Saturday, 2 April 2011

What day?

I'm totally confused? My children are with me tonight, partly so we can be together on Mothers Day, but yet they weren't last night, (very strange at their Dads?)And they are at home tonight???? It's totally thrown me.

Ahhh, I went to thank Ahmed today, for getting me in my Ziggy on Thursday, I actually wasn't so bad, it's just I couldn't walk backwards with the 'Boom'??? and pedals between my knees, without some assistance.

It's been so lovely and sunny here in Sheffield. I've cycled a wee bit and helped my boy in the garden...Sorry DH you phoned when he was just about to chop his fingers off!!!

Pete called, and we put the world to rights.....without alcohol. :)

Ziggy is in top form

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