Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tuesday at BIRRP

When I agreed to go to the national Headway Conference, and be part of the 'Presentation'\Workshop, //i didn't think I'd be expected to write it (along with Steph, another Brain Injury Survivor!) But fortunately I had taken a couple of photos along, of when we went to York last year, Steph said' Oooh that's great, I knew you'd have some good ideas' and that's when the penny dropped :) Oh well, you know me? I'm not shy. Insy bit worried that we both have to talk about what type of tools we use to successfully integrate, with our communities. I mean listening to anyone talk for that longs, going to be boring I think?

I really feel this is a fantastic, opportunity, to maybe build a bridge between 2 massive National Organisations, who have the one goal, and that is to keep cyclists safe. Which Steve Bailey correctly identified, as well as sending me a really lovely email. Rhian, who's kind of Nigels boss, also sent me, her view on successfully working as a Community.

Ooooooooooooooh and apparently I was in the local Newspaper last night, full frontal, as well!!! of me clothed and on Ziggy.

Seven people phoned me today, about the Bike Picnic, eeeek I feel like the great gate keeper or s'thing :)

Had a meeting first thing, with 'Mark' who I'm really helping start a business offering services, that SDS money can buy. He just needed to check some things out before my audit check tomorrow, shit, I'm dreading that.

Julie Andrews is helping me out for a price next week, cos Richards away :( my pc, is not connected s'where?? So I'm on my lil girls at the moment.

I'm visiting Mum tomorrow :)

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