Monday, 31 May 2010

A Blast from the past

Today was soooo nice, because as well as many other fantastic things happening. I bumped into Russel Asquith a guy I havent seen for about 15years. We were the original under age drinkers, at my first local pub. - The Millhouses. Wow he was still as gorgeous now, as he was all those years ago. And his wife, (sorry I missed your name)seems so happy, they make a right nice family.

This all happened at the Beauchief Hotel (bee-chief) you know those drreaded traffic lights? There was bouncy castles and circus skills classes. Whilst responsible adults got drunk :)

I had arranged to meet Julie Andrews, and her family, down there, along with Helen. Who I'd bumped into a couple of weeks ago. I didn't take Ziggy, incase I was tempted to drink, good job. Because I was, and did, drink that is. I ordered a refreshing Pitcher full of fresh fruit, Pimms and lemonade.....nice.

Helen brought me home like the beautiful person that she is, we were just arranging when to meet and she said 'Caroline you know, that eccentric neighbour youve got? is that him? And sure enough it was Pete, so Pete came in for a coffee (i know shocking isn't it) Julie Andrews took all the children to the Spit, singing as she went.

I realise, I'm not setting a very good example as a 'Health Champion' we're all allowed to lapse s'times :)

I plan to take some flyers into town tomorrow, and give them out in the volunteer markee, before the Lord Mayor visits (apparently) I was going to take Ziggy, but my taxi drivers on holiday, and it's 10 miles to town and 10 miles back and urmmmm NO

So goodnight all the lovely folk I met today, we must do it again :)

Hey I'm sorry to all you cycle enthusiasts, who wanted to see sweat and tears. Tomorrow, I'll get her out of the shed I promise.

Hey Russel cycles!! good on ya!!

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Dave Holaday?

I've had a lazy day really, so I had no hesitation, when Dave phoned, in suggesting that we all meet at the Spit. I took 2 very hyper children to the pub, they wouldn't let us talk sensible anoraky stuff, it was hard work.

Dave gave me a lift home, and my kids cycled back on Ziggy. Mr Potts has text me (i do miss him) Pat the tesco bus driver text, saying his backs agony. I do miss him a bit, and a distant fb, I know/knew (it's so immature how we became fb, I can't say :D) was in touch to say he wasn't coming to Sheffield after all. :( So I aint got any reasons to be giddy happy. But I think I'm getting too old for this 'falling in love' malarky and I'm just going to bed on my own, after a quietish night in the pub, having nice food. How farty do I sound? Ey I'll be talking about cocoa, and tartan slippers next.

If anyone wants to get in touch with me about Hillsborough it's easier to contact me on

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Fantastic Day!!!!

What a super day it was today, at Hillsborough!!! The first of many hopefully:) But talk about in at the deep end!! No one had booked in for the first slot 10-11, and I had just received a text from a young survivor of brain damage. Saying she wasn't going to make it :( When in through the door burst 9 young folk from an 'inclusive school', and their very competent teachers (3) Fred and Nick sorted the cycles, and the forms , I kinda made everyone welcome, and found them a helmet. We walked down to the courts, as appose to riding. Once there, we matched people up to bikes depending on ability. I walked next to a blind young lady, with the teacher on the other side. This person was usually confined to a wheelchair in a dark exclusive world, and here she was with very little help from us cycling for the first time, on Gretal actually!! This was amazing to witness, and I was glad I could play a little part.

Meanwhile the others chose their cycles, I let this chap borrow Ziggy, and he was off. They loved it!!! An hour passed and they said they would like to return next week at 10 :)

We were putting the cycles back, and another 4 peeps, had come for a ride. Not really knowing any ones history, or capabilities. We grabbed a mixture of cycles and went back to the court, to mix and match. Only 2 of them were actually wanting to try our wonderful cycles. And we soon sorted them. On our return to the cycle bunker, a young man approached saying 'Ahh this must be Ziggy?' he said pointing at my cycle. :) I smiled, he had read this blog, it's great!!! I asked him if he wanted a go? He accepted, and was amazed at how easy she was to ride. I was soooo proud :) He introduced himself, and said he'd actually picked up some information about today from the Brain Injury Awareness Day, last week. But I hadn't met him because I'd been off somewhere gossiping - ooops!! I offered to make him a cuppa, because I wanted one really.

Back at the Park Keepers lodge, where the kettle is (lets get priorities right). We bumped into Andy, a chap Steve (CTC) and I had met at 'Flourish', he had been very impressed with Ziggy then, and had come to Hillsborough to have a go on the cycles. Anyway, I introduced him to Fred, and Fred, being the lovely kind friendly person that he is. Hit it off with him and whilst I did tag along, I really wasn't needed. So I made my excuses and left at about 2. Feeling thoroughly knackered!!

I really enjoyed cycling, and enabling others to cycle today. It was fab!!!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Self Directed Support

I do love my work, helping deliver SDS, working with Mary, Liz and Nicky is very funny. They are all entirely different characters, with one common aim. Which seems to be, to be fair, and supportive wherever, they see a need. This is not only displayed, in the work that they do, but also in their characters.

Hi to anyone I met today, I'm absolutely rubbish at names, so please don't be offended that I've forgotten your names. I enjoyed sharing my life with you and I'm sure you'll make a fine job at your assessments. Ey, I wish I did get £17000 pa though, instead of £4500.

I really want the SDS team to come and try the cycles, they have helped me to work, and spread my experience. I would like to make cycling more accessible to them.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Is there any wonder, I didn't want a man to make me sad again? I love my friends and all the many contacts I have.

Shock of the morning was that my beloved Pat the Tesco bus driver, that has become my Tuesday friend. Is going into hospital for an operation on his back, and can't drive, for the forseeable :(

Julie Andrews came with me to catch the party bus to tesco, we called for a new neighbour to see if she fancied joining us. As I imagine being heavily pregnant, she doesn't get out much. (did I sound condescending? ooops, unintentional honest) Awwww it wasn't the same without Pat though.

I am so grateful, to Nigel West and the Health Champions Consortium, that he runs in Sheffield. Because I'm always going cap in hand wanting funding, for taxis to transport Ziggy and myself, to various places. Including York, and overnight accommodation etc. He has given me a budget of £250.00 a month, for expenses. And It's up to me and my judgement how I use that money. I did promise not to buy those trainers, I've got my eye on :)

Anyway, I sat down and researched a bit, and got myself invited to a NHS volunteer presentation, on the 4th of June. Hopefully, I can take Ziggy and do you know what I aint phased at all. I excitedly phoned Steve to tell him and he picked up the phone sounding glum, to be honest :( And I was all excited, and needed him to say, 'there there, didn't you do well' Instead he just listened to me gibbering excitedly, then said I always made him smile.......I think that was a compliment!!!

So unselfishly it's been a fab day. On the personal front, it's been ok too, having cycled to school, I cycled back behind my daughter who was exemplary on her bike.

Rosie the Gerbil, was a little better after the panic yesterday. But it is a bit like De ja vous, she is walking about in circles, atleast she's walking, and running unlike poor Spike. Who was barely alive for 3 days. :(

I'm working tomorrow, which I do enjoy :)

Monday, 24 May 2010

Roller coaster again

Why the old mobility scooter?
Because everyone wants proof, that I had one, I suppose, I stumbled accross the pick on my pc, it was the day, I returned it. My children loved it!!!

I have been both extremes today, very happy and very sad.

And before anyone asks, NO it hasn't got anything to do with my cycle....menstrual one, that is. I was on a high this morning, due to yesterday being so lovely really. Today was ....different...? Bollocks, and I can't find where my moby pics are, I have seen them, but they've vanished into cyber space. I am under so much stress, at this moment.

I had a lovely day at my the final ICDH lesson, everyone was so positive. Including myself, things looked good I had been asked to take my trike to the CTC rally in York, and Mr P was taking me as he was going anyway.

Would I Do My ICDH course again? .....I definitely would, but I would just try a wee bit harder to prioritise things. Because I am horrible to know, on a Monday night, when I'm soooo tired. And I must write down feelings, and thoughts of the course content that day. Plus 101 things seem to happen on Mondays, so I often have a fair bit of researchy type stuff to prepare around cycling. Or childcare round work. And invariably, I might visit my Mum like today, before cycling to collect my kids from school. Throw in a doctors appointment, or gerbil to the vets, like today. And thats me knackered.

I am really tired now, yesterday, and all the nice things I was told, and this morning, when each class member had to give positive feedback in the form of a written 'pledge' to each individual classmate receive, keep and take home.

I do hope we all meet up again, but I know we never all will be together again. Because in my experience it never happens that way. But I think the 10 'dolly mixtures' - the girlies and the one liquorish allsort - Matt. Have taught each other a lot and we are all glad of the experience. So thanks to Val, Debs and Suzy, and thank you to my classmates.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Bliss :)

I love Eccelsall Woods. After meeting Mr Potts in the garden centre, we replenished ourselves, because speaking personally I HAD sweated a great deal for a fat lass, getting to the garden centre. Mr P on the other hand strolled in as cool as a cucumber, having cycled about 5 miles, compared to my 1. :D

We chose to cycle, a little way into the woods, where it was beautiful and cool. And I love the fact that every dog we meet, has to come up to Ziggy and explore. We saw so much wildlife it's really nice, next to the bird sanctuary. OOoops, I know it's not as dramatic as Robs Deer, or Badsgers. But a poor wee hedge hog, was victim of roadkill.

We arrived home, and nice Mr P, put my aching sweaty feet into a bowl of cool water :)

Friday, 21 May 2010

hot and unseeded tomatoish :D

That's so rude!! or isn't as the case maybe. I pedalled up to school at 3, and met a few Mums, at the gate, but I only went because I hadn't exercised all day. And lets just say, I still haven't cooled down.

My kids skidded down the drive on their super cool bikes, I was very proud. Although I did wonder why I'd wheezed my way up there, only for them to shout. 'See you at home Mum, we're going to the shops forst.'

I sat back and bounced in the potholes, on the way home. I picked up quite a pace, and I was a bit scared at how fast I was probably going. Which I know was no more than 30mph? But woa!!! thats fast for me.

I'm missing Mr Potts, and womdering where we will get to on Sunday. I can't help it, I'm hooked on s'thing ;) xx

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Brain Injury awareness

Phew, nobody let me down today. But it would have been fantastic, if I'd have taken Ziggy. As it was Nigel, Maxine, Dave, Steve (CTC), Hannah. Didn't let me down, and 'The Flourish' stall, were so supportive. And my fellow researches from BIRRP were there, and it was nice to see them in a different setting. Hey I did that all by myself!!! I probably won't have a clue again tomorrow. (put the pics up, that is.)
I might be really brave and go to York CTC weekend, in June. Is anyone else going? I think I've sorted a lift, because I don't fancy any unfamiliar roads really.
Catch you later about this, I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

I am soooo tired!!!

Urrrgh at 8.30am Steve CTC phoned.... I knew this meant only one thing, he was gonna have to let me down Thursday :( And yep, I was right. So not only could I not take my trike, but I had to promote Hillsborough and the Wheels For All Cycling, and the CTC. Which I've only known about for a week!!! But everyone has been so helpful, in supporting me to go solo tomorrow, I just hope nobody lets me down. I've got folk printing me posters off, taking them, by hand to somewhere else, so someone can give me them tomorrow!! Steve's calling at 8 to drop off some freebie pencils. And remember I couldn't include Rony Robinsons interview in my college stuff? Well Hannah (not too sure what she is?) from my SDS work, has transcribed it all for me. How lovely is that?????

It was warm and stuffy, in the classroom at Brockwood today. And what a really nice group of Social Workers I worked with, (I'm a right creep, arent I?) I hope you all do ok. And yet again I was given a budget of 17 000, and infact I only get 4500!!! I must get round to asking for a review.

I can't write any more, I'm too tired, I'm going for a shower, because I smell!!! :)

Love everyone, but I'm very sleepy. I wish I knew, what to do tomorrow, and I wish Steve could hold my hand.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


A day of 2 extremes.

But atleast I got the photos ip here from the other day. They're beautiful the woods.
My Dads wooden bench on the far left. Where I took a moment to think about what my dear Dad would think about me. Being a bit of a trail blazer?
I'm happy to say, that Steve (CTC) is joining me at an event I'm attending on Thursday, for Brain Injury Awareness week. So I should be on a high and feel quite powerful. But I aint!!

Monday, 17 May 2010

ham - fisted, and mentally chalanged

It doesn't take much to confuse me, now does it? So I'm sorry folks, if you were waiting for that beautiful photo of blue bells, I'm gonna deny you yet again, till someone actually shows me how to do it. Doa!!

I'd not slept terribly well, in fact I'd slept in for my taxi, to take me to my ICDH course. You see, you know how Mondays generally follow Sundays? Well I do like Sundays :)

I have recently become involved in the launch of an all 'Inclusive Cycling Day' at Hillsborough Park, Sheffield. I know some of you may just think that I'm just an egocentric person, but I know I am quite self aware, and I know what makes me tick, and on the flip side? I know what I don't like. For example....i love positive people, and find the more vibrant a person is? The more energy, I gain from them. This year has been quite a soul searching year for me. And I do feel that I have benefited so much from cycling, I too would like to empower, other disabled folk. I know I've already reintroduced one person with M.S, to weekly meets in the park, on his very own tricycle. I do think having the ability to communicate, and good networking skills are paramount to be a successful community worker. My own personal skill as a good communicator, is derived from my sense of humour. :D Bum, Bum!!!!

I'm not in the least bit greedy, and I'm not looking for any financial gain. So the CTC and Wheels For All, get my counselling and humorous skills thrown in the 'dolly mixture', for nowt. I did have to attend a 2 day workshop on WFA, before I could enable folk to cycle. Unfortunately (the understatement of the year!!!!) Because of my own physical disability, I can't run the session without help. What a shame, I'll have to work with the gorgeous Fred or Ed ;)

I am just exploring, whether I can take my trike into the town hall on Thursday, with some posters, which have been put together by myself, Dave Holaday, and Christina. :) I'll let you all know tomorrow. Poor Nigel West (health Champs) I just give him a bill at the end of the month for my expenses, he does get his moneys worth though.

Sunday, 16 May 2010


What a super day, I've had. And because I'm not right clever on my pc, I can't transfer my lovely photos to show you all.....You'll just have to wait until Richard, my multi talented cleaner. Who speaks 11 different languages, whilst juggling at the same time as cycling a uni cycle, shows me how. He does in fact do many things, but the latter bits are all fibs, I think but nowt would surprise me really.

Ey, them blue birds are singing again :) That's all I'm saying :)

I cycled a mile through busy traffic, to Dore station, where I met Dave Holladay, for a coffee (thank you Dave) And I couldn't believe, who I met? I absolutely love my old friend Helen, and there she stood. So after we squeeled and hugged we all sat down together, and Mr Potts joined us. After waving goodbye to Dave, and everyone, Mr P and I began our trail. Oooooooh how exciting, but yet how lovely, the sun shone through the leaves, on the lush green grass, and blue bells. I knew that my late Dad, had had a bench made, and put near the lovely bird sanctuary. And there it was!! I was so glad, I'd easily found it. Because by foot it was nearly impossible for me to get too, but yet by trike. It was so easy.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

A New Day

Well at least, I know that my beloved Steve is as much in the dark as me sometimes, which helps me feel totally vindicated in being cross yesterday. And I'm so sorry to be vague, you will have to ask me personally, if you wanna know what I'm ranting's not too exciting.

I woke up this morning, :) on the settee!!! I didn't drink, I just remember saying to my children, that I was too tired to move, 'Great Can We Sleep In Here, Mum?' next thing I knew it was morning, and my children had covered me with quilts and things, on the settee :) Bless em.

I had been invited onto an adapted bikes maintenance course, but I kinda figured I must try and keep one day sacred for my children. So I passed on that.

Instead I cycled to the shops and bus stop. (But that's no big deal, anymore, is it? You want sweat, and tears.)

Hey, I'm meeting Mr Potts, for a bike ride. And I'm cycling to meet him, that's big for me, it's at the local train station. And I'm really excited :) How old am I? :D

politics of cycling!!!!

Or whose in bed with who? really pisses me off, at times. Things are so not fair!! and done for the wrong reasons!!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

feeling....fat tomato-ish, busy, happy.

This morning seems like a year away, but....lets think..? My children make me so happy, when they cycle to school, and they did :)

I rang Steve, before I went to Hillsborough today, I was getting emails and calls about Thursday the 27th, and I really wanted to be doubly sure that what I was saying was right. Phew, he thought it was good. (well you could have told me that yesterday) I said!! and put me out of my misery. Apparently he wasn't near his pc.

Anyway, it was a good job because, Lisa and Andrew. Both brain injury survivors from Flourish (remember Steve and I went to chat) contacted today to say they were coming, to try the bikes. Lisa even phoned and booked a slot, and Andrew actually came to speak to us today, so wow!!! It really looks like things are happening.

I rushed back, I had a date with a dreaded, Tax Credit form, and school meals one. I know, it's a brain damage thing, but I'm shit at filling forms in. So the lovely Horace, my welfare worker was coming to help.

I could have taken Ziggy, for some school children to try, but I couldn't work the logistics of it all out. It was too tight. So I'm having a relatively easy day, and going to BIRRP for a brain injury meeting.

Oh forgot to say, what a fat bastard I felt today :) and extremely colourful, and I did indeed sweat a lot for a fat lass. When I cycled about 5 miles, at C4H. (it was only 4, this afternoon!!) It will be at least 6 tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Date For your diary

In case you've escaped my mailing list, there is to be an all inclusive cycling day. Happening, every Thursday, at Hillsborough Park, between 10-3. It will be permanently staffed by qualified Wheels For All people, like Fred, Ed and 'lil' old me. The launch day is Thursday the 27th of May. But prior booking is a neccersary procedure, so if you fancy having a try, I'm sure between us we can make it happen for you :) just call Nick Blood, on 0114 2346052.

Thanks to Dave, who helped me follow the correct proceedure last night.

Wow, I've been so busy answering queeries about it today, I'm pretty sure, I've covered everything.

I even squeezed in a visit to the nurse, and my leg was fab!! comparitively speaking. I haven't got to go back for a fortnight!!!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

W4A not O4Q as someone suggested !!!! :)

I was really pleased, that Fred had asked to work with me initially. Because it was the bit of the course that I aint really competant at and that is the technical/mechanical bits, I think Fred, knew this and being a nice guy. Took me under his wing. Next we all moved down to the court, with a group of 4 visiting clients, acted as our study group. They all had varying disabilities, meaning they all had to use a specialized sort of trike.

This all went well, finishing with a cycle round the park, Fred and I walked up a bit to collect cones and I pushed one of the hand cycle users back to his bus.

Mmmmm I've gotta say, and I feel a bit shit saying it......but as I looked over the park at everyone cycling, it looked a bit of a 'spectacle' with these bright yellow strange looking contraptions. And I noticed the way the public, was staring and it made me feel kind of odd. It just made me wonder what people thought of me, with my bright yellow and red trike? I'd like to be full of bravado and say O4Q, I don't care what you think. But I really do, care.

I've just tried to rejig things so I can do a W4A kinda help thing for one of the schools, and spread some positivity, with 2 of my classmates, who are bringing some pupils to Hillsborough.

Monday, 10 May 2010


Today, I woke a bit blurry eyed, and body aching a bit. From yesterdays cycling. (The wine and late night, may have had an influence.)

I was a bit nervous, about going to Wheels For All, who would be there? would anyone remember me from last time?, (I did half the course) I entered the room and saw Steve (ctc), sitting next to him were Fred and Ed, both I knew to be good guys. Steve introduced me, which I must say I kinda like, because it's like, he likes to be associated with me and so it makes me feel proud.

I met some really interesting folk today, who were on the course with me, who worked at a school for young folk who had varying disabilities. And we briefly spoke about how teaching them to cycle, could lead to so much independance for them. I offered to take Ziggy up to let them have a try. Maybe when Steve was hoping to give a talk, because were like Reeves and Mortimer, with the banter. I must say, it's easier to gracefully accept a compliment about my attitude, to it all than it is to sound even more egotistical.

I made a point of trying, the very sporty looking hand cycle. And I found it so difficult!! But I know so many folk who would really only be able to use such a cycle. It was just a case of getting used to where everything was I think, and getting out of the habit of what I was used to. Like steering with my feet!! was very strange. It was like, circling my tummy with one hand and patting my head with the other.

I put off seeing my Mum and cycling home, because I will have more time tomorrow.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Saturday, 8 May 2010

I'm glowing, i'm so happy

I'm in bed with so many organizations!!! Bum bum!! Excuse the pun. And they all link together so well.

I cleared the debris, that had gathered in my porch, during election week. All the hopes, dreams and promises, and in amongst them the dreaded bills. That I had been neglecting, or ignoring on purpose. When I found a letter from the Director of Adult Services, in Sheffield, oooh it was a fantastic surprise, he thanked me for my input and enthusiasm for the Self Directed Support, I am enthusiastic about it because of all the things it has helped develop, like learning to cycle and participating in C4H. Which in turn has led to me becoming a Health Champion, and studying again on my ICDH course, and I am just applying to do my City and Guilds, in Community Tutoring. Coincidentally running in parallel, with this course has been my involvement, in delivering training, about Self Directed Support.

I've been for a cycle with my wee boy, up the hill near school and on College Field where, there's a bit of a BMX track developing in that field :)

I'm really happy. I'm not too sure what tomorrow will bring ;)

Friday, 7 May 2010

We love em

At 3.30 am, my little boy turned on my bedroom light. I've got to be honest I didn't know where the f* I was or what time, or why. For a fleeting minute, I even wondered who the little boy was, who posed naked in front of my mirror, with a distended belly, resembling a white starving famine victim. His poor tummy.

I stopped feeling sorry for myself, and felt sorrier for him, bless him. I grabbed some Calpol, and a couple of Rennies, lifted my bed covers, and hoped he'd climb in. He did, for a bit. Then he started the relays, to the bin to be sick, I was very grateful, that he made the bin. It was just unfortunate that it was made out of mesh.

I staggered blurry eyes downstairs for breakfast, only to be greeted with the news of a hung parliament. I hope my life doesn't change dramatically, under Mr Cameron. Shall we say he is my least fave out of the 3. Then I had to cancel taxis, and notify, some important bods, that I couldn't meet, them today. And how grateful I was, that all I could do was wait downstairs. Whilst my little boy peacefully slept.

I've not cycled today :( That's why I feel so lethargic.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

skippin and trippin again :)'s not that dramatic yet. Good news today, was I felt pressured to go to C4H, by the 2 brain injury survivors who'd said they were going today. The fact that neither went, a bit of a memory thing, just reminded me, how vulnerable I was, and still am, at times. But I think they are 2 years, post brain injury, I on the other hand am 22 years, and an old pro, at forgetting and remembering stratergies.

Things have changed so much for me, that 4 years ago, I requested that I receive a postal vote. And was really relieved in a way, because it was one less thing to worry about today. And I'm pleased to say, 'I sat on the fence' so to speak, but strategically mind :)

I could tell, I hadn't cycled for four days, I really wheezed like a fat un. And overheated indeed like a tomato, and I wasn't full of seeds!! :D like someone asked today, cheeeeeky. (i wish I'd thought of that one!!)

A gorgeous old friend popped in today, I aint seen him for 2 years, which was nice. I'm glad he's seen me on a relative high. I'm not into chasing folk, if they want me they know where I am.

I've got a brain thingy tomorrow.

Sorry to be boring, I've gone all meloncolic, make me smile chickens?

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


I am quite proud of myself, (Oh no here she goes again, you're thinking) But it's not really me. is it? It's Steve (CTC) If I'd have carried on, on my downward spiral? I would be costing Social Services an estimated £17,000 pa, in fact I cost them £4500. The difference is staggering, cycling has indeed ticked all the boxes for me. Do I get repetative :)

I'm hopefully meeting Lisa and Andrew at Hillsborough CFH tomorrow.

I had a fab day, again. I love my very temporary job.

Hi to everyone, and good luck with your homework, enjoy reading my support plan, as bed time reading.. Not like that!!!! :)

Monday, 3 May 2010


Are all GT5 riders orangutans? (you know apes with gorgeous eyes, and knuckles that scrape on the floor) Because DH correctly identified my little heart problem, which has actually moved to my quadriceps, and the outer side of my tit!! I've been in bed all day, as the deeper I breath, the more painful it becomes. So much to everyones pissed offness. I took myself to bed.

Mr Potts is coming round on Wednesday, to see if the handle bars can be raised. I'm just wondering, if the seat was put back as far forward as it was???? I might check it out, or I might just go all girly, and helpless and secomb to his mascilinity.

I've just surfaced, at 4.00 clock, and I've hated it.

Awwww:( it's C4H tomorrow, I don't think I'll be miraculously cured, unless I do a David Beckham, and get invited along just for the 'jolly'. I think I'll go and visit my Mum instead, urrrrm by taxi though.

Pete called with a packet of biscuits, and brought me a coffee. :) Nice

Sunday, 2 May 2010

mmmm nice....:)

I know I'm gonna get hurt, and I know, I'm stupid. But I just love the guys company :)

We cycled to Dore Station and back. I felt a little foolish because I wheezed like a very unattractive fat lass.

(Dave, you'll have to keep, that book open)

Next week my gorgeous friend, is bringing a van, so we can go somewhere quiet and flat.

Ahhhhhh :)

Saturday, 1 May 2010


I haven't spoken to anyone about this......until now :) I cycled to the shops today, and I had an incredible pain in my chest and neck, which dissipated when I stopped exerting myself. But I do keep getting twinges in the leftside of my neck and collar bone. Should I be in the least bit worried?????

I'm not mechanical, or techy as you know by now. I think the luxury bit of my GT5 came when the CTC paid for it to be customised for me.