Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sorry Dave x

I forgot to thank you personally and publicly for the fabulous crome plated chain link earings. Hey all the best things are recycled....bum,bum. C x

My children are going to Spain without me, on the 26th of August for 7nights. So I've got 2 single beds and 2 doubles, if you fancy doing owt with ICF Kev? We could do a ride through the woods etc, and I could maybe get Steve M round to av a chat? Followe by customary curry? I wonder if Rob and Carol, would like to bring the Tandam Recumbent? I don't know I'm just doing what I tend to do, and speak before I think. :)


  1. August is further ahead than I plan! Remind me nearer the time...

  2. I didn't feel much better it was perhaps the fact that unlike my daughters you appreciated that I'd been a bit creative and made up some earrings with Karen and Bernie and since you needed something to wear with the tri-ara they did seem rather appropriate. (You still have to send me the pictures.

    Sometimes I despair at what my wife has done to the family I had hoped to be growing with, and the attitude that comes over from the girls. Guess another year with not even a phone call to say happy birthday or happy christmas, let alone a card or letter, and certainly next weekend will be yet another painful reminder, of what has been ripped away, and time to reflect on what lies behind it all.

    It is said that damaged people are dangerous - they have learned to survive.

  3. PS what really hacks me off is that the Police referral following the arrest was simply binned and not even recorded by the Social Work folk nor any checks made with me, the assaulted party.