Friday, 1 August 2014


What can I do??? I've been invited to the Sheffield Sky Rides VIP breakfast, and then to complete the ride. But I'm so crap at walking\standing unaided. I feel I will be a bit of a handful (no comments ok??) If only my PA worked Sundays. I mean it will be an effort to cycle 5 miles. Exactly 6 months after a double fracture. But it's not that it's the effort of me getting to the starting point, because all the roads are closed.  MoveMore and Ollie Hart, have offered to fund me getting there?? But I don't know, I am a wuss since I broke my leg.

It's pouring it down, in Sheffield on Ziggy as well"" Because in  theory, she is parked up next to the railings, so that I'm safe getting on and off het. But I'm full of irrational thoughts, about what happens when I'm out???
  • Im not sure where the volume is??

Oh I've got a pic s'where of me cycling with Ollie Hart of MoveMore fame.

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