Tuesday, 11 May 2010

W4A not O4Q as someone suggested !!!! :)

I was really pleased, that Fred had asked to work with me initially. Because it was the bit of the course that I aint really competant at and that is the technical/mechanical bits, I think Fred, knew this and being a nice guy. Took me under his wing. Next we all moved down to the court, with a group of 4 visiting clients, acted as our study group. They all had varying disabilities, meaning they all had to use a specialized sort of trike.

This all went well, finishing with a cycle round the park, Fred and I walked up a bit to collect cones and I pushed one of the hand cycle users back to his bus.

Mmmmm I've gotta say, and I feel a bit shit saying it......but as I looked over the park at everyone cycling, it looked a bit of a 'spectacle' with these bright yellow strange looking contraptions. And I noticed the way the public, was staring and it made me feel kind of odd. It just made me wonder what people thought of me, with my bright yellow and red trike? I'd like to be full of bravado and say O4Q, I don't care what you think. But I really do, care.

I've just tried to rejig things so I can do a W4A kinda help thing for one of the schools, and spread some positivity, with 2 of my classmates, who are bringing some pupils to Hillsborough.

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