Thursday, 21 April 2011

Hi Everyone :)

Hi Dave, and yes I did get a reply, from the RNIB, did you Rob? I got the impression, maybe I was just being optimistic, that our views were definitely going to be taken into consideration, didn't anyone else? I felt it was quite a positive reply.

I am absolutely shattered. :)

At Hillsborough this am, I arrived as the young boys returned from last week, and it was great, because apparently they'd been talking about how much fun they had had on the KMXs. Now there was only Nick and myself today, and these 2 wanted to go fastish around the Park. Those 3 would wait for me, after a lap, to catch up. I think secretly they liked that. After about 5 laps, ~Majory and grandson, and husband arrived, at the same time as Autism + who brought about 8 clients, I'm not capable of balancing and lifting the trikes, so poor Nick, had it all to do. I suggested that I take M and Husband and grandchild, for a spin around the Park, as the ball courts were filling up with young wanna be footballers.

Off we set, after a while I asked M if she was up to trying a lap around the Park field? If you think I could do it? she asked, I wasn't actually sure but, I just thought she enjoyed Hillsborough so much, if it didn't work, she'd just try again another time. Anyway I knew shed already exceeded her expectations for this week. So off we set, and she made it all the way round, well just an insy push over about a ft of it, from me, so that was fantastic. I was so into encouraging M, that I just hoped Barry the husband could keep an eye on the boy who was tearing round on the KMX, just as I wondered I saw the boy go lurching forwards out of the KMX and onto the path!! Eeeeek Everyone was ok though.

Meanwhile the extra big group from A+ were happily circling the ball court with their staff.

I took M and her low rider, back to a bin, so she could cling to it and wait for B, who was taking the cycles back to the lock up. And this Guy came up and shook my hand, and asked if my trike was a disability trike? I said it wasn't but I had a disability, for which it was perfect. A long conversation and I gave him a card of mine and I offered to send him some info on cycling groups, if he couldn't make it to FARGATE on SATURDAY the 23rd of APRIL, where I was taking my trike and along with the CTC giving out info on local cycling groups. As I left he started talking of self harm!! and stuff, I hope cycling helps him. But it's a good job I don't put my address on my contact card, his closing words were a big compliment :)

Nick and I rushed up for some lunch, Id got me buns :) Ahhh Nick bought me a paninni. Dave arrived, and some others from the Afternoons Mental Health Group, I'm really becoming very fond of that group. It's all sooooo Inclusive on a Thursday, long may it continue, with a Cycle 4 Health group becoming part of it next week.

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  1. So I'm still in the dark - just what did happen in Birmingham - been seeing that helpful guy at the station on the sly?

    Just been thinking through some stuff with another project - hiring out fully serviced bikes, where the package can have the bikes supplied, serviced and the hiring process managed as a 'revenue' cost (with some details which make it more attractive than finding capital funding). This may be a way to provide bikes (and possibly other machines) for elderly and disabled folk to use instead of the limited and expensive options to buy in a driver and vehicle - for example to get along to a local 'club' meeting, or get to facilities (like your wish to go swimming regularly).

    It is possible to do this with folding bikes, like mine and I am aware of a few pensioners who enjoy the ability to ride to the bus stop and travel widely with their pensioner passes (and I mean serious distances here).

    Hope tomorrow goes well - would love to have unlimited time and other resources to get along to join in. post some pix.