Wednesday, 27 August 2014

I did it :)

I got my fix...:) I know it's only little, but it's just enough to keep me alert, live for the moment and stay focused on the here and now as I hurtle down Baslow Rd dual carriageway. So I met my friend/ex physio who's one of my mentors :D - I do have many! I need a lot of guidance!!! And I haven't used my crutches all day :)

Looking forward to tomorrow, at Sheffield Cycling 4 All, lets hope we get lots of punters :) I'm excited, which is ridiculous for a grown woman!!

And I suspect an insy bit of a 'Cover my Ass' by Social Services today??? when I pointed out that they had spent nearly £8000 on a service, which I had repeatedly asked them to end. And it was decided today, that I couldn't end my 4 visits a day. But I could reduce it to one! And I can employ Steve? to fix my mobility aid - my trike. for 1 hr a wk, or 4 a month?

Sooo I'm happy today. x

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

I am free and so happy. :)

Wow I did it at last!!! The solution may be loaded with mishaps just waiting to happen, like me not been able to see what's at my feet. And tripping over the grab rail, that's strategically placed at the rear of my trike, on the drive so i can get on and off. Without me ending up in the middle of the road!!  But totally without anyone's help, I did it. I am so incredibly happy!!! The months that I lay there thinking it would never happen. Thinking that I would have to put up with dreary dumb care forever, putting our lives, at risk because they had left the hob on all night after boiling my milk on more than one occasion. And when I was chair bound?
 Refusing to clear up a half eaten dressed crab, after my 11 year old boy  had left it half eaten crab to get eaten by maggots because ''He should have known better''  Urrrrgh!!! I was so scared, that that was what my life had become. My mind would drift back to the Self Directed Support, and Individual Budgeting Championing I once did. With wonderful folk, like Jeanette Thompson, Liz Howard, Liz Salmon, and Nicky Mills. What a waste of time and effort and money that was. It appears.

But today isn't about looking back, it is very much about my future. :) I feel despite being a tad bitter, which I hope will fade, and disappear, because I am a happy positive soul really.

And 'yes' I know I'm cheating a tad because I've now got Pedal Assist?? It still works my joints and muscles around them.

I'm so excited about tomorrow, because I'm meeting my friend and ali Maggie Cambell, at the cafe, which will mean riding zooming extra fast down the dual carriage way :)

I have asked for some things for the Agenda for a Sheffield Cycling 4 All scheduled on September the 11th.  I'm not sure what to expect?

Sunday, 24 August 2014

A major design fault

If I could change 1 thing about Ziggy my trike. It would surely be the lack of hand brake or parking brake. I admit it came with a velcros strip, which lasted 200yards!! But it's the one thing stopping me from going for a ride independently. The other thing I'm deperate for is a new wing mirror, a  proper greenspeed one this time. let me see what pics i've got on this wee net book

Thursday, 21 August 2014

:( I didn't enjoy Hillsborough

I do my best always at Hillsborough SC4A, and I don't like it when my best isn't
good enough.
Any news on my wing mirror Rob? because I feel ready to venture out into the big wide world.
Can you tell, My hairs going 50 shades of white, at the front?? It's quite cool??

Sunday, 17 August 2014


Just been, for a nice tea, at the Moorlands, wi my mate Kathryn. :) I didn't cycle, not yet.

3rd time lucky

No one can ever say I don't try, I am though an absolute dolls head, when it comes to technology, or not even that, things that require a bit of mechanical nouse. It's really silly because I consider myself to be ok, at people skills. And what used to be known as common sense!! But ask me to reset an Oven, and chances are I will starve!! So having been trying very hard to copy and paste onto my blog, and failing miserably. I just thought F* it!! and stormed out for a cycle!!! And i'm so glad I did. Because I'm all energized and not frustrated (certainly not frustrated!!  ;) secret squirrels about that encounter.) Am I being too rude?? I have no children at home at the minute, I am missing them though. But did I tell you about the night they went??? I received a pkone call from the Airport Police in Madagascar , asking if Daisy and Finn were mine??? Because they were holding them, and believed they were runaways!!! They were with my nieces aged 25 and 23. Apparently they wanted to take Daisy into a room alone and interview her.

Progress Report

Xrays are looking good :) Apparently, I could drop from 6ft on my right leg b4, it broke maybe???? But only 5 and a half on my Left. So I'll have to remember that :)
After the hospital, my PA (it's a new thing, but she drives, is called Jane, and is very funny, as in ha ha) took me to Sheffield Cycling 4 All, or (SC4A) Where Steve, Andy, Sue, Kathryn, and Robert. Had suddenly got a bit of a rush on after been fairly quiet. Anyway I want one of these billboards to advertise just exactly what we're doing in the park.

I've messed up the settings again, but I  swear I aint touched it!! I don't know if this will work when i press publish.

I've also been asked to apply for the MoveMore Panel, who from  what I gather are like MoveMore Champions???? It's not paid, but I get expenses. So???? Urrrrm, what else??? I've been very sociable. I feel quite in control of my life :)

Monday, 11 August 2014

sky ride

I did it all 5 miles of it, in the pouring rain! I got a very soggy Ass, from splashing through the deep puddles though

I know, I know

That you have all been eagerly awaiting, to find out how bad? i mean good The Launch was?` Well it was good, but it could have been fantastic, had all the bikes been working. The 2 Velor plus' weren't working, and a new group came, which had been recommended by my mate Liz who works for the QCC and she visited a home, for young folk with Learning Difficulties, and highly recommended that they come to SC4A. So they dutifully came with 5 young people in wheelchairs. And well, we couldn't offer them a very good service. :(

And the other Guy Ian? who recently went blind and used to come back in October, he has many other difficulties including mobility issues. He so wanted to feel the wind on his face, and the sound of it rushing past his ears. But well, he was just pleased that it had begun again. And settled for a couple of laps around the courts.

My friend Kathryn represented the lead organisation, which is now Disability Sheffield. And came prepared with a couple of Urns and made tea and coffee for folk. Because many would not have been able to walk, I think thehy could have cycled though, ?? up to the kitchen area.

I am fed up though, we didnt raise quite enough to pay Steves wages.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

We need 23 punters.

We need just 23 folk to come cycling tomorrow. We should do that?? shouldn't we? I know of a few, but not all of those are paying. most are involved in some way. It costs £6.50 an hour for the kitchen and toilet, and I blagged 4hrs free, because we are Dave's guests :) but Dave goes home at 1. So we will be billed from 1-3. So I think we've got off lightly.

My love interest called tonight :)

I do like him, but i think he's a bit embarrassed about me. Which isn't really on :( and it hurts. He'd be quite handy to know, because he's a cycle trainer. 

So if you like bikes and love people come to Hillsborough Park tomorrow the 7th of August. It will cost you £5 to hire a cycle to
suit. But you can use it for as long as demand allows. You'll meet some really cracking folk. It'll be great.

Andy Kershaw is coming to interview me at 12.30 for radio Sheffield :) and that is thanks to Kathryn Littlewood from Disability Sheffield, who is quite a showbiz kinda gal. And whose running a new project, job club. Hence Disability Sheffield becoming the Lead Organisations, because it will give the young folk in that club, lots of varied opportunity for work experience.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

A snapped Crutch!!!

I've not used my crutches all day today, for walking inside!!! I did however feeling jubilant, that I had managed to strap my crutch to my trike. made off to the forest, on my trike. Managed to snap one in half!!! and just came home with the top half. FK where the other half is!! So I wreckon, if I order a couple of those walking sticks that fold into 3, and keep one in my panniers??

I've spoken to Simon Williams (i could have chatted all day, I love Scouse accents) And he's going to start charging for the use of kitchen and toilet. So I asked if we could have a key cut etc? And yes it's all sorted, he won't start charging until he gives us a key probably September?? But the pressures on now, we need 23 paying people, to pay Steve and hire the kitchen.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Di Blassi :)

 I feel I have done a young man/ boy? A huge good turn today. Matthew, who I have known for about 4 years  now. Needed a Tricycle to take on holiday?? because his old Viking (a heavy beast) had bitten the dust!!! I just happened to eaves drop??? (but not really) on his Dads conversation, on FB about how Matt couldn't  have a trike for his holiday to York. And I steamed in and said 'But take mine!!!1' of course I was meaning, my newly acquired Di Blassi.

So I've lent him it, and his Dad was very impressed with it's mechanics??? It's all the same to me??? As long as it does what it says on the tin.

He might buy it for £250.00. I know I'm a softie but I'm just sooo happy to have mkade s'one really happy. Which I know Matthew will be.R32_Seq.jpg (1024×372)R32_Seq.jpg (1024×372)R32_Seq.jpg (1024×372)

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Bitter :(

I have NEVER ever been a bitter and angry person. But Seva Care in Sheffield really take the P***!! I hate having to be so dependent on them for such along time. although I can do more stuff now, and hardly need them. they've not been replaced with an Individual Budget, yet. Which would at least let me have a choice. Unfortunately (here goes, I have no shame) I can't empty the commode, which I use in the night whilst walking with my crutches : /

They called this morning 2hrs late, unfortunately I didn't let them in I was half dressed I just shouted 'come in' many times. And without trying the door or owt they left!!! this isn't the first time. About 3 weeks ago, after repeatedly shouting 'Come in'' they left because it was raining outside and 'they were getting wet!!'  Urrrrgh!! please let me stop feeling bitter.


My Blog saying wrong password?? but it's let me write?? So I'm not sure if I'm talking to myself?? Because it possibly won't publish?? I'm sooo confused I wish I was clever! Anyway  the reason I needed my password? because I was gonna say Hi to a new reader? 'Hi Mick'

My children are back tonight :) So I will do a bit of cycling again, as I just feel better, if s'ones at hand to bring my crutches, and take the dogs. Sorry for being boring, just going through mythought processes.

So is anyone else doing the Sheffield Sky Ride on August the 10th? I wish I'd kinda thought that it might be possible all those weeks ago. When I was incapacitated, I might have taken an interest, in it's route, and who was doing it and such. It's like the TdF I blocked that out (I know it's mardi -Sheffield word) But I felt a  bit like the boy taking his ball home.

Friday, 1 August 2014


What can I do??? I've been invited to the Sheffield Sky Rides VIP breakfast, and then to complete the ride. But I'm so crap at walking\standing unaided. I feel I will be a bit of a handful (no comments ok??) If only my PA worked Sundays. I mean it will be an effort to cycle 5 miles. Exactly 6 months after a double fracture. But it's not that it's the effort of me getting to the starting point, because all the roads are closed.  MoveMore and Ollie Hart, have offered to fund me getting there?? But I don't know, I am a wuss since I broke my leg.

It's pouring it down, in Sheffield on Ziggy as well"" Because in  theory, she is parked up next to the railings, so that I'm safe getting on and off het. But I'm full of irrational thoughts, about what happens when I'm out???
  • Im not sure where the volume is??

Oh I've got a pic s'where of me cycling with Ollie Hart of MoveMore fame.