Tuesday, 5 April 2011

I tried to dig my heels in!!!

Honest I did!!! I'm on about the 'Inclusive Cycling Group' that's being set up at Darnal. Well not that I didn't want it to happen? Of course I did!! Any cycling group is fab by me, as long as it has a trike! For the less able cyclist,whether that be because of disability, I mean ESPECIALLY if that's the cause!

Well I know my status as in the fact that I have a disability, I cycle, I'm a single Mum. Speaks volumes!! So I did a bit of ringing round for this newly forming group, that I am trying ever so hard not to commit, to too much. Plus I do not want to detract away from Steve Ms work at Hillsbro Park!! Anyway British Cycling (Former Cycling England??) As for a possible trike? They are phoning me tomorrow, so who knows? Because although, I know why Hillsborough, with it's many cycling groups, running concurrently, is a huge success (that is exactly why) , I just think that ALL cycling groups should have a trike. Ooooops have I said that? Well I just believe it.

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