Thursday, 7 April 2011


I do love it !! I had to get out my beggin bowl, to find a cab driver willing to take me this morning, and I was a little bit tempted to say naaaaah, they don't need me. Because theoretically they don't, but :) I'd spoilt everyone with a huge Madeira cake, and I wanted to take it. I had to go in 30 mins later but hey? The Special school didn't arrive, meaning our first group wasn't till 11, and 2 groups came from Autism Plus, (I do like the staff, and Clients from there) we do have a huge laugh. And then Tony arrived from the Head Injury Centre, with Sarah the physio from there. I'm such an arse trying to get him to shake my hand, and he said Oh I can't use that arm,!!! and I said oooh watch yer laces don't get tangled, with which he tucked them in his shoe, saying Oh i can't tie my laces!! Durrrrr!! how silly I am s'times. Anyway I led the 2 of them round the park, fairly quickly, but thing is they wanted to go faster, and we went up every hill and in every corner, :) It was good. I'm in the process of applying, Oh I'll wait until I send it, before I get too giddy. But Steve M, was there today, Fred, Nick, and Dave. We had chips from the chippy, and my cake which cut into about 40 pieces, which I shared with the other groups attending. It was great, Steve said suddenly, 'This won't change you know?' Everyone realises the part you play here, and for £30 per week, that ain't gonna stop, I'm telling you!! But when I pressed him to say more, he didn't want too. :) But it won't be the same without Steve :( I've attended CFH and Inclusive Cycling as a volunteer, for 19months now!!

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