Monday, 2 September 2013

Allsorts !

I know it's a grim one, but I want this played at my cremation. As well as Bicycle by queen. It will always remind me of Centre Parcs, that song, and how 'Normal' I feel cycling, and how happy I feel, getting into scrapes with my kids :)

Anyway, i'm not meaning to be morose! But I've got more sombre news, my ex phoned to ask, if he could take the children abroad in half term , the thing is? that it's Finns b'day that week :( Of course I said yes, but Finn wasn't too sure that he wanted to be apart for his special day. But I cajoled him into it. But I know I will be filled with memories, of what would have happened  if our marriage had worked? But I then shook myself! I would be twice as big, would be using crutches for sure, or be in a chair, I had to use a commode! when I was pregnant, because I suffered and I mean suffered from a condition, called pubic synthasis?? It's where your fanny muscles start to stretch!!! Sorry I can't be dignified whilst remembering that pain. Maybe it's a bit like child birth???

I would never have cycled which is the BEST thing ever.

I have my meeting with Nick Clegg, sorted for Friday.

I want Kev Hickman to call  me please???

just in case you are reading kev? I'm getting the 0822 or the 0828 into Sheffield, and I will be drinking coffee, sitting under the arrivals/departure electronic board.  I do  have no idea where we are going btw!! For the is, but it sounds interesting, and it will be good for Networking.

Kev called and we're meeting for breakfast at 8.30am :)

I was up early cycling in the meadows this morning, with Holly dog. Eeeeeek, remember the broken gate? I met the guy who fell on it, haS INSISTED ON BUYING ME AND THE KIDS DINNER ON Friday. Bugger!!! I can't :) I have a date with Mr Clegg!!!

My Record of Involvement seems to be going down well, with folk I wonder if Nick will have read it.

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