Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I'm still up there!!!

I'm still on a high, and do you know, I just remember young Bobby Duce, or the folk he left behind. Ironically he did an identical thing to my ex, when he was diagnosed with Cancer (Bob that is). In some kind of love triangle Anyway I'm supposed to be happy. I've just cycled to the library, which is only 5mins away, I haven't seen Jayne the librarian for a while. So it's always nice. It's nearly impossible for me to walk there, as the road is sooo steep, but I put my Slumfph on and it's a piece of cake :) I did put it in the highest gear to come back again, but how dare folk push to go faster, when they're going down hill? With wind blowing in my hair, I smiled content in the knowledge, I'm going to Hillsborough tomorrow. :)xxx love you all.


  1. Can everyone cope without spaces in my blog? I've tried very hard to create them, believe me!! If anyone has any ideas, if they could let me know please. :)

  2. Scream if you want to go faster.