Thursday, 26 September 2013

I have no shame :)

We were quiet at Cycling 4 All this morning, which was nice, because for once we all, caught up with each other. I have no shame, I asked folk if they'd read the blog? the one where I'd unashamedly said Steve was the Hero? And yes, they laughed. The sun was out, and we all loved and laughed Hillsborough. I don't want the feelings of today ever to end, it was just what I needed after yesterdays bad news.

Steve spoke excitedly about the Train and the Tram, and of how I could be just the right person, to make a difference. (not too much pressure then?)

Ahhhh Marj and Barry came, and because they'd missed my b'day last week, came baring gifts :) A Card, Necklace and perfume. And then she said ooooh you wouldn't be interested in a food steamer would you?? only I've got a brand new one in the back of the car (like you do). I got it home, and it had never been out of it's box!!!! It's absolutely perfect. But I bet I'm not supposed to accept gifts?? But hey ho!! it's mine now :)

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