Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Hello Jaro :)

Real name Mr Jaroslav Dembinny, who's a lovely guy well....Advisor to the Minister, of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, from Czech Republic. Phew that was a mouthful. Well he did his best bless him to try and get my dvd to run in his pc...but? He listened and smiled at all the right spots, laughing at my jokes which must not have been very funny 3rd hand and via a trans later. I took the usual handful of photos, for everyone to see, just what had become of that little acorn of an idea I had once had which was to learn to cycle, a tricycle. And to do it under the supervision, of Steve Marsden CTC. Because I used my SDS money to get to Endcliffe, as apposed to joining a gym, I eventually became able to fetch my own kids from school, and get my own shopping, it's all history really.

I'm really tired now, I have not been my upbeat self today, and that was due to yesterdays incident. I mean, I encourage folk who wouldn't cope with the 'wicked' side of society, half as well as me!! And listen to me wail like a child.

I received a letter this morning (a reply to a letter I had sent in December 2010!!) From Nick Clegg, I had asked him why I should;d be punished by paying VAT on my Pedal Trike? When if I'd have been driven about in a car, it would have been excluded....bla bla....You know the story. His letter was a forwarded copy from Mr Gauke. Stating there was a 'Wide range of Cars, powered wheelchairs or scooters, complete with Insurance.' Well I'm sorry but fuckin Bully For Me!!, I'm so lucky!"!!

I got a really nice Thank you letter from Richard Webb, Exec Director of Adult Social Care, thanking me for the hard work, I'd put into the Shop Event.He also wants to arrange a cycle with me, which is nice. I thought he'd taken nark since I said I couldn't do when he'd suggested.

I made it clear to all the visiting delegates, that ASC, thought it an unwise use of my budget to buy another trike, after the CTC had purchased Ziggy.

I have been asked to take Ziggy to ASC for a photo shoot, and then quickly do a recording to be used to help folk write support plans, at lunch, and then more photos till 2. So if anyone can fit in round that??

Remember Nigel?? he's noticed how many folk want an inclusive cycling group, other than Hillsborough,.......?? I'm invited to the meeting in April???

Oh...remember the writing group? He's been in touch, and he's looking at the end of April?

Sorry I can't do much on the c, I may improve wi time, but at the moment I'm too lazy I only do the essentials. Which draws me to the conclusion, Night, night. xx

Monday, 28 March 2011

I did reply Pete...honest

It's gone, ithink.

Such Abuse!!

But to be honest I was in such a good mood this morning I could handle it. But I could av so done with a web cam, but I'm not really into 'blame and shame' I think it's more effective when they reach the same conclusion but on their own......Let me explain. I have to go down a hill when going to visit my Mum/to the Park etc, where I always pick up lots of speed, and it just seems to carry on with intermitant cycles from me, when I get onto the flat busy narrow bit of Main Rd. Today though, I stopped at lil Tesco for a few things. (Sympathy Cards!!) Before continuing onto Mums; On my way, I got called an 'Arse Hole' twice!!! by folk in on coming cars, and someone spat a mouthful of water on me, from behind. With this I did a U turn and came back, partly because the tension in my pedals was about right, on the way home :(

I'm going to meet some folk from Czechoslavakia tomorrow, who are coming top check (bum, bum!!!) the Adult Social Care, in Sheffield. I'm not allowed to take Ziggy, but I've got plenty of photos.

But I do wonder all the time if I am doing the righht thing encouraging folk to cycle??? Not everybody can handle abuse like I got today.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Hey I know, it's late :)

We checked out the swimming at Zest, before attending a meeting in which the Lovely Miriam, had nominated me for an award. Ahhh, aren't folk lovely, I wouldn't have done it initially if she hadn't have agreed, to run about after me. Organising, my time sheets and attendance. And it was the lovely Miriam, who nominated me for Pride Of Britain, and got me an invitation to Buckingham Palace.

OOooooooooooooh I saw an old contact today, mmmmm how should I describe him??? Well kind of a 'helping' person, who had other ideas??? This was many years ago, before I began to cycle. :D

Awww I called into see Mum, with the kids, so taxid home :( Which means I aint cycled today.

And I still haven't got mesen, a bloody new computer!! So I'm living on borrowed time!!!

Night, C x

Friday, 25 March 2011

Fab day for it :)

Well fab week really, although to be honest, I seemed to spend more time talking to folk about Cycling.

Awww, my old friend who died on Wednesday? He's getting buried on Thursday :( I may go to Hillsborough till 12.30.

Eeeeeeeeeek, I feel a bit silly, but totally comfortable with the CTCs decision, to give me a Certificate for my Service to Cycling or s'thing?? And not volunteer of the year, as I had thought. How could I be nominated for that, when there are folk regularly organising rides and socials, and stuff. And I only ever do things that I really want to do. But ewwwww, So do the other cyclists, I'm sure ?? And I'm sure I could do more, some days, but I kinda know it will be so seldom. I just don't do it. I just do what I love, nothing more, because I never want cycling to be a huge effort, or a chore. I just want it to remain the joy that it is :)

But I am very ingenuitus I think, now I really don't think, thats a word because it keeps trying to change??? But you all know what I mean? so maybe it is, or should be.

And a mug.....I'm off to the pub...because my kids want to!!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Where do I begin???

To tell the story of ? How great a love can be.......

I'm speaking about a 'Love' between myself and my Wheels. After speaking with a guy about possibly writing my Autobiography? Who incedently thought it was a fantastic idea (he likes my Carry On/Barbara Windsor/Benny Hill/Frankie Howard style of very immature writings)About a book,written by myself, with the help of other Cyclists with a range of disabilities. All writing a chapter per Character??? I think it's good :) don't humour me though, what do you think?

I hit on this idea, after Steve Marsden (CTC) directed me to a book by Robert Penn, which is on order. The books called It's all About A Bike. Well what about It's all about a Trike. I don't expect it to be a Block Buster, but talk about raising awareness of Inclusive Cycling.

I woke this morning, and had a text saying my taxi had broken down :( To be honest, my head really hurt, I did try another taxi. But there were non willing to take my Ziggy (that would definately fit) So no Hillsborough today :(

Post arrived with the usual bills etc..Oh yeah :D Remember Cold Metal Umbrella?? I got the all clear, for another 4 years? I lay down on the settee, dosed up with Paracetamol. And phoned Kev Hickman ICF fame, and told him about the book idea. Apparently he'd been nominated for CTC Volunteer Of the year :) Who by ????? I wondered ;)

Rather unexpetantly I got a second postal delivery, and in it was an invite to the CTC AGM and Dinner, where the results of Volumteer Of The Year will be announced. Because Steve Marsden had nominated me, ahhhhh, I am very proud that he thinks I'm worthy, but a little bashful because I know and really appreichiate how much more Kevin does.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Speak when Spoken Too :)

I know I'm gobby at times, and I know I shouldn't presume folk, feel like I do, but....My new strategy in life, is to hang back (usually) and let the other person{s, speak first). Today I managed to do just that,dispute wanting to interject humour, and quips into peoples recitals of how they sustained their own tragic Brain Injury. Not really the place for humour anyway??? Well I still manage to get a few smiles, when it comes to mine, which in actual fact, (I refuse to get competitive,) but....

The whole point of today, was to give Kevan Taylor a bit of insight into, life at HIRC (Head Injury Rehab Centre) Which to be fair, was the first place to use Patient/service User/Survivor/Client Partnership. But that doesn't neccersa.... I've just heard an old friend has died :( Gives me food for thought, it's just a shame that s'one died. Actually about a minute b4, I sent an email out, telling everyone to spare a thought for those suffering from Cancer. And you guessed what Bob died of.

I'm back, just to say remember Wendy Creed, applying for Ass Cycle Training for me? Well, I 'm on the course in April.

Oh, really nice phone call this Morning from Steve M. We spoke for ages about nice things.....:)

What a top idea I've had, I saw this photo of Steve M on a networking site, stripped to the waist, and in cycling shorts, (it did make me blush.. id did.) Why doesn't the CTC do a Calendar for 2012 using the Cycle Development Officers???? I think it would sell well and earn money for the CTC????

Monday, 21 March 2011

So exciting!!!

Hey I did nearly get squashed by an overtaking car, on my way to meet Matt C today, by an overtaking car, who didn't bargain for the side by side cyclists (well he shouldn't have gone!!!!)who were coming towards him. And he obviously thought he'd rather cut me up, than see the terror in his victims eyes!!! Anyway, alls well, so I'm ok, but I bet if there'd have been an accident, he'd have blamed me!!!

I met Matt, in the Cafe, and the poor guy had to listen to my life story, and I swear, he grew weary of my humor, it was all talk of Fred, who meantime was tending to my garden :) We've discovered a tree in my grassy garden, It is a Pussy Willow. Can you imagine how childish I got?? I got very excited talkingh to Matt, When he explained that He'd like me to do a couple of pieces of writing, with Pictures, to go in a type of exhibition, of Brain Damaged Survivors work. Now I did hesitate for a nanoo second, because I don't want anyone saying 'Ahhhh didn't she do well, considering' But big ego trip, he reckons my style of writing and humor, is strong enough, kinda 'Proof in the Pudding?'

Speak to me btw, I'm more exciting tyhan I've ever been????

I know what some of you are thinking....stop it!!!

I spent 2 and a half hours wi Matt, feeling very valued. He said how he hoped to publish a little 'taster' book as a prelude to s'thing more? But I had the idea, of getting it copied in Caligra[phy style( i don't know if that's correct English)

I zoomed on to see my Mum, getting stopped by Andy, a business man out strolling, it was such a lovely day. I was feeling fab!! Anyway a plan was hatched by Andy, (who I'd ne' met before!!)He'd buy a 2 wheeler, and I'd meet him once a week to cycle through the Park. (stop it)

Once home, the gorgeous Fred was cultivating my garden, he asked me oooooh which bush I'd prefer just, did I want a ripe Pair, Ooooh it's Pear!!or some lovely Plums? You know What? I said? I'll have both. :) x

Sunday, 20 March 2011

No Stamina!!!

I have a selective memory :)I become 'needy' and I forget how much folk do out of 'love' and genuinely enjoying helping me and I become mardi, and sorry for myself, sorry about that one, :)

This morning though, I look out onto my garden (not lady garden!) and take comfort in how supported (and I don't mean, paid 'care') I am.

Gone is the pile of 80ft' of conifer (4 actually), that was slowly spreading all over my lawn. The lovely Paul visited from Leeds, and burnt it, and it took 3hours, to reduce the pile to ashes. After my hero of 09, and Andy had felled em, earlier this year. Meanwhile I had to......tidy my shed, don't laugh, it was hard work for me!!!

As a thank you, I cycled to the Mohul, got the nicest Dinner and picked up a bottle of JD whiskey, for Paul. So thanks billions to Steve's big chopper, and Pauls red hot bush. The green and leafy garden, is looking good.

I'm cycling to Mums tomorrow, and onto the Park Cafe, to talk about my future in the written word!! Don't laugh I'm being entirely serious!!!:D

Friday, 18 March 2011

Kev, can I borrow your shed?


I woke this morning with a start!!! Because :D my Daughter, did me a ring tone on my moby, which is my alarm also. And it just says 'Mum, Mum, Mudder your phone!!!! but it's so effective. I nearly jump ouit of my skin when it rings or my alarm goes off. So very good. As soon as I realised what it was and the house wasn't on fire or owt, I did struggle.

I've been so busy talking about Hillsborough, and publisizing it's success, I thought I ought to go. But I'd got my kiddies wanting me to take them to town for some stuff for Red Nose day, I realised that I'd have to meet em at 3.30 and do it then, when all I really wanted was to snuggle under the covers.

I nipped to Hillsbrough that morning. First there was a Special school, Nick and I were just setting off for a ride round the park, and some of Steves Collegues from the CTC, arrived, I said Hi, and I'd see them after. So I'm glad I made the effort this morning, as they are hoping to do a sim,ilar thing in Rochdale. As for the folk on the ride?? They were all needing 3 wheelers, apart from 1 who helped lead on a 2 wheeler. The next group Autism Plus, cancelled. So the school stopped longer.

Lunch and a chat followed, and of course, they all had a go on Ziggy. Which they loved, and were especially into the 'Kick Plates' and the Mountain drive, for some possible clients in Rochdale. I think they may get in touch Rob??

Does anyone remember Pride Of Britain? Well the group thjat were featured on that came next, bringing Amanda and Josh, who love using the velor Plus, and because Josh can use his arms a little, he tried the Side By Side' hand Cycle, phew, not with me though!! I do find that cycle hard work!!

A man brings his son, and they both use 2 wheelers and cycle off, for an hour, they are trusted regulars. I'm not too sure of his sons disabilities. Other than, I know he wears ear protectors???

Finally another 2 people came, one on the velor plus, and another on a side by side.
Both loved it, I spoke with the OT who brought them who wanted to bring her Occupational Therapy Class down from Hallam University, to see what a fantastic thing the CTC was running, at Hillsborough.

Once home, I( cycled to meet my children, locked up, and caught the bus, for Red Noses, Noodle Inn (and yes I know it was early but, there was no way, I was cooking tea!!!) Bus, Trike, Home, Bed.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I got a bit emotional today, at a Health Champions event, because It was all about 'The Way Forward' and you see I'm kinda really happy and don't want things to change too much. I didn't have time to make observations yesterday, it was all a bit of a busy blur, of BIRRP, The GP, Chemist, Shopping, and High School Musicals...literally.

Wow, I spoke with a guy yesterday Matt Colbeck was his name, he was incredibly ..urm, well , nice. He's producing a Magazine, and holding an art exhibition. Using Coma 'Victims' (The word victim gives everyone a preconception that my Coma experience was horrible??? Far from it really.) He has studied texts about 'Coma'. But has found little or none written in the first person. So he's wanting to produce art work based on experiences of 'Coma'. So I'm looking forward to that :) All mine were very serial with Priests and vicars giving Holy Communion in the form of frozen ice cube wine!!! When in fact it is quite likely, I was lapsing into some sort of consciousness, as I was given 'The Last Rites' or a similar thing, and the Wine ice cubes?? Well they were the black currant ice cubes, that I was frequently fed to stimulate my facial muscels.?????? So I think it's all fascinating really. And all the time, I kept thinking, wow I must remember this dream, it's so long and detailed!!


Slept in!!!! Showered, kids school, Don Valley, which is along way, I felt an inst bit pressured to start a Cycling Group???? I did a half attempt at our first presentation of recruiting for the Skills Bank thing, with Han from ASC.

Rushed home, it seemed to take ages!!! Cycled to Parents Evening, which was the best bit of the day really, I do love it. The Head Teacher is Leaving to work at school next to Hillsborough Park so I gave her and the deputy Head my card. Home, children's tea, my daughters gone to her Musical....peace, it saves her falling out with her bruv, all the time...or is it me, just being too grumpy!!


Monday, 14 March 2011

Fat, but well??? (more than can be said for my slimline * pc!!!)

I can't get me head round 'Sticky Keys'????? :D And no, I've not spilt Pop on it, or had an erotic session, with an Internet date. Oooooh av I said too much??

:D I had to have, this is sooo rude and probably inappropriate, but,,,I went to my GP and if I said cold metal umbrella...is that enough????

My BP, which I was concerned about was 135/85 apparently that's ok, I weigh more than I've ever weighed in my life. But she didn't seem the slightest bit bothered, about that.

I gave her one of my cards, hey I give everyone a card!!

Hey, and I've volunteered to go and tell my life story to some Czechs who are researching SDS, only because it gets cycling into folks faces!! But I want to take Ziggy!! I'll let you know!!

im feeling smug

I think Ive done it, (steady on though, have got brain damage.)

SSSSticky keys??????

IIIis this my problem? and how do get rid/

c xxxxxxxx

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Ging gan goooooooley,

TTTTTThis flipin keyboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi Kev, in the middddle of a field.

've beeeen resarching, the south yorkshire funding bureau today,,,, as I only want about £1000, ????? it's a posibilitttttttty... i've got to go this pc is sndingme nuts.



Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Palace and ITV

I was really depressed when I got up and turned the news on. What had we done to the planet? (I know the earth quake isn't strictly preventable,) but the pure carnage of cars heaped up upon each other, a boat on dry land about 1 mile from the coast? buildings on fire and then devestastingly a nucleaur power plant in flames. It was really horrible to watch, scarey infact? everything was doom and gloom and black :D

Ahhh and then the post arrived to cheer me up. Firstly the dvd of the Inclusive Cycling Day arrived, I mean it was only 5minutes of me talking B* but atleast it had everyone of different abilities, on different trikes, tandams, side by side ones, hand cycles. Atleast it showed those 5 minutes, so regardless of the words that came out of my mouth, the imagery, of folk having a good time at Hillsborough was there (there's a few familiar faces in it)

I've sent off for 2 tickets to the CTC dinner. And the lovely Wendy Creed promises me a night on the town on the Friday!! B and B at her Dads, in Weymouth, on the Saturday. So fingers crossed We will get tickets :)

Oh nearly forgot, our acceptence letter for the Palace Garden Party has been acknowledged, but not accepted yet :D Myself and Mr Marsden, have got to be investigated first. But providing they find no skelitons in closets etc. We're acknowledged for the 12th of July :D

I cycled to the chippy, for tea. I know it's a contradiction in itself, but hey they tasted good, and I feel better, for the fresh air.

Friday, 11 March 2011

I'm really Sorry :(

A couple of you received a very self gratifying text, at 330am. And I am sorry I know I have been supported, so sorry to sound ungrateful. I got a bollocking for sending it anyway :) Which taught me a lesson. I cried a lot, but realise there is a few months between now and September.I'm here for another 6 months, who knows how my life will have developed? and what into?

I went to the shops this am, just as my ex brought my boy back, and do you know, it felt great, as he pulled up, and leaned out of his open window. Partly because he 'daren't' ? ride his mountain bike on the road, and because it was such a lovely day this morning, and I knew how much better it felt cycling as apposed to being stuck in a car.

mailto:info@ibkinitiatives.com I was sent this link for young 16-25yr old people with disabilities, who wanted to try a new economical, and healthy pastime, like Walking, Yoga, Bird Watching...but Cycling wasn't listed. So I let Steve know, so I hope he followed it up. So I know longer think why bother? I am just going to go with the flow, and continue, to do the things I can do. So I'm not beaming with happiness, but I will stop being all pesimistic.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Just a quickie ;)

Just a short one, so that I can avoid too much detail.

There was obviously a meeting going on in The Lodge at Hillsborough, so Fred and I stood and waited outside chatting. We went in as the meeting ended, and I was surprised to see Steve M. I told him and Fred they must watch the video, I'd sent a link to, and asked Steve a couple of questions, regarding another matter.

3 of us went out to the cycles, and all together we had seen 5 people in 3hours. (in fact the same 5 stayed) Including 1 guy, who had come because he'd actually helped in 'The Shop' and he'd been sold on the cycling because of Steve and I. I cycled round with 'Andy' in the 'Velar Plus' (it's hard work!!) At 12, everyone went their separate ways.

The afternoon was quieter, but then it always had been. Another cycling group joined us, and it was all very inclusive.

I asked the taxi to drop me and Ziggy at my Mums. From there I set off on my journey home, I was looking forward to this, I hadn't done it for ages it seemed like??? And I always prefer the uphill back. I feel more in control. I looked in my mirror, and blast!!! I'd left my flag at home this morning. So I called in The Bike Tree, and they didn't have any. So I crawled home on the pavement!!! (metaphorically)

I have got more energy than I've had in a while, but I'm not a happy bunny.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

I am ok.

The new post on http://inclusivecyclingforum.org.uk/2011/03/09/what-its-all-about/ Just reminded me, that it is!!!! and I don't feel quite as low, because I know I've got Hillsborough tomorrow. (and it isn't about ME ME ME) I think my main reason for feeling cack today was because I had really looked forward to my first day of .......nothingness :) in absolutely ages, and I accepted rhe settees invite, after breakfast. But couldn't settle so MADE myself do some chuffing awfully boring jobs!!! Why didn't I just go for a cycle??? With the same gusto I decided to meet my lil boy from school, even though he's 100 times faster than I, on his BMX Anyway

Getting Ziggy out....? I went 'Tits up' and all I could do was cry, I hadn't hurt myself at all, it was just I felt so helpless. Will I eventually need someone to get me in my trike etc? I'm crap. I did make myself go, but only went half way. And the CTC want to take photos of Steve Marsden and I on a cycle ride.

Thank's Kev for recognising my 'Manicness' before I did even!!!

I'll be ok tomorrow, I bet it's super busy after last week.

Oh Hi to Ian, glad you got in touch, were you impressed with my tandam riding?? Apparently though, it doesn't count unless I'm 'Captain'

Monday, 7 March 2011


I don't really know why all you physically fit chaps follow the blog of a cretinos (is that a word?) fat bird.

I cycled to my Mums today, .... (fib) ... I set off to my Mums, and my neck was just scrunching to my shoulder, I was like quasimodo as I limped about with my raised shoulder. And I know at times I behave impulsively, but at others like today, I take a long hard think of the consequences, and I'm a right wuss. I didn't want to get stranded at my Mums (3miles) and not be able to cycle back.....Gosh, that was boring...Sorry.. :) Anyway, at my Mums I met a guy who was 101, and I think he too must have had brain damage, because he too thought he was 21, and a fit attractive specimen of the human race. He was trying to 'Pull' my 80 year old mother though, so maybe not.

Steve phoned to ask how I felt about doing a 'Ride' with him? (In my dreams!!)On the cycles, and actually I do need him to accompany me to Esporta, to show me which lanes etc, (sorry all you right on women, but I go all girly, and need direction from a chap at times) So I reckon that would be a really good choice of ride, but hey ho. If the CTC has other plans I'm easy.

I loved getting all giddy with him at how good Thursday was :Dxx

Saturday, 5 March 2011

You'll have to wait....

A weee taster, there are more, but I havent figured out how to move them F* knows how you got this one!!! (i've lost it now)

My back and my neck are in spasm, because of the cold on Thursday. But my kids cried until I cycled to the bus, and took 4 of them for lunch in town, How Much Money????

Photos from Dave cheered me. And Ive just been put onto someone, who's writing a book on 'Inspirational Brain Damaged People' I was quite touched that they thought of me, in the first place!! I'll let you know..:)

Friday, 4 March 2011

Permission to be 'Lazy'

I gave myself permission, to be a right Lazy Git today, I set my alarm for 645am, and was already awake, feeling better than expected. I still felt cold though! Urrgh I hoped I wasn't coming down wi owt!!

I felt a tad guilty about not seeing Mum and, well I knew that she'd possibly have a visit at the weekend. So......I called a taxi and went to have breakfast with her. Eeeek, and I didn't cycle, dum da dum. I just kinda thought, I can't I'm not safe!!

Ahhh, I went to Brockwood to help in the classroom, with the training. And I took some photos, that Steve had done of me in York, and of all the cyclists outside the York Minster, just so they could get a peek into my life. And what cycling means to me. Anyway, these really went down well, so there I was with my pics, (which reminds me I MUST get a digital camera and learn how to load!!!Because I hate been left with none. I really want one of Steve and I on the Tandam, and Zara and I on the Twin Hand Cycle. And I had my New CTC brass pin badge, which the lovely Steve Bailey, had requested for me, because I was a fine 'Embassador' for the CTC and Inclusive Cycling.

Oh there's been quite a lot of activity in Sheffield today, so Mark Calandar guy text to say, I was wonderful and Marvelous, and all that. Which I know was bollox because I was absolutely frozen, by the time I was interviewed, and the best bit of the event had been and gone. I'm ok though, I trust Mark to edit it well.

But hey, you know, I was a total Slapper, and cycled about wi Summer skimpy clothes on, screaming about pains in my Lady Garden!!(my word was less select!!) well someone told me it was chuffin minus 2!!!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Pic plea, email to me ????? xxxx

I'm sure you'll hear different reports of how well it went on Thursdayx Can you tell I'm very happy about it?

Hey there's even a photo floating about, of the 'Dynamic Duo' (get this!!!) on a 2 wheeled Tandam. I'm sore now though!!

There were a lot of new folk there, who were all so impressed with how friendly everyone was and how much fun cycling was. Some of my contacts, hadn't really appreciated just what it was that I loved, until today. And they were so impressed!! It was as if the coin had dropped. One physio from the Head Injuries Rehab Centre, said I cant wait to bring my Mum, she's in a wheelchair. I've only been supporting their research for 3 years!! And they suddenly have massive respect for my not so inane ramblings, and well? I thank the CTC for giving me that chance to shine.

And Adult Social Care, who I do a lot of work for, and regularly put on different events, they were bowled over with the Event.

At least 2 different individuals brought there own cycles, to show me. After reading my blog! one had come from Macclesfield,Hi Ian, I think your trikes ACE (what is it again?) DH took some nice pics of it, and I had met Ian in York...? I speak to many folk....all of the time.

Although it was a team effort, that made the day so huge a success (???) Well done to Steve M, for making us all want to do it.

Oh yeah... Apologies now for my Calendar appearance, I only got to say one line and it and it was something all balloon headed and dumb, so soz about that one. But it's on tonight.

I'm copying this to my blog. So because I'm tired.


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Oooooooh a quickie xx

Just a quickie, to say, remember Pride Of Britain awards? Well the Producer Mark, has a wicked sense of humour,and we've stayed in touch via text ever since November.

At the weekend I told him of Cycling For All at Hillsbrough' launch, he got in touch wi Steve Marsden, and he's coming to do some filming tomorrow. :)

I've had a few folk drop out today, so I hope they aren't depending on me to bring people.

I seem to spend my life creating opportunities for folk, because it's what gives me a buzzzz. Today was no different, it was the final Training day on my Skills Pool day, and it was no different. I was sooo tired though, I fell asleep on the settee, which I haven't done for ages. I'm going to bed now. :)Bliss.