Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Self Directed Support

I do love my work, helping deliver SDS, working with Mary, Liz and Nicky is very funny. They are all entirely different characters, with one common aim. Which seems to be, to be fair, and supportive wherever, they see a need. This is not only displayed, in the work that they do, but also in their characters.

Hi to anyone I met today, I'm absolutely rubbish at names, so please don't be offended that I've forgotten your names. I enjoyed sharing my life with you and I'm sure you'll make a fine job at your assessments. Ey, I wish I did get £17000 pa though, instead of £4500.

I really want the SDS team to come and try the cycles, they have helped me to work, and spread my experience. I would like to make cycling more accessible to them.

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