Thursday, 10 March 2011

Just a quickie ;)

Just a short one, so that I can avoid too much detail.

There was obviously a meeting going on in The Lodge at Hillsborough, so Fred and I stood and waited outside chatting. We went in as the meeting ended, and I was surprised to see Steve M. I told him and Fred they must watch the video, I'd sent a link to, and asked Steve a couple of questions, regarding another matter.

3 of us went out to the cycles, and all together we had seen 5 people in 3hours. (in fact the same 5 stayed) Including 1 guy, who had come because he'd actually helped in 'The Shop' and he'd been sold on the cycling because of Steve and I. I cycled round with 'Andy' in the 'Velar Plus' (it's hard work!!) At 12, everyone went their separate ways.

The afternoon was quieter, but then it always had been. Another cycling group joined us, and it was all very inclusive.

I asked the taxi to drop me and Ziggy at my Mums. From there I set off on my journey home, I was looking forward to this, I hadn't done it for ages it seemed like??? And I always prefer the uphill back. I feel more in control. I looked in my mirror, and blast!!! I'd left my flag at home this morning. So I called in The Bike Tree, and they didn't have any. So I crawled home on the pavement!!! (metaphorically)

I have got more energy than I've had in a while, but I'm not a happy bunny.


  1. led lights are the answer,they are spotted from much further away than a flag even in day light,and you dont leave them behind or in my case keep snapping them

  2. And where abouts do you put them then? Because my problem is, that I go to Hillsbro in an estate car. And we have to take the flag post off, to get the trike in the back. And then I forghet it!!!!

  3. Can you velcro it onto your seat or handlebars before putting it in the car?

  4. htey are fixed to the frame where ever i can,there is plenty place to secure them to and they dont have to be expensive ones i got a couple from asda last year.but james even bike tree have cheap ones

  5. sorry fingers faster than brain.they are fixed

  6. I'm not very dextress and nimble fingured, or brainy. But I love the fantastic way, you all offer help sooo thanks. And you've given me a really simple (ey it had to be)idea. I'm gonna try, tying some string to ny flag pole, about 20' up the pole, and fastening the other end to my main frame. Will it work? I think it will?

    Thank you