Monday, 3 May 2010


Are all GT5 riders orangutans? (you know apes with gorgeous eyes, and knuckles that scrape on the floor) Because DH correctly identified my little heart problem, which has actually moved to my quadriceps, and the outer side of my tit!! I've been in bed all day, as the deeper I breath, the more painful it becomes. So much to everyones pissed offness. I took myself to bed.

Mr Potts is coming round on Wednesday, to see if the handle bars can be raised. I'm just wondering, if the seat was put back as far forward as it was???? I might check it out, or I might just go all girly, and helpless and secomb to his mascilinity.

I've just surfaced, at 4.00 clock, and I've hated it.

Awwww:( it's C4H tomorrow, I don't think I'll be miraculously cured, unless I do a David Beckham, and get invited along just for the 'jolly'. I think I'll go and visit my Mum instead, urrrrm by taxi though.

Pete called with a packet of biscuits, and brought me a coffee. :) Nice


  1. Ziggy's seat only has the one position - it should be firmly bolted underneath at the front and pushed firmly back onto the two pins at the back.
    I've posted before that the handlebars can be adjusted forwards/backwards and in/out. Just undo the little allenscrew underneath the handlebars on either side and wiggle the bars until you are comfortable. Then tighten it firmly. Just make sure your fingers won't get trapped between the handlbars and the mudguards!

  2. Listen to Uncle Rob - sorry Rob I was overnight in Derby on Saturday but I was reduced to riding a Cresswell Micro because I've busted the main Brompton AND the reserve one, and the back tyre of the 37-406 folder (conceived by Norman Penrice and midwife Big Al at Clachan of Campsie) exploded shortly before I was about to leave.

    Caroline stop being such a wuss If I can ride around for a day with a wibbly wobbly heartbeat and on a previous occasion walk 2 Km in to A&E with kidney stones (almost as painful as giving birth I'm told), you can go in to C4H with a bit of muscle strain. Invite the local rugby club round to rub in a Bottle of White Horse embrocation (AKA Lydia Pink's vegetable compound) and make sure they use enough so that you can be detected approaching at 20 metres by the distinctive aroma of ammonia and wintergreen.

    Another good belter for this is LUMA bath salts - bright orange and a knock-out for aching limbs - main problem is that they don't sell in a big enough volume for the big chains, so you need to find a good independent pharmacy - and a population like the respectable ladies of Kelvinside who have taste in their selection of household requisites (Think Hinge and Bracket or Victor and Barrie) demanding that it is stocked.

    One puzzling part from your blog - why do we need to know what type of biscuits Pete brought round with the coffee?

    I'm tempted to tell Mary Poppins to breeze round and get you moving tomorrow...... "Oh a bag full of sugar helps the Caroline come round..."

  3. Thanks Rob, I will see what I'm feeling like tomorrow, because C4H, I can avoid, taxi to Mums, I can do, instead of cycling. But I reckon I will fetch my children myself. As a tester, when I've had a look, to see what I can tinker with?

    But, having just raised my voice, I now can't breath!!!! I can't wait to go and lay down again.

  4. Oh btw Dave, I would have loved to go to CFH, and how I'd love the luxury of a soak after. Unfortunately, I couldn't do either!! My Mum was so looking forward to my visit today, and I don't think my gash, would like a soak.

    Sorry to hear about your calamities with your Bromptons!

    And I maybe should have said, pleasant at the end of my message :)

  5. I borrowed a Strider folding bike last weekend... I don't do two wheels but it was that or a 6 mile walk...
    (here if you want a photo: