space?

Anyway, I worked a lot with Ian and Dan today ;) (in my dreams) Ian had been speaking to Steve M last week, about voluntary work in Cycling. Well Ian, you could always mentor me :) I just didn't think of it earlier.

I still can't get my head round fit healthy folk finding me inspirational, but hey?

Hey I also worked with a woman, and her husband who were interested to know about the Velor Plus, does anyone know it's weight capacity? She had a very heavy wheelchair.,

Aww bless my lil girl, she phoned my moby to say, she would be late etc, and not to worry about her bruv, because she'd already text him and told him to wait next door!! Some wanna be Social Worker (nah she was actually nice) then said, do you think your kids are missing out on their childhood?

Hey I've got a meeting Monday morning, about a Cycle Picnic, We're arranging at Zest. The plan is to take some folk to Alder Hay??? is it?? out in Derbyshire, to the Cycle Centre. Where we can hire cycles of all shapes and sizes. I'll keep you posted, on that too.

I'm not going to Fishy Friday:) Because I was ever so fishy at Lunchtime at Brockwood:Dxxxx

The Picnic @ Hillsborough

Well the black clouds loomed over the park, and there was an icey breeze as the birds flew back to their nests, b4 the downpour. That ne' happened, but boy did it threaten too!!

When I'd arrived there, no one had seemed terribly concerned, that we were possibly gonna get 100 folk, coming to cycling. So we all set about the day as usual. Dave and another guy from Pedal Ready, who I haven't met b4, took the Cycle For Health group down to the courts, so that folk could see how competent they were on a different/borrowed cycle. There were 10 riders and one non rider. (not for long though!!) Dave soon taught her, which kinda made me want to do it. :(

The court had 3 very busy groups on it, that morning, CFH had soon split into 2 smaller groups, the more able and the less so. And my Fave group from Autism Plus had arrived, Oh and remember Marjorie? she was cycling round the path which runs round the perimeter, under the watchful eye of her husband.

Fred looked at his watch and said, 'I think you ought to go up to the cabin, your guests will be arriving!! I didn't like the way this had suddenly become 'My Picnic!!' But I am now :)

As folk started to arrive, it became really evident, that a) the grass was too damp, and the threat of rain was imminent, b) The cabin was not gonna house everyone!! So A+ who are already convinced by the merits of cycling, kindly offered to move to the bowling pavilion. Whilst Dave, Nick, and Fred fetched an assortment of cycles over to the cabin, and I answered my phone a billion times and made drinks for those who had arrived.

Matt from my Creative Writing Group, had kindly brought Steph and Gwyneth, and Lawrence along. I showed Steph and Gwyn the side by side cycle, and offered to take them for a ride, so off we set on a trip round the park. It was great hearing Steph scream with pleasure as we picked up speed. (keeping safe and sensible at all times - honest) And Steve M (CTC) was eating his butties, in the now calm as the groups had moved on. So I introduced everyone, and kinda left them to it, but didn't really and Steve made me aware that I kept finishing off peoples sentences, (ooops) I can't help it s'times, I get too excited, and I'm just trying to help :)

Lawrence explained that his bike badly needed fixing, and a discussion followed about where and how, and Steve asked Lawrence to call him, and he would help out. I hope he does, because I feel Lawrence would benefit from Steve's attention, as I have.

I left them all to it, as my taxi arrived at 2, to bring my trike and I back to Totley. I still felt a bit hyper, because of the days activities, but satisfied, that with we at Hillsborough, had pulled off another successful day. :)

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Me v Headway???

Perhaps that's a bit strong, but that's how it felt for a time at the BIRRP meeting today. 1st on the Agenda was The Way Ahead Conference, that Steph (a guy) and myself have been asked to speak at. About how to become an accepted member of the community. I had brought along some photographs of myself, doing what I love best, and that is Cycling with Steve (CTC) and others usually and seeing their faces, when they move independently :) I love that.

I know, everyone has every ones best interest at heart, and I do agree Children and Vulnerable Adults should be made to wear cycle helmets. But as for the responsible adult, shouldn't it be a choice? I say choices not barriers, to cycling, and just generally living, isn't it?

Because although Headway, really do think they are doing the right thing, by holding Social Evenings, and outings. Learning to Cycle was in fact far more necessary/sociable/economical/Character building, than a game of ten pin bowling.

Monday, 13 June 2011

My life is about?

It seems to be about keeping Steve Marsden(CTC) a busy man!! What with The Picnic? which might end up being a few newbies sheltering from the rain, whilst clasping butties. And a few of the Die Hards (already converted) offering to lead rides in the rain? He is going to be on hand to answer the questions, that I haven't a clue about though which is good to know. And I've sown the seed with him about meeting some folk from Inclusive Cycling? At my house and leading a ride, in the woods maybe?? And then I drew a breath!!!!! :D I need to speak Kev dearest.....

I have figured out, whats wrong with my Stomach? It's not what I initially thought (hormonal) When I was grumbling, at having tummy ache, I did a very foolish thing, and lived on pain killers. And because we were out of Paracetamol, I had Ibuprofen. Which has rotten my stomach!! I know this because my......!! (So sorry but I had to tell you, how I knew) So having realised whats wrong, I lay ed my hands on my tummy, which was scorching, and the rest which comprises of mostly fat was cold!!

Despite this I felt happy because it had clicked, what was wrong. So I showered, and cycled to the Park for a breakfast meet with the lovely Miriam. My main reason was to complete, an application form to obtain funding for my taxis to Hillsborough, we thought about, we would stand a better chance, if I did the Mental Health Group Lead course, the CTC are doing at the moment?? Maybe I'd be more attractive, to an all Inclusive Charity, and because I'm slow and I may slow the Class, when on the ride. I thought it good if Miriam, be on the course with me, ??? The Jury's out as to whether there are 2 spare places.

I also enquired about, accommodation at Zest, and any spare funds for a writing therapy group?? It's all go, go, go.

Anyway I've got a meeting tomorrow at BIRRP to discuss The Way Ahead, the Headway Conference in Leicester in July.

I cycled home Julie Andrews popped round, because she's doing Richards job, whist he has a well earned break.

Oooooooooh and guess what I've just seen the new Greenspeed Trike!! I know what I want for Xmas!! :)

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sorry Dave x

I forgot to thank you personally and publicly for the fabulous crome plated chain link earings. Hey all the best things are recycled....bum,bum. C x

My children are going to Spain without me, on the 26th of August for 7nights. So I've got 2 single beds and 2 doubles, if you fancy doing owt with ICF Kev? We could do a ride through the woods etc, and I could maybe get Steve M round to av a chat? Followe by customary curry? I wonder if Rob and Carol, would like to bring the Tandam Recumbent? I don't know I'm just doing what I tend to do, and speak before I think. :)

Saturday, 11 June 2011


I arrived at Millhouses Park to meet them for the BMX/Skateboard competition, because unfortunately both of my kids, are so into Skate boarding at the moment. I don't mind too much as long as it's outside and sociable, well I do mind, there are probably a lot of things happening outside that are sociable, that I wouldn't encourage!!! Like hanging about bus terminals, getting drunk in parks!! you know that type of thing, (am I revealing too much, about my childhood?)

I saw Steve M and family, because his son, was in the BMX competition, (I bet he won too he's very good) I also accidentally stood next to my ex and wife!! who were with my kids and her lil boy, cosy!!! Anyway, apparently he wasn't very happy because I was standing close!!! :D

I did feel a bit like Billy No Mates, because I hadn't arranged to see anyone. Because Lawrence hadn't wanted to go. So I said goodbyes and cycled back to see Mum. Apparently, that wasn't the arrangement???? So I waited at Mums 45 mins and then D and F came a knocking on the bedroom door. Awww my Mums face lit up like a sunshine!!!
We stayed a while, the children, went for the bus home, and I cycled, it is just the right distance to the Park Skate Park and back. 7-8 miles. No major incidents I just feel good and in control.

Dave Holaday popped in, and I've got to say Dave you looked much better, than last time, I saw you.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Mmmm quickie

I'm on borrowed time, or borrowed dongle!! it's a pay as you go one as well.

I didn't go to Creative writing :(ahhhhh, I enjoy it as well. but I had kinda slept in, but my kids got themselves ready for school. Whist I threw up in a bowl. My children are great.

Spoke with Matt, whose coming to the picnic, and he excused me for Waging Lessons today, and said I was the only member of the group, who'd started my Story, let alone finished it!! (I'm such a swat!)

Kev, I think I would love the New Forest, but it does seem a big, big effort. Because I would have the kids, and would they need to bring bikes?? And Ziggy still not got over, the last train journey she had. And the mileage? I'm a right wuss you know??

Hey I watched a Dvd of York last year, and because we took the river route, it was a mammoth 11 miles there. And about 6 back. (from the race course)

I bet you wonder why Im here??

I missed you all, so I asked my lovely kind computer guy, if he could lend me a dongle (oooo er) and yes, and Im paying pay as you go. I wasn't really expecting him today, so I was still in my dressing gown, and eating Pizza on the settee with my little boy....Urgh, do you know what he said!!!! When I said to Jon, 'Oh youll have to excuse me, I've not been well today.' ???? The little horror chirped up, 'Oh and she stinks of period!!' :D I'm laughing now, but it really wasn't clever.

Thursday Hillsbrough

Awww, I do love Steve M, and was very happy to see him today, at Hillsborough. It wasn't very busy today because we're inbetween Cycle For Health groups. I know my days there are numbered now, as my funding ends in August, and it will be such a shame. Because I really think I give my moneys worth, but I have to say I didn't really on Thursday.

OOoooh at 11, first group didn't show. But when the big 'odd' but absolutely great guys from A+ came, I quickly cycled down to the courts with the Guy who rides a 2 wheeler, and extremely meekly (hey you know me) I asked these 2 mothers fags in gobs, who were watching over a tribe of toddlers. If they'd mind moving 25yards to the next court, so their children wouldn't get run over by the group of cyclists that were making their way to the courts. One woman lolled back on her hip, dragged on her fag, and spat out the words, And why cant you go to the other court!!! I was so shocked, because I honestly was so kind. I had to smile though when she saw the big guys coming onto the court, on their Cycles. She ran shouting 'Toramedina!! come ere now!! and scooped this 3 year old in her arms. :D Only one of the A+ staff witnessed it, but she was dead impressed with how cool I was!!

And then I spent ages chatting to this guy who had his 2 children on Scoots you know bicycles wi no pedals. These kids were flying. And he'd had them resprayed with a marble effect, an flames on the other they both looked soi cool. I vaguely thought about having Ziggy resprayed, but I couldn;t now, I'm friends with Ian who owns Greenspeed.

I did say to Steve M, 'Oh yes, do you mind we're having a picnic, in Cycle Week? Nick, Dave, Fred and I waited with baited breath, for his reply. I noticed on one of the many emails, that youi were, and I think it's great.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Wey hey, I am dim....:)

Long story.....too techy, or not as I found out! I'm back, a day late.

Mark my friend called, first thing to get the low down, on what to expect, from my SDS audit, that I had invited him too. I'm soo obliging at times.

Hannah Jasper (cool name) arrived to audit at about 9, awww bless her, because everyone wants SDS to work, because it is sooo good and gives an individual so much more choice. She had prepared Mark, a really useful folder, to keep. :) I do have contact with such kind folk.

Anyway, as I've mentioned, I've been lapse at saving things, but with the help of my Wall Planner, we managed to see exactly, where the rest of the cash was going, it wasn't on wild crazy nites, it was constructive publicity things, and Cycling trips and stuff. Even though for my SDS publicity, I always get reimbursed cash back.

We got onto talking as you do.... the phone was the other Hannah wanting details of the quiet Picnic we're having for Cycle Week. Which was originally for about 10, but I think things might change. I must stress, there isn't a bike ride, it's just a goss really, and a chance for folk to look at whats at Hillsborough, and book on for future weeks.

Which reminds me must dash....catch you later. x

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tuesday at BIRRP

When I agreed to go to the national Headway Conference, and be part of the 'Presentation'\Workshop, //i didn't think I'd be expected to write it (along with Steph, another Brain Injury Survivor!) But fortunately I had taken a couple of photos along, of when we went to York last year, Steph said' Oooh that's great, I knew you'd have some good ideas' and that's when the penny dropped :) Oh well, you know me? I'm not shy. Insy bit worried that we both have to talk about what type of tools we use to successfully integrate, with our communities. I mean listening to anyone talk for that longs, going to be boring I think?

I really feel this is a fantastic, opportunity, to maybe build a bridge between 2 massive National Organisations, who have the one goal, and that is to keep cyclists safe. Which Steve Bailey correctly identified, as well as sending me a really lovely email. Rhian, who's kind of Nigels boss, also sent me, her view on successfully working as a Community.

Ooooooooooooooh and apparently I was in the local Newspaper last night, full frontal, as well!!! of me clothed and on Ziggy.

Seven people phoned me today, about the Bike Picnic, eeeek I feel like the great gate keeper or s'thing :)

Had a meeting first thing, with 'Mark' who I'm really helping start a business offering services, that SDS money can buy. He just needed to check some things out before my audit check tomorrow, shit, I'm dreading that.

Julie Andrews is helping me out for a price next week, cos Richards away :( my pc, is not connected s'where?? So I'm on my lil girls at the moment.

I'm visiting Mum tomorrow :)

Monday, 6 June 2011

Going, going gone :)

Hi, I'm back and I'm a fairly balanced individual. I say fairly.... I still managed to chew s'ones head off today, in a text!!!

I spent all yesterday, feeling dejected and alone because no one would help me fill in the Identification Card that I thought I needed for the Palace, and it was a right ball ache (maybe not:)), getting ancient boxes, out of storage, to look for Medical Cards etc. Because I'm not 'Normal' I don't drive, and I don't go on holidays abroad!! But I woke this morning to a lovely text from Nigel West, offering to come and help me after work, my lovely neighbour also offered, and a gorgeous (im secretly in love with) man I used to work with, said he'd come in his lunch hour, if I needed him.(but I did, but not for filling in a form!!) I did non of them I called the Palace, and Lizzy answered!! I jest, I'm sure you realise. I can present my Blue 'Cripple Parking Badge' and my OAP bus Pass, and they will gain me entry into the Palace.

I had long chats with Miriam, who'd been applying for Grants and Funding to Pay for my work at Hillsborough, and she needs some Questions answering, I can't give her the answers, so I had to bother Steve M. Who is still proper poorly, and not really into chatting about owt :(

The Picnic is still happening at Hillsborough, on Thursday the 16th of June at 12, and I must emphasize that the Cycles are to be looked at and sat on, if you wanna ride them it will need to be a different day, when you know which one you wanna use. Because there are only 3 Trainers, no Steve, (he doesn't know) and we can't cope wi 60 folk all at once. But please, bring a picnic, and come and rub thighs (your own) and talk about Sprockets, Inner tubes, Nipples and things!!

Anyway, my Creative Writing Group, have been convinced, that it sounds like fun. And they are coming. Hey I started my Story last night, the one thats gonna be published..oooooh :)

Ey I've right enjoyed today, I've just kinda been chatting ALL day, and putting the world to rights. I've been having some wicked/brill ideas, about who can help who in the great scheme of things. I've got a Planning meeting tomorrow, about a Workshop, BIRRP are delivering, at The Way Ahead Headway Conference in Leicester in July. I will have to check that I'm wearing a helmet aty all times, in photos!! Which I do, as a rule always wear a one. But in the bigger picture, how many folk would die through lack of exercise related illnesses, if they were put off cycling because they had to wear a helmet???

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Friday, 3 June 2011

Creative Writing

Awww, I'd missed my writing group, it does me good to have another interest besides, 3 wheels. Or any wheels for that matter!! Matt picked me up at 1015, My children went various places, with Skate boards and lippy, different bodies though!!!!

Poor Matt, because he really looks after us, ie picking us up, taking us home, taking me to the train station. Just little things that make tons of difference, he shows real consideration. I always do my best to help out and make the session go smoothly, ie making drinks, etc.. Anyway today was no different, well it was.... we weren't allowed in the building because the Porters at the University were on strike. And all the classrooms were locked. Now there was Matt and I and a few others, one of which said, 'I can't cope with this I'm sooo stressed!! I looked at Matt who had beads of perspiration, pouring down his young face. I offered the lady my arm as we found somewhere to have our Creative Writing Class. And scary was an understatement, when describing her answer!!

Anyway, we drank coffee, had chats, did exercises on Metaphors and Similes, in which I made a total arse of myself, I'm not cool, at this. And I get to have a private tutorial, at the end of the course, because I can't make it to the last lesson ;) (Hi Matt I know I'm really scaring you:D)xx

Went for Fishy Friday to the Spit, bumped into Pete, who introduced me to a top woman called Tracey, I'll tell you about her one day maybe.


I know some of you maybe absolutely mortified, by this comment, but I have no shame :) I'm now 8 days late for my period, and my tummy hurts its as tight as a drum, my back hurts :( At least my time cycling took the ache away or just made me forget.

Ooooh Fred called after Hillsborough, to look at my Pear, and trim my Pussy (willow)- Kenneth Williams.

I get quite emotional, at the thought of it ending my time there. I wish I was as confident as Steve M, that I was valued by EVERYONE for my work at Hillsbro, and s'one would pick up the tab, for my transport to Hillsborough and back, once a week. Thing is though, if I'm honest I don't feel like I'm working EVER...i just love it :)

I worked mostly with CFH for the first hour or so, then my friends arrived from Autism + and Steven who rides my old tricycle Gretel, who I've struck up a bit of Rapport with, shouted excitedly telling everyone, I was his friend, so I was :)

We all either finished for lunch, or went home, depending on whether we'd got sandwiches. I headed back to the lodge, it seems to be my routine now. Eeeeeek, it just happens, I don't shirk honest. I seem to arrive at 10 and only do stuff till about 1245. And my taxi picks me up at 2. So you know when I moan, (actually I never moan about Hillsborough!!)

I do love Hillsborough, but I have got tummy ache!!