Monday, 4 August 2014

Di Blassi :)

 I feel I have done a young man/ boy? A huge good turn today. Matthew, who I have known for about 4 years  now. Needed a Tricycle to take on holiday?? because his old Viking (a heavy beast) had bitten the dust!!! I just happened to eaves drop??? (but not really) on his Dads conversation, on FB about how Matt couldn't  have a trike for his holiday to York. And I steamed in and said 'But take mine!!!1' of course I was meaning, my newly acquired Di Blassi.

So I've lent him it, and his Dad was very impressed with it's mechanics??? It's all the same to me??? As long as it does what it says on the tin.

He might buy it for £250.00. I know I'm a softie but I'm just sooo happy to have mkade s'one really happy. Which I know Matthew will be.R32_Seq.jpg (1024×372)R32_Seq.jpg (1024×372)R32_Seq.jpg (1024×372)

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