Saturday, 21 September 2013

My Mate Nick Clegg!! has sent me a letter today, to say how well I looked at the Q and A evening. Ey!! were like old mates!! ......urmmm sometimes! He is very interested to know the outcome of being granted special permission to take my trike. On the train from Dore to Sheffield, Before he takes the matter further.
I'm a right creep
It also goes onto say how much they have spent on Cycling, in an additional letter.....yeah, yeah. But none of it is for disability thanks for that then!!! And directs me towards And then maybe recognising, that this isn't what I wanted, to hear. He says
I suspect it adds little to what you already know, but do contact me again, if further (DIFFERENT) - no I just made that last bit up, matters arise. 
And Finns just put on my absolutely beautiful flowery panniers, a birthday pressie :) They are from NEXT and have card into stiffen the sides, a really sturdy iconic fashion piece. Well impressed.

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