Monday, 11 April 2011

Wow how Studious!! well for me :)

I know theoretically it should not have taken all day, but I'm afraid it did!! This was completing the online application form for the Advocacy Worker at the Centre for Independent Living. It didn't help because I've got a new pc, with Windows 7, so whenever I sent downloads they couldn't 'unzip' them? Anyway, I sent off a good application, and had Steve Marsden (ctc), Nigel West (health Consortium) and Jeanette Thompson (Exec Director of ASC) All as referees. After this, I had to do the relatively simple task of ordering train tickets for the AGM and Dinner held in Weymouth next month, by the CTC. I did do it eventually, the res a lot to be said for my tenacity. And I even volunteered to look after my exs wife's child, just call me Theresa.

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  1. Don't ya just love "New and Improved" :)

    Weymouth is good - I cycled to Weymouth last year! No,don't try it - it took me 2 weeks!!!