Friday, 27 September 2013

Nice one Simon

Thank you Simon Geller, for putting me onto Kirill Bogdanov, from Sheffield University. :)

Thursday, 26 September 2013

I have no shame :)

We were quiet at Cycling 4 All this morning, which was nice, because for once we all, caught up with each other. I have no shame, I asked folk if they'd read the blog? the one where I'd unashamedly said Steve was the Hero? And yes, they laughed. The sun was out, and we all loved and laughed Hillsborough. I don't want the feelings of today ever to end, it was just what I needed after yesterdays bad news.

Steve spoke excitedly about the Train and the Tram, and of how I could be just the right person, to make a difference. (not too much pressure then?)

Ahhhh Marj and Barry came, and because they'd missed my b'day last week, came baring gifts :) A Card, Necklace and perfume. And then she said ooooh you wouldn't be interested in a food steamer would you?? only I've got a brand new one in the back of the car (like you do). I got it home, and it had never been out of it's box!!!! It's absolutely perfect. But I bet I'm not supposed to accept gifts?? But hey ho!! it's mine now :)

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


A play on HealthBeMe, but play isn't the right word because it makes folk think Happy/Joy/Laughter and movement. And afraid it's definitely not shifting! And neither is the promise of a digital Record of Involvement:(

The Core group consisting of Roz, Chris, Mark and Emily and :) me. Are taking October, to put out feelers and speak to folk, we are reconvening in November, to see where we are at.

I only cycled to the bus stop, and managed to fall on my very fragile front light, which proceeded to break up, into hundreds of pieces! Spilling batteries all over the road.  I don't thing my repair skills or selotape will stretch to a repair!!

I'm a bit fed up, a lot actually. I'd go for a ride but it's dark, and it just reminds me that I broke my lights!!!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Hello Cycle Sheffield :)

I enjoyed a Zoomingly :) I don't think that's a word, but I bet everybody knows what it means. trip to Millhouses Park. It was great, the self propelled speed, wind in my hair as I sped down the dual carriageway. Hey I even overtook a Bicycle! I arrived early and 'anal' because I was excited, about the possibility of expanding my network of cycling folk. And it wasn't because I was a young fit man in Lycra? I was attracting this attention, because of exactly the opposite. And I'd also got the support of Nick Clegg, in the form of a personal letter. So I met Simon Geller and my Hero Steve Marsden, (I know it's boring, but he gave me the best gift of all, the gift of a proper life, and I became a value to my family and community)  Awwww mushy bit over :)

Anyway, I've agreed (I must be bonkers!) to cycle from Cycling 4 All at Hillsborough Park, to the Town Hall. On the 17th of October, at5.30 to a MoveSheffield ??meeting about cycles as mobility aids on the train and trams in Sheffield. After the meeting I'm going to CYCLE BACK TO TOTLEY!! that wasn't a mistake to write in capitals btw! with a bit of a posse:) escorting me. Hopefully this will earn me a special concession, to take my trike on the train and tram at off peak times. And if this works ok, other folk will be allowed their basic human right!! I mean I could say that I'd rather be able to run and jump on a train/tram, and can't because I have a disability. But I'd actually be lying....a bit! Everyone knows I just love what I do.

Going home, I was the opposite really, I pulled in because I became aware of an expanse of open road infront of me.....yikes!!! 14 cars, a bus, a lorry and a tractor passed!! :D I did laugh on the inside

Saturday, 21 September 2013

My Mate Nick Clegg!! has sent me a letter today, to say how well I looked at the Q and A evening. Ey!! were like old mates!! ......urmmm sometimes! He is very interested to know the outcome of being granted special permission to take my trike. On the train from Dore to Sheffield, Before he takes the matter further.
I'm a right creep
It also goes onto say how much they have spent on Cycling, in an additional letter.....yeah, yeah. But none of it is for disability thanks for that then!!! And directs me towards And then maybe recognising, that this isn't what I wanted, to hear. He says
I suspect it adds little to what you already know, but do contact me again, if further (DIFFERENT) - no I just made that last bit up, matters arise. 
And Finns just put on my absolutely beautiful flowery panniers, a birthday pressie :) They are from NEXT and have card into stiffen the sides, a really sturdy iconic fashion piece. Well impressed.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Cycling 4 All

Or......sitting drinking tea and coffee whilst it rains outside!! And no Punters. Just Nora, who'd come back to show us her new purchase :) ...An £800 trike from Cycle York??? It was Fantastic to see her, she was transferred from a Stroke Victim, dependant on someone to push her wheelchair, to a Stroke Survivor, who was enjoying exploring the paths round Hillsborough Park. Despite the rain!!

I wish I'd gone with her in hindsight. So Next time ey?

And thank you team, for the Masie on a tricycle b'day card, and gifts.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Ey, at least I'm wanted for s'thing :) I love being wanted. x

I loved today, first I had to wash and dry Daisies PE 11.00pm last nit!!. And leave it on the drive, so she could jump out of the car at 8.00 this morning. As her Dad took her to school. Then one of my beautiful friends text to ask if we could meet,as she needed s'onme to talk to. (I just made that up,) So I tried to zoom to Millhouses Park, but my chain kept coming off my derailer? I'm not too sure why, but I arrived a bit late with very oily hands!!!

Lovely lunch, and she'd remembered my birthday! :) Cheers

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Chain breakers

Finn went off on his adventures this morning, bless him. With his stick and handkerchief wrapping his sandwiches, well not quite but I'm sure you get the picture. To a place where 2 years ago one of his friends came off his BMX and ended up with a fractured skull, and dropping back a year, because he had missed so much, of his school work. I thing it's ok for me to say, that he is effected by his brain damage :) isn't it??

Any way for a whole year, 'Chain breakers' was deserted, and tumbleweed blew across the dusty tracks :D But today it was lively with children and spades. I made Finn wear his helmet, because I believe he frequently falls off, its part of the sport!

I haven't sat on my trike today for the first time in about three months!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Ziggys Cave is Ready :)

I've just written a post and thought better of posting it. So you'll have to make do with this one. It's far too sensible of me.

Steve Marsdens been here drilling through the brick work, so I've got a plug socket, under the porch where I'm keeping Ziggy.How Exciting!!!

Julie Andrews has been round most of the day. She's very upset - romance?? I'm well out of it!!But I do secretly have my eye, on  s'one.....

I am a tad nervous about getting a motor, supposing I don't love Ziggy as much?

I also won't have got the motor for the 24th of this month, when I'm starting a philosophy course on Carterknowle Rd, I might not......

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Cycle to Work day :)

Because I'm a bit juvenile, and still get butterflies, when I'm catching the train!!! I set off 15minutes early this morning,  as apposed to missing the train. It was Northern Rail, and the conductress, was extremely helpful. In fact, if I was a touchy, person, I would have been  mauled!!! Because it was one of those times, when I had enjoyed the freedom of Cycling to catch the train, without a drama. And the convenience of living just a mile away from the railway made me feel truly blessed.  And then the conductress asked me immediately if I'd need assistance, because I looked like I needed help. (well thanks for noticing that then!)

I easily found the tram stop at the Railway Station, despite it having a substitute bus, for many of the lines. I got on the first one which stopped in Fitz Allen Square  - town, for those who aren't familiar, with Sheffield. I asked the very smiley jolly conductor (I love it when folk are happy) what colour line I wanted for Hillsborough? (how silly of me not to say Hillsborough PARK) I was extra happy when he informed me that the train I was in fact on, was going to Hillsborough and I didn't need to change. Imagine my despair when the tram turned left up the hill towards Malin Bridge, and it just kept going :( I explained my error, and the happy jolly man advised me to get off, catch another tram going in the opposite direction, just one stop. Get off, be sure to use the crossing :) (I must really have appeared needy this morning!)and get a 'YELLOW' tram, there, there. I just made up the last bit!!

I did and reached the Park, at last.
I got off and so wanted my trike, or any trike. I called Steve Marsden, in the hope that he'd come and fetch me on the side by side. But he didn't pick up, he was busy with Happy Days. Who were enjoying the cycles. I took my time and walked/tripped through the park. I arrived feeling drained and unhappy after my failed attempt at finding an alternative, to community transport. But do you know although it was a HUGE effort, i'd do it all again Tomorrow, if I had no choice.

Marj and Barry brought me some home green beans, which I have just enjoyed. I invited Adam and Andy to The Tap next week for a birthday drink, and invited folk to share some birthday cake. Which I intend to bring to C4A. It was nearly time to go, and Ian, arrived. I have met Ian before, but his PA explained that he'd had a rough time recently, and could he possibly have a shot on a cycle. Although, I knew they were putting the cycles away, I sensed it meant s'thing and urged them to go and 'baggy' a ride, b4 Steve packed them away. I saw them after, Ian was beaming from Ear to Ear.

Andy was an absolute Star, and gave me a lift to near Tescos, so I just hopped on a bus to collect my Trike. What a Fab

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Very unhappy :(

I'm very sad, Community transport phoned today, and said they couldn't take me on Thursday to Cycling 4 All, at Hillsborough. I've really got to be able to get there independently, it makes me very sad. So I'm getting the 9.57 train from Dore, to Sheffield, 2 trams. And then the same back!! I have to do it, because I'm lobbying to take my trike on both. Thing is though public transports so boring!! Time seems to drag!!

Our Research is coming on marvellously at SCBIRT, and I'm enjoying the the Theo metrical??? research more than I anticipated. But I cannot help but wonder if we all hear what we want to hear out of the answers and come to the conclusion, before we've even studied the facts. (but that's why we work in a group and things are done democratically??

I wish I was looking forward to Thursday!!

Monday, 9 September 2013


I was just cycling (Holly cantering) towards the Meadow at 8.00 this morning. And this HUGE ' fuck off'  Mastiff, pounced on Holly.  Now Holly is the ultimate wuss at the best of times, her tail got even further between her legs, is that possible???? (without being rude!!!) I believe that 'Bailey' wouldn't hurt me???? So I shielded Holly, I must actually have been bonkers!! in hindsight.

I rang the woman who'd been in touch wi Steve because she wanted to offer me a business proposition. And I'm going to her launch day, but I don't think so?? :) nice compliment I think???

Thank goodness I've got a bit of money tomorrow ...phew.

 I've also got a BIRRP meeting.


Sunday, 8 September 2013


I'm guessing South Yorkshire ........ Transport Association??? S'one mentioned a meeting. Thing is although, I'm quite effective at meetings....I think?? I'm not too sure why, pity? honesty? effort??Intelligence...Nahhhh :D I do have difficulty getting there, it's a bit hypocritical turning up everywhere in a taxi (plus the expense). Hopefully things might change a bit, when I get my motor, which is still it transit from Australia. And Rob Hague (West Country Recumbent fame) has fitted it to the boom. (I think I got that the wrong way round, we are waiting for a new boom to arrive! So Rob can assemble it and quite simply swap it with my Slumph and boom.

It doesn't really help my ability to see at dusk though.

Hey Steve Marsden has been asked twice this weekend for my details ;) Makes a change.

So Hi Dawn, I will phone you tomorrow.

And I'll see you on the 24th Simon, you might be able to do me a huge favour, if your coming from Nether Edge that day? and meet me at the School of Philosophy, perhaps?? I can't find anyone willing to do that Virgin Ride with me back. Well atleas5t as far as Millhouses?

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Evening with Old Nick!! ......:D

I do mean Nick Clegg, and not the Devil, because I know it's in his interest to be lovely, but I really think he comes across well, and kind, and a lovely person. I waited till the very last question, and went for it!! Reminding him first of the day at the Paralympics when Steve and I were his guests, and Sarah Storey won Gold. He said ' Yeah that's right and you, you are so passionate about your trike' Well he got that bit right!! I explained how Trans Penine, wouldn't let me take my trike on the train from Dore, to Sheffield, and I did need it at the other end to complete my journey. (I have since sent him details of how this could be possible if I stood the trike on the 2 wheeled end, and bungee strapped the single wheel to the roof) But who knows? There is a bit of a campaign to get trikes, and bikes on the train-tram to Rotherham. and I am meeting Simon Geller, and Steve about this.

Meanwhile Robs on holiday at the moment so I think Carol is assembling parts?? from places. And maybe Rob will start on it, the back end of next week.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

I feel like i'm helping folk be happy, which makes me happier. :)

I know it's more about ME I supposed, but I feel so comfortable knowing that I have made an insy difference to a few folks' lives today :) And yes, I know Steve and Graham would have been there to give out the bikes. But would they have cycled so slowly (I can't go much faster!!) listening with interest to Marj, as she struggled round with a broken finger. (She did it because she loves C4A) And then there was Alan, who questioned whether he owed the full £5, because he'd only cycled for 25minutes and not the full hour - bless :) some folk!! :D

And David, the guy who used to cycle daily, until 8months ago when he had a stroke. He still hasn't spoken, but he smiles from ear to ear, as he cycles on a high  backed trike. Sue, his incredibly supportive wife  had brought coffee and buns.

And Mark, Wow Mark! He'd been diagnosed with MS a few months aGO AGED 30.  Lost his abiity, to speak, write, had his driving licence taken from him, lost his job, the list goes on. He arrived with his wife, she was called Caroline too. The lovely Dave Brenon took Mark, to try a 2 wheeler first. And I went for a cycle on the side by side round the park, with his Caroline. We peeped at his progress from a far, not wanting to embarrass him. But we needn't have worried, because he was soon cycling confidently without Daves supportive arm/words.

And then there is the gorgeous Adam, who always arrives at the end of the day.

Ahhhhh I'm happy now:)

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Marvelous Friends :)

Angela, Dave Kev, and myself chewed the fat for 3 hrs + this evening!! I got very drunk, but I had my trike to slowly pedal home on. With Anj gracefully guiding me at times. (I had to tinkle twice!!!) my bladders not good!!

Everyonme one got on so well, I could have actually continued the conversation all night.

But children beckomed.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Good Call Kev!!! :)

I couldn't sleep last night, I was too excited!!! (I know i'm a bit sad, but I don't talk to new people very often) And I wasn't disappointed.

The day began, with my cycle in the 'Forest', we didn't dilly dally.

I came back to the wrath OF dAISY, BECAUSE i'D MISPLACED HER BRAND NEW SCHOOL SKIRT!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!! just maybe it got thrown, outeeeeek with the jumble! First day back, and reserve uniform.

I had 6 minutes to get to Dore Station, 'You'll never do it' screeched my wee boy. I pulled up at the same time as the train!! I ran (in my dreams!) and jumped in deeper dreams, onto the train.

It was great to see Kevin,  who guided me as we made our way to the venue for the Theorising Normalcy and Mundane Conference. I'm too tired, I'm going to bed.....I'll continue this tomorrow.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Allsorts !

I know it's a grim one, but I want this played at my cremation. As well as Bicycle by queen. It will always remind me of Centre Parcs, that song, and how 'Normal' I feel cycling, and how happy I feel, getting into scrapes with my kids :)

Anyway, i'm not meaning to be morose! But I've got more sombre news, my ex phoned to ask, if he could take the children abroad in half term , the thing is? that it's Finns b'day that week :( Of course I said yes, but Finn wasn't too sure that he wanted to be apart for his special day. But I cajoled him into it. But I know I will be filled with memories, of what would have happened  if our marriage had worked? But I then shook myself! I would be twice as big, would be using crutches for sure, or be in a chair, I had to use a commode! when I was pregnant, because I suffered and I mean suffered from a condition, called pubic synthasis?? It's where your fanny muscles start to stretch!!! Sorry I can't be dignified whilst remembering that pain. Maybe it's a bit like child birth???

I would never have cycled which is the BEST thing ever.

I have my meeting with Nick Clegg, sorted for Friday.

I want Kev Hickman to call  me please???

just in case you are reading kev? I'm getting the 0822 or the 0828 into Sheffield, and I will be drinking coffee, sitting under the arrivals/departure electronic board.  I do  have no idea where we are going btw!! For the is, but it sounds interesting, and it will be good for Networking.

Kev called and we're meeting for breakfast at 8.30am :)

I was up early cycling in the meadows this morning, with Holly dog. Eeeeeek, remember the broken gate? I met the guy who fell on it, haS INSISTED ON BUYING ME AND THE KIDS DINNER ON Friday. Bugger!!! I can't :) I have a date with Mr Clegg!!!

My Record of Involvement seems to be going down well, with folk I wonder if Nick will have read it.

Sunday, 1 September 2013


Has anyone had chance to look at my Record of Involvement/Health be me stuff? I know Dave has, and thanks for the advice. It spured me on to chase up my invite to meet Mr Clegg. One thing I do intend to ask him about, is why I can't take Ziggy on the train just one stop when I go into town to work for Social Services, saving the council £23 in taxi fairs. And helping me extend my independence, and completing my rehabilitation.

Any news on the Pedal Assist?

I'm so excited this week, because everything begins in Earnest :)

I'm really looking forward to Tuesday, when I'm meeting Kev Hickman, and we are going to a 'Normalcy' lecture at Hallam University. Although my trains, aren't terribly generous Kev. It's 14.15 or 16.15 back to Dore?

Any ideas for relevant topics then for Nick Clegg.