Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Very unhappy :(

I'm very sad, Community transport phoned today, and said they couldn't take me on Thursday to Cycling 4 All, at Hillsborough. I've really got to be able to get there independently, it makes me very sad. So I'm getting the 9.57 train from Dore, to Sheffield, 2 trams. And then the same back!! I have to do it, because I'm lobbying to take my trike on both. Thing is though public transports so boring!! Time seems to drag!!

Our Research is coming on marvellously at SCBIRT, and I'm enjoying the the Theo metrical??? research more than I anticipated. But I cannot help but wonder if we all hear what we want to hear out of the answers and come to the conclusion, before we've even studied the facts. (but that's why we work in a group and things are done democratically??

I wish I was looking forward to Thursday!!


  1. Will that be rideable when the electric Ziggy is finally up and running?

  2. Just realised with the trike its just a train and a tram - you cycle from Hillsborough Interchange from a Malin Bridge Tram.