Saturday, 30 April 2011

Friday and Saturday

My legs/Fred (no connection)/Weddings/Mum/Skate Park/ Stroppy 12 yr olds/Cranberry and Brie Paninni.

Sorry for the very late Fridays Entry.....24hrs!! I was so very tired after cycling 3 miles back from the Skate Park, with my Daughter perched on my panniers, up hill!! in the warm weather. My legs were like concrete last night.

Fred had called at mine earlier to cut my grass, explaining that he was away for most of the summer :( appears the multi talented Ollie (who took his place at Hillsbro was also willing to keep my bush tidy over the Summer :)

No I didn't watch the Wedding. And neither did anyone I know. So why was it soo popular?? I'm lying actually a lot of senile elderly folk, were convinced it was a great excuse for a Knees up (anyone would think it was Albert Square!!) my Mother included. I was really pleased to find my daughter there already visiting, but because she had called straight from town , she had no bike. So we moved onto the Skate Park, with the ill fated BMX ramps. The 2 boys rode confidently and quickly towards home after, leaving me with no other option, but to take D* on my panniers (i know she could have walked!!) But it was a right effort let me tell you. I probably weigh 15 stone and she about 7!! and I only have one strong leg!! that poor leg!!! Ungrateful child had a huge strop on over s'thing and cracked the computer screen last night on her PC, so she's certainly not borrowing mine!!! She thinks I'm joking about borrowing my PC, because I am the trendy slightly crazy Mum at the moment with all my kids friends. Ohhhh the Cranberry and Brie Paninni, I've just rite enjoyed so I have :) After cycling not very far to get it, but at least I did a bit!!!!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

We Are Such a Top Team :)_

I arrived at Hillsborough, to see a lodge full of new faces (good :) ). Nick introduced me to Ollie, who was a new bike trainer to Hillsborough, and also Freds housemate, and Dave was came, sooooo we were all set.

As I'd only met Dave yesterday, and conversations, just flowed on without any need, to accustomise each other to topics.

Oooh I heard some surprising news about Pedal Ready, turning down s'one for a job as a cycle trainer, that I had considered a Cert!!

Anyway, we all went to the lock up and they all chose Bikes. Now they all looked set to cycle down, (and I just copied what I'd heard Fred say!!!) 'Can you all walk your bikes down until we've adjusted them, or until you've got used to them, please'' :) Hey wasn't that assertive?

Anyway 13 people had turned up for Cycle For Health!!! Dave and Ollie adjusted the bikes for everyone, I just smiled, because I'm a wuss when it comes to owt techy, or mechanical, or manual.......:)

We played a game of Jolting, which aint really (it depicts all sorts of imagery!!) But the group split into 2 teams. We had an assortment of coloured cones, stretching width ways across the court, in between the 2 teams. I sat about midway, but leaving a space in between the cones.

I sat back on Ziggy, and started yelling, RED, ......Blue.........Yellow. The front person from either team, had to speed/slow cycle, without putting their feet on the floor or stopping. My voice started to waver, and break much to every ones amusement!!

Because everyone had cycled so well, we decided to ride round the Park, Dave at the front, Ollie at the back and me in the middle of this massive group. Halfway round, I caught sight of one of the group, who was in fact walking and pushing his Trusted Steed, because he was having balance probs. Now we were about the furthest away, from the court, that we could have been. So quickly I stood up, and offered Ziggy, so he could continue riding, and I would walk his 2 wheeler back. :) It worked out so well, and took his mind off the actual reason why he had got the luxury of Ziggy.

On arriving back Autism + had come and set up with 10 folk and Nick. I do love A+ they are very Positive people.

I rushed back for a Wee :) and found the mental Health Group, whom I am very fond of now, I didn't ask too many questions as to why? one of them(staff) was stuck in a pair of hand cuffs~???? But it was funny!!!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

nearly did it!!

You know how I've set a target of being able to cycle to Esporta, do a couple of lengths and home, calling off at my Mums on the way back.

At 9.30am, I cycled to Millhouses Park, to meet Dave, Steve, and Cycle Chic, but due to poorly children. She couldn't make it this time. But anyway it was really cool this morning, as in cold, (hey my daughter gets embarrassed if I say cool!!) apparently, it's just not cool. So I dressed appropriately, little did I know, that the sun would be splitting the sky, on the way back!!!

On the way to Esporta (which incidentally has just been taken over by Virgin) I had to call at the bank, now this was the furthest I'd gone in Sheffield, and because I'd had a long break, it was very easy. But looking at the time, I was cutting it fine, to do 2 lengths, join, cycle back through the Park, call at my Mums, and get back for the kids. So I was happy with not doing Esporta TODAY and besides I hope the Membership Costs come down in price??

I was right chuffed, I bumped into one of the School Mums, at the bank, Wow she said 'I didn't realise you rode this far!!!!' :) Yeah everyday!! I replied. No I didn't really.

It was sooo hot riding back, unfortunately I'd chosen a polo necked grey cotton jumper, you know the type that show WET.....and no, it wasn't very attractive!!!

Spoke with Nigel West, when I got home, and I am so grateful for his continued support.

Hey I had an idea, for funding??

It doesn't matter, because I'll wait and see if we can do it first before I tell the world.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

I'm still here, is anyone there though?

Am I wicked, and evil? for being Oh soooo happy because my children were at school. It was fab, I had time to answer all emails, and phone calls. Shit and then I was Tuesday!! and not in fact Monday!! 10 mins to the next Tesco bus, I'd missed 2 buses already. I sought the sanctuary of other adults.

It was great, and I'd nicely arranged a meet tomorrow, in Millhouses Park if anyone fancies it at 9.30am. With 3 other Cyclists. We'll all have to dress well :) because one of them is Cycle Chic.

Hey I was gonna cycle on to Esporta, and join there, but I've just heard tonight that Virgin Active have bought Esporta. So I'm thinking, if I hang on it may be cheaper??

Hey my 8 year old has just tried to give ME a lesson on why lubricant is neccersary on Condoms!!!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Kid Myself?

I've done absolutely nob all today, and didn't even wake till 930am. So who am I trying to kid, that I can work? Oh well it's in the lap of the Gods.

Thank's Hotmedog, for your comments. I'm not worthy though.

C x

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Hi And Thanks

What a Fab day, and hopefully enlisted a few unsuspecting 'wanna be Cyclists'. I say enlisted but really I mean Welcomed, and Educated???? folk to a really welcoming Society of folk, who are 'in the main' unmaterialistic and extremely kind and supportive.

Mike who first got in touch with me because he stumbled upon my blog. Is doing Lejog 2011, his blog name is Hotmedog, and try as I have!!!!1 I can't copy a link to his blog, so I'm afraid you will have to google it/him. Was there today, ahhh in fact he came to find me on hearing reports, that I was 'lost'. I was secretly enjoying all the attention, I was getting :) People love Ziggy.

The stall today was made up of various people, who were all connected with the CTC in some way whether that be on the Sheffield and NE Derbyshire rides, Learn to Ride Days, Cycle 4 Health or Cycling For All. Proving that Cycling really is for all.

On Wednesday the 27th of April, Dave (Santa) and I are meeting in Millhouses Park Cafe, if anyone wants to join us?? xx

Friday, 22 April 2011


Before I forget....Birminghams Adult Social Care Dept, were prosecuted by a family with Learning difficulties, because their Individual Budget had been cut. And they could no longer afford the 4 nights Sleep Over Care they had. That gave the Mum a break. Or s'thing like that??? They won the case anyway!!

Have you spoken with 'Bike it' about your idea? Because maybe they could do s'thing with school children, and having a purpose to the lesson?

I wouldn't want any of the diverse groups to stop coming to Hillsborough, and I'm afraid they might, if trikes were taken to them.

Thanks Rob for the nice comment, I didn't realise I came across that way, I'm just me. :)

Come and introduce yourself tomorrow, if you're in Sheffield on Fargate, I will be there from 10.30am.

Today was tough, I had kept putting off, taking my little boy to the skate park, the very one I hurt my leg in. But today was the last chance I had and he knew it!! But I'd got so hot yesterday, and last night. And hadn't replenished myself either, so this morning I just couldn't stop being sick, once I'd filled my BIG belly. But like a big fat Martyr :D I set off for Mums first, and then onto the Park,

I made myself comfortable on a rock, whilst F* took his skate board out of his ruck sack, and took to the slopes. And this gorgeous chap, came up and said hello Caroline, you don't remember me??? Urrrrm shit, it was one of those moments, as I racked my brains, trying to recall, all the cycle groups? 'You know The Price is Right!!! Ahhh it was Michael, who'd won us the program back in 1998!! Between 12 0f us we won shared £29000!! (equivalent) it was a novel evening!!! Luckily the 12 of us had made a pact before we went into film the show. If any of us got picked we would split the winnings. Apart from the holiday. And that's exactly what occurred.

I struggled home feeling extremely hot, but my stomach was so empty any fluid, was just sloshing round. Once home my children rushed round getting ready, because they're off to my bruvs for a couple of nights.

If anyone fancies meeting for a Pudding Ladies treat, on Wednesday the 27th, in Millhouses Park ? Dave Brenan (santa) and myself think we might meet, so gi me a tinkle 07909972140. Or Pop to Fargate tomorrow, and let me know.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Hi Everyone :)

Hi Dave, and yes I did get a reply, from the RNIB, did you Rob? I got the impression, maybe I was just being optimistic, that our views were definitely going to be taken into consideration, didn't anyone else? I felt it was quite a positive reply.

I am absolutely shattered. :)

At Hillsborough this am, I arrived as the young boys returned from last week, and it was great, because apparently they'd been talking about how much fun they had had on the KMXs. Now there was only Nick and myself today, and these 2 wanted to go fastish around the Park. Those 3 would wait for me, after a lap, to catch up. I think secretly they liked that. After about 5 laps, ~Majory and grandson, and husband arrived, at the same time as Autism + who brought about 8 clients, I'm not capable of balancing and lifting the trikes, so poor Nick, had it all to do. I suggested that I take M and Husband and grandchild, for a spin around the Park, as the ball courts were filling up with young wanna be footballers.

Off we set, after a while I asked M if she was up to trying a lap around the Park field? If you think I could do it? she asked, I wasn't actually sure but, I just thought she enjoyed Hillsborough so much, if it didn't work, she'd just try again another time. Anyway I knew shed already exceeded her expectations for this week. So off we set, and she made it all the way round, well just an insy push over about a ft of it, from me, so that was fantastic. I was so into encouraging M, that I just hoped Barry the husband could keep an eye on the boy who was tearing round on the KMX, just as I wondered I saw the boy go lurching forwards out of the KMX and onto the path!! Eeeeek Everyone was ok though.

Meanwhile the extra big group from A+ were happily circling the ball court with their staff.

I took M and her low rider, back to a bin, so she could cling to it and wait for B, who was taking the cycles back to the lock up. And this Guy came up and shook my hand, and asked if my trike was a disability trike? I said it wasn't but I had a disability, for which it was perfect. A long conversation and I gave him a card of mine and I offered to send him some info on cycling groups, if he couldn't make it to FARGATE on SATURDAY the 23rd of APRIL, where I was taking my trike and along with the CTC giving out info on local cycling groups. As I left he started talking of self harm!! and stuff, I hope cycling helps him. But it's a good job I don't put my address on my contact card, his closing words were a big compliment :)

Nick and I rushed up for some lunch, Id got me buns :) Ahhh Nick bought me a paninni. Dave arrived, and some others from the Afternoons Mental Health Group, I'm really becoming very fond of that group. It's all sooooo Inclusive on a Thursday, long may it continue, with a Cycle 4 Health group becoming part of it next week.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Interesting what's happened in Birmingham!!

Hi, Ooooooh me back!! I sound and feel older than my 44 years. But I cleared the garden today of melted toxic toys, helped assemble a trampoline. My lil boy preferred to go to the Park with his mates, as apposed to myself. So I was left fetching embarrassing cream from the Chemist!!! For my son honest!! I do like mooching round at home s'times. And I'm so stuck what I'm gonna wear for the Palace, I'm gonna have to get a spray tan!!! But what happens if it rains?

It's Hillsborough tomorrow, and I've bought some chocolate buns :)

And Thank you to Kev and Steve B, who have answered my request for tee shirts with titty space :D sorry that's very immature of me!!
But I will feel much better cycling wearing a tee shirt that at least makes me feel important, well I can pretend :)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Call Me, or.....

If you're in town (Sheffield), on Fargate on Saturday the 23rd of April. Say Hi, myself (10.30-2) and other folk from the CTC will be there as part of Enviroment Week.

If not call me on 07909972140, and i will call back, or Steve Marsden on 0114 2500613.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Oooooops not DH, ,

I bet you all put 2 and 2 and got 5, my Glaswegian friend last night? wasn't Dave, nor my ex husband, but a guy I've known for 4years now, whose only initial attribute was that he supported Glasgow Rangers, and my ex was a Celtic fan. How immature and bitter I was a long time ago!! Dave started the ball rolling this morning, by copying me into a mail about the RNIB protesting, to cycling being allowed in pedestrian areas in Woking. I sat on it for a while and thought, I've got to say s'thing as it is because I have a visual impairment that cycling is the only safe way for me to get anywhere independently. I mean, folk have to be trusted to cycle sensibly in areas. Not banned, Pedestrians aren't banned because they are capable of running into a blind person. Anyway myself, and Rob Hague from West Country Recumbent, who also finds cycling the safest way to get about, because of his vision, wrote and told them so we did!!! What did you think of her reply guys? I think they backed down, a bit don't you? Progress!! My bed settee arrived today, what a faff, Dave Strawford, stepped in at short notice to help out, the delivery guys weren't terribly switched on!! I am very sleepy, night xx

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sooooo Rude. xxx

Hi, I've remembered to do humongous sized text, but alas I haven't sussed the Paragraphs yet???? Been to Mums, without incident, hey does this mean I'm nearly a normal cyclist?? Boriiiiiiing, but mustn't grumble. :)x

;0) I've just had a very rude surprise visit, mmmmm, I just wish he didn't live 300miles away, it might become more of a bad (but nice) habit :)xx
I am boring, but content. I've become all considerate, and 'nice' I'd be really upset if I'd offended, or embarrassed a Reader.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

I love my wee boy

I woke this morning, was not in the best of moods, I just wanted some 'Me' time, 2 cycle to my Mums, and just laze about. How shocking!!!But my children had other ideas, My wee girl who's 12 going on twenty! was off celebrating her new found freedom (new found because she's at Secondary School, and every things a different ball game!!) with her mates, to Meadowhall. Now every other weekend, it's tough for me, :) I mean my son, because his buddies from next door go to their Dads. So I take off my my various hats, and grow daredevil horns, and behave like an impetuous fool at times. Today was no different but with the consequence of a BMX ramp, 16 stitches, numerous visits to the Nurse, still fresh in my brain from 15 months ago. I set out to the 'Bunny Hop' bike jumps, giving my poor 8 going on 80 year old boy, strict instructions, that no matter how much I protested, he must NOT let me ride them! We set off for them, and I toyed with the idea of letting my Boy ride there on the Roads, but I'm really glad I didn't, because he nearly got run over twice, and that was just crossing the road!! Once there, it was like a big adventure again, first we had to get the cycles through a whole in the fence, and then mmmm strange one?? but I had to 'limbo' through the gap, stop laughing!!. Once there I was faced with a steep dirt track, but realised I was safer and more stable on Ziggy than on my 'Pins' Plus I remembered that it was Ziggys predecessor, that didn't have mountain drive gears, (actually ideal for this) that I had had the horrific accident on. So I glided up the dirt track with incredible ease :) There were about 6 lads, all were good, and I'm pleased to say they all had helmets, that fitted perfectly, and were much lower than my sons. What's the point in me kicking off about traumatic brain Injury, making him wear a helmet if it doesn't even fit him. With that thought, we went straight to Bike Tree, which wasn't very far. Bloody Hell though, the only one they'd got that fitted correctly was £32!! What could I do? Supposing, I put off buying one, and he had an accident on the way home? It was like the 'Emperors new clothes' because, I'm sure he was braver? when we visited the Bunny Hops, again. Ahhhhh all the way home, he kept saying 'Best Mum, ever' :)x

Friday, 15 April 2011

Work and Mmmmmm fishy Friday. x

I went to Brockwood, to help with training up Social Support Staff, it's always funny, I defiantly missed my vocation in life. But I'm still shocked at how 'inspirational' people find my life, story? It's the fact that it's so natural to be happy and upbeat, when I feel energised, like I do, when I cycle. It's so easy to achieve, I can't understand why everyone doesn't do s'thing that they are passionate about. But I realised I'd worked all afternoon, just to take 3 children to the Pub!!!! Hey, I even took the 2minute DVD to show the class, it was of me saying really 'deep and meaningful' things like 'Ooooh cyclins Ace' :D (or words to that effect) Anyway, it got folk interested, in Hillsborough and the cycling. I came home, and took 3 kids to the Pub for Fishy Friday, because

Thursday, 14 April 2011

:) in love with the world

Hi Pete, loved the video, thanx for that. Ey the music brought back memories too. Hillsbrough was fab, I arrived 30mins late because of child care really. Got straight into it, with Fred and a couple of young 'wipper snap' boys, who were obviously wearing their grand parents out. We did limit their time a bit, as they were obviously capable of riding 2 wheelers, but hey where ever poss, we try to accommodate. Next it was Majory, who had a range of debilitating conditions, as she clung to the netting at the side of the ball court, you could tell she wasn't confident. Fred disappeared with her husband. to choose a suitable trike for her, and a 2 wheeler for him. They return, with a low rider, a sensible choice as she had said that Ziggy would be much too low for her. Marjorie got on the trike, as her husband obviously relished the memories, and freedom that riding the 2 wheeler was giving him. After she'd circled the court a couple of times, Marjorie hesitantly followed me out the ball court. When half way round, I asked her hop she felt? she told me one word, .....FREE. I did a couple of rounds of the park (5) with this guy, who had decided to learn to ride a bike aged 65, what a star. Another young woman came, who only managed a couple of rotations, but it was a couple more than last week apparently :) We all headed back for a spot ogf lunch. I had brought some nice healthy cake again, :) One O'clock came all too soon, I had barely said Hello to the afternoon Cycle group, who I'm really getting to know. (Ido love everyone I know, actually) I went another couple of spins round the park, with the 65 year old, and on my way back I bumped into Tony, (the guy who like me has a brain Injury) I am so glad he returned, I just hope, he gets the benefit of FREEDOM, that we've all felt today. I came straight home, because my taxi driver had left my flag at home, so I wasn't gonna risk coming home in the traffic without it. And besides I had a lovely friend, who I adore waiting for me :)

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I'm still up there!!!

I'm still on a high, and do you know, I just remember young Bobby Duce, or the folk he left behind. Ironically he did an identical thing to my ex, when he was diagnosed with Cancer (Bob that is). In some kind of love triangle Anyway I'm supposed to be happy. I've just cycled to the library, which is only 5mins away, I haven't seen Jayne the librarian for a while. So it's always nice. It's nearly impossible for me to walk there, as the road is sooo steep, but I put my Slumfph on and it's a piece of cake :) I did put it in the highest gear to come back again, but how dare folk push to go faster, when they're going down hill? With wind blowing in my hair, I smiled content in the knowledge, I'm going to Hillsborough tomorrow. :)xxx love you all.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Wow how Studious!! well for me :)

I know theoretically it should not have taken all day, but I'm afraid it did!! This was completing the online application form for the Advocacy Worker at the Centre for Independent Living. It didn't help because I've got a new pc, with Windows 7, so whenever I sent downloads they couldn't 'unzip' them? Anyway, I sent off a good application, and had Steve Marsden (ctc), Nigel West (health Consortium) and Jeanette Thompson (Exec Director of ASC) All as referees. After this, I had to do the relatively simple task of ordering train tickets for the AGM and Dinner held in Weymouth next month, by the CTC. I did do it eventually, the res a lot to be said for my tenacity. And I even volunteered to look after my exs wife's child, just call me Theresa.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Bliss :)

I am a very lucky lady indeed, I don't want my life to change. My youngest slept next door last night, so that he could be there bright and early, this morning, To go on a bike ride to the latest place .....'The Bunny Hops' it's a minature version of the massive 'Monkey bumps'. That I used to ride, when I was his age!!! and they are still there!! Despite numerous attempts to flatten them by the council. Thing is when I used to go I had a really 'girly' heavy duty road bike, with a shopping basket even!! I asked him when he came back if he could take me? ABSOLUTELY NO WAY, ARE YOU GOING NEAR!!! was his reply :) Anyway bless him he's gone again this afternoon with his Dad, Ahhhh 'I'm rite proud so I am. ' Fingers crossed that it's a large one :) I presume it's hot, where you are? It's perfect here, about 22 degrees, is that Centigrade or the other? (I've just tried to spell the other, and it ended up wi about 50 letters) Anyway the reason I'm so happy? I've just cycled to my Mums and back, my gears were fab, I had absolutely no comments apart from really nice ones. :) I am so proud to cycle.

Saturday, 9 April 2011


Awww Kev, if you have a say in who goes to the Cycle Show....'Pick me, Pick me' :D Also Steve was gonna do a Dvd for Hillsborough, well hows about Tony (brain Injured guy, who came on Thursday) and Myself, speak whilst the Special School, and Autism Plus, cycle and have fun. I had vowed and declared that I definately, didn't want to be seen in the video. But for the benefit of Hillsborough, I will. I just don't want folk saying 'Oh it's her again!!!' type of thing. I think he's got some massive news about Hillsborough, just bursting to escape, :).......:( I am sooo torn as to whether to apply for this job or not? being an advocate for the Social, Health and disability 21 hours a week. It started off by me describing the job, to an old friend, trying to pursuede him to go for it. And I just thought maybe? Because despite Steves assurances, well Hillsbro, won't be the same, without him.

And it did

Bollocks !!

Hows about this size then? It may shrink to a fairly normal size?

Here's hoping????

I'm trying to permenantly increaser my font size, I must have tried this a few times. But fingers crossed it will stay this size when published.

Thursday, 7 April 2011


I do love it !! I had to get out my beggin bowl, to find a cab driver willing to take me this morning, and I was a little bit tempted to say naaaaah, they don't need me. Because theoretically they don't, but :) I'd spoilt everyone with a huge Madeira cake, and I wanted to take it. I had to go in 30 mins later but hey? The Special school didn't arrive, meaning our first group wasn't till 11, and 2 groups came from Autism Plus, (I do like the staff, and Clients from there) we do have a huge laugh. And then Tony arrived from the Head Injury Centre, with Sarah the physio from there. I'm such an arse trying to get him to shake my hand, and he said Oh I can't use that arm,!!! and I said oooh watch yer laces don't get tangled, with which he tucked them in his shoe, saying Oh i can't tie my laces!! Durrrrr!! how silly I am s'times. Anyway I led the 2 of them round the park, fairly quickly, but thing is they wanted to go faster, and we went up every hill and in every corner, :) It was good. I'm in the process of applying, Oh I'll wait until I send it, before I get too giddy. But Steve M, was there today, Fred, Nick, and Dave. We had chips from the chippy, and my cake which cut into about 40 pieces, which I shared with the other groups attending. It was great, Steve said suddenly, 'This won't change you know?' Everyone realises the part you play here, and for £30 per week, that ain't gonna stop, I'm telling you!! But when I pressed him to say more, he didn't want too. :) But it won't be the same without Steve :( I've attended CFH and Inclusive Cycling as a volunteer, for 19months now!!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Hi Manish Steel Works?????

I think I've reached the right decision??? I've not heard back from British Cycling about my request for a trike to borrow, but I heard more and more about what the folk involved with Darnall were thinking. And I wasn't really comfy with it. So I sent out a blanket email withdrawing my interest, and reaffirming my support for Hillsborough. But gave relevant phone numbers to people. I know I'm a bit shit really, but if you understood my motives, they are quite honourable, I just don't want to publicly dish another. So I'm again looking for ways to fund my transport to Hillsbrough, plus I've been let down a bit for tomorrow again. Anyway Hi to MSW ? nice to get your message of encouragement? support? I'm going visiting my Ma tomorrow on the way home, and then I'll cycle back from Henliegh Hall. Spoke wi Steve M to tell him I wasn't supporting Darnall, we covered a lot of ground this am. Some of which will become more evident later. I have loved this week, doing very little. I had my pc fixed and all the time, I was blaming myself for being inept? and all trhe time it was running on 1.5gb instead of 5, or s'thing? It cost me £40 but it was worth it, just to proove ~I wasn't quite as dense as I had thought. Also he offered me a job, but do you know what I declined!! It was selling his Cooperative services. A little bit like the skills bank stuff, I'm doing with ASC. I'm pleased with the decisions I've reached this morning, and why?

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

I tried to dig my heels in!!!

Honest I did!!! I'm on about the 'Inclusive Cycling Group' that's being set up at Darnal. Well not that I didn't want it to happen? Of course I did!! Any cycling group is fab by me, as long as it has a trike! For the less able cyclist,whether that be because of disability, I mean ESPECIALLY if that's the cause!

Well I know my status as in the fact that I have a disability, I cycle, I'm a single Mum. Speaks volumes!! So I did a bit of ringing round for this newly forming group, that I am trying ever so hard not to commit, to too much. Plus I do not want to detract away from Steve Ms work at Hillsbro Park!! Anyway British Cycling (Former Cycling England??) As for a possible trike? They are phoning me tomorrow, so who knows? Because although, I know why Hillsborough, with it's many cycling groups, running concurrently, is a huge success (that is exactly why) , I just think that ALL cycling groups should have a trike. Ooooops have I said that? Well I just believe it.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Belated happy Mothers Day..xx

And I hope you Dads enabled your kids to feel proud of what they'd got their Mums. My kids and my ex, bought me the DVDs of Grease 1 and 2. So thanks for that. x And a lovely House Plant.

I do wonder if I'm losing the ability to walk though? Seriously, will my feet one day become wheels, and my toes the spokes? Now, I NEVER walk to the bus stop, Pub or shops. Not that it was easy before, but I reckon it's Ne on impossible now!! But with Ziggy, I can go so much further than I could walk, or even go by battery operated Scooter, the freedom s ACE. And I was thinking this am, because I'm not a lot thinner than I was at the start, in fact I possibly weigh more!! but down a clothes size. But I think it was obviously more I needed, it was the respect I have gained from folk who knew me and who know me now?

I am writing this in the middle of the day heehaw, I feel like a naughty child, whose bunked off school. Because I've actually got an emptyish week. It's very nice for now :)

Saturday, 2 April 2011

What day?

I'm totally confused? My children are with me tonight, partly so we can be together on Mothers Day, but yet they weren't last night, (very strange at their Dads?)And they are at home tonight???? It's totally thrown me.

Ahhh, I went to thank Ahmed today, for getting me in my Ziggy on Thursday, I actually wasn't so bad, it's just I couldn't walk backwards with the 'Boom'??? and pedals between my knees, without some assistance.

It's been so lovely and sunny here in Sheffield. I've cycled a wee bit and helped my boy in the garden...Sorry DH you phoned when he was just about to chop his fingers off!!!

Pete called, and we put the world to rights.....without alcohol. :)

Ziggy is in top form

Friday, 1 April 2011

RIP Mr Bobby Duce

Let me think ... my life seems like nowt without been able to have a 'moan' about really the trivial, I'll change that to 'discussion' because I don't moan, (ooooh that sounds out of context now!!!!) Grumble/discussion. My heart went out yesterday, for the folk Bob had left behind, and believe me there will be many sorely touched by his loss.

Apparently several hundred attended the funeral, which was fantastically arranged with still shots of Bob thirty years ago when he was mates with my brother, snap shots of them trying to look cool leaning on a 'Marina' bumper which probably cost a whopping £100!!!

I loved Hillsborough before that also, we were so busy, and seemed to cycle miles against the wind. And Fred fixed my gears by tightening the pedal, which had jammed the kick plate (sorry if you ain't rubbing your thighs getting excited at the talk of 'kick plates')but some of us do. Did I confess to being geeky?

And whilst leaning on the bar, (as you do) talking to the couple, who my ex and his new wife my ex 'friend' took to Sicily to witness their Wedding last year.(very long winded, but you wouldn't have understood the potential awkwardness) But hey there was none so, I'm just not bothered really. I mentioned the possibility of a book, and we batted about a few titles, Hows about 'Carolin's Cycle' or does that sound like period talk? :D Carolin's Life Cycle'?

My Bruv dropped me off at the Rise, where I'd locked Ziggy to the post. P* on just 3 glasses of wine = a bottle though.I fell on my A* beetled for a bit, burnt with embarrassment, because it was quite busy. Was helped up, and cycled home wi me fish and chips.

Next time I'm going on about, bloody no money, or being misunderstood, or any of the usual cookies, that I go on about. Just remind me, at least I've got a life.