Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I couldn't, could I?

My friend who I meet in the Park? who also has lost an arm and gained an arm :D he's quits now!! Also loves cycling and camping, just maybe he'd like to join ICF and help me get places? He wouldn't join for support, as he doesn't have a pc.


Thanks for the comments, I have tried in vain to reply....but I wasn't the original Blog master, and Google mail started asking questions. Which I hadn't a clue about???? Like secret Question, and answer?? I can't begin to guess David Bockings Question and answers so...

Got my pass for the Palace today, and I also got my CTC big Coin??? I won for volunteer of the region, and Specially Commended award. So thank you very much Wendy Creed, it must have cost you a fortune.

Oh and thank you Nigel West for nominating me to carry the Olympic flag.

I'm gonna crawl back into the pit of depression now. But I've got to admit I do feel better today, - just an insy bit.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Huge effort, but so worth it.

I woke this morning, as Paul shouted Goodbye, from DOWNSTAIRS!!! where he'd slept comfortably on the bed settee, so there. :)

I felt lousy, I just wanted to cry, you know when you haven't got the energy to do owt. But yet I knew, from experience the only way to cure my feelings, was to cycle. I quickly phoned my kids and said I'd meet them at Mums. And a friend ;) in the park. And so that was what I did, and although temporarily I felt better after cycling 8miles, I think I must be premenstrual or s'thing :) (she says hoping) immaculate conception if Im pregnant !! So I aint worried, what were you thinking????

I'm doin my bi polar thing again? and I'm missing Steve, although I think he's back tomorrow. I've just been busy being 'Popular' and liked. And now, I'm flat and alone, but it's a good job because I don't feel like doing anything. So not good :(xx

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Fat Lazy Git

I spent most of my day writing, and sleeping.

Met Paul at 6, (from Northern Rail) at the Mohul, so I cycled there, (not very far let me tell you!!) Ate like a humongous Pig, and struggled back, with Paul. It feels good because I know longer cling to his arm like a limpet!!! I beat him home, every time!!!

I've printed some grovelling letters off, for Paul to drop into Northern Rail, in the hope of some kind person, looking favourably on the bigger picture and benefits of me continuing at Hillsborough. But sometimes I am my own worst enemy, for not taking my own advice, because just sometimes, I think how can I be so selfish and want money, for doing s'thing I really enjoy. Atleast I've got food, and a bed at night. And I'm not a starving fluffy kitten!!

Saturday, 28 May 2011


Hey, I was a SKYPE virgin? But no more....:) and it was quite painless, and comfortable. I had no beginners nerves, it just kind of happened ;)

If anyone wants to gently enter me, (too rude) on to their contact list, Im cardouglas10

It was the guy who owns Greenspeed, so a true Star, in my eyes. Anyway he couldn't pay for me to continue Hillsborough, although he thought it a worthy cause. So he's sending me a couple of t shirts, with Ziggies on.

Nice day spent in town, with a cycle just to catch the bus, lunch wi my lil boy. I got 12 copies of the Pic, of CFH group that was taken on Thursday. So I can give everyone one. Well it was sooo cheap, like 30pence a pic, so I felt like being nice.

Ooooooh bugger, I've just got a nawty letter, eeeek about my SDS payments, asking for receipts.....Oops!!!....1 years worth though!!!

Dave Holidays just popped in on his way home :)

Friday, 27 May 2011


Ok, I've had a blip trying to copy and paste and save pics of Hillsborough yesterday. I think it just must be down to the copywright or s'thing???

I had eluded to the fact that s'thing was happening, (i just better check that it can go public)

Big drumroll and .......silence :)

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

This is today, ? not yesterday!!

Thanks to Rob, I had the excitement of Greenspeed, been so into my Tiara :) It's getting another showing tomorrow, but I can't say too much about it....yet. But Mr Marsden chose a fine time to hurt himself!!!!

I am soooo tired

I'm not hard I am feeble, but hey some say that's fairly normal for a brain damaged person? But I always try and be more like I was b4, when I was 21. The fact that I'm 44 now, with 2 very active kids (and the rest of the streets) I keep forgetting to take account of. But thing is I can't even remember what I did really yesterday, Oh yeah....I'm just tired.

Briefly, I got a cab with Ziggy to Zest where the lovely Miriam works, anyhow it was an Older and Wiser event, and as it's only a stones throw from Hillsborough, I seized the moment to drum up some publicity.

I met some fab folk there who've invited me, to other Displays, and I had to write an article to go in this Newspaper for the 50+ local thing. Anyway, I wrote it in between, getting the kids off to School, Showering, and going on 2 meetings, one after the other at ASC. One of these meetings was about how I can be funded to continue life at Hillsborough. Well apart from Hannah offering to Bungee jump!!! to raise money, (Ahhh how lovely of her, though) I know a couple of the others are no hope rs as well :( I had hoped that she was gonna reveal a secret pot of cash.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Thanks Rob :)

How exciting is it? that Greenspeed, in Australia!! want to write a page on lil ol Me??? I'm scared to list all the folk I could thank for this attention, in case I miss s'one?? So I'm not going to try, but I'm sure you know who you are.

I rushed about getting ready, only to discover, i'd got the wrong day!! That's what Brain Damage does s'times:D I was so happy when I knew I'd cocked up, so cycled to the shops, bought cake and pigged out with a friend. Who had sought my advice, (yes I know it's hard to believe? on setting up in Self Directed Support - managing it) And you know that job I applied for? Well the same place is running courses on SDS, and they want some Facilitators.

Steve M phoned :( I do miss him. But he agreed to be on the end of the phone on Weds, when I meet with ASC. I'm wearing my Fab Trike Tiara tomorrow, so I may get a pic, I'm doing an Older peoples event, at Zest, so I'm taking Ziggy, and leaflets of Hillsborough.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Windy City....

You know me, never backwards, about coming forwards, and all that? I text ed Lawrence ;) and said, today.....or June!! To my delight, we met for 3hrs!!! He is quite similar to me, in the fact that he's nearly normal!! (Gosh he'd kill me if he read this!!) I mean he hasn't got Spanners and nuts and bolts, falling from his head or owt!!! and he has a gorgeous Border Terrier, I've volunteered to be her boarding kennel, should he ever need to go away.

I called into see my Mum, on the way back, I remember when that used to be such an arduous journey, to my Mums or beyond, and it is so easy now. Will I ever think of the journey to Esporta as been that easy? I've only cycled it once!!

The dust blew up in my face on the way back, quite a few times. It wasn't an easy ride, a Silver BMW crawled up my back side, and then made a go for it on the straight, but he hadn't bargained for this red van coming quite so fast, none of it was my fault but I would have felt so responsible, if the 2 of them hadn't just managed to miss each other.

I'm off to B IRRP tomorrow :)

Saturday, 21 May 2011


I read my 'lil' boy the riot act, as I loosened those Apron Strings, 'You must Stay with Wil' I repeated time and time again. And enjoyed the relative peace, of a spot of Lunch with my Daughter, at the Fabulous 'Master Chef Deli, a short cycle, with a 5stone human uphill and we'd made it. I had earnt my lunch, and quickly consumed the Calories, that I'd burnt getting there!!

Beep, Beep, .....Beep, Beep. The texts started flooding through. First Wil, saying how F* had gone off with his Step Cousin, and he couldn't find him. Then my lil boy crying, I cant find Will and my cousin lives in the opposite direction!! So I grabbed helmet and keys etc, but first I phoned his Dad, he could drive, he had a car? Then my lil boy called, it's ok Mum i've got a lift home off a mate and his Mum, but by now, it was too late for him. He was gonna get the Wrath of his Dad. EEEEEk, I hate seeing my kids cry but just maybe, he deserved a right bollocking ???

So that's where I'm at.

Brill Rob from West Country Recumbent, has forwarded the photo of Ziggy which is on an Alice Band now, onto Greenspeed. So you never know? International stardom or sponsorship, may not be far away.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Write Way, Head Lines????

Apparently, Magnus was a bit of a letch, but honestly he didn't lay a finger on me!! I wonder why? It might have s'thing to do with be grinning inanly like a moon cat.

Who knows which ones the best :)(Name 4 the writing group)

Last Week , given 3 Characters, I had to write a short story :D Well mine included Elvis Presley imagining, what was in the young girls jeans. And about folk getting a kinda stirring downstairs!!Perhaps that revealed too much of my own feelings and thoughts ;)People in the group did laugh, but maybe it was more from embarrassment!!

On the way home, I told Matt, about a very surreal and incredibly strange thing that had once happened to me....12 years after my RTA the Police phoned me, and said 'We've had your bag that we retrieved from your car, in the Station for 10 years, please come and take it!! Wow, how would that feel, seeing that and unpacking, I wasn't too sure that I wanted to revisit that day? Anyway, I got the bag, and I think the most interesting bit, was a music tape, which of course had stopped at exactly the time I had collided with the bus. You'll not know the song, it wasn't like 'Girlfriend in a Coma' or owt, it was by a band called The Armoury Show, singing Castles in Spain. I've looked at them tonight on You Tube, and they look like a right bunch of girlie's!!

I have loosely made arrangements with Lawrence, to see him on Sunday/Monday. Now it's very' safe', if I meet in the Park, on Monday, but not so ;) if I meet on the Sunday, when my children are away.

I am really busy next week, I'm just looking at my Calendar, thing is, I want to do it all.

Mmmmmm just back from Fishy Friday, at the local. I did cycle there and back, which allows me to be a Fat B* xxx

Some Old Faces

I don't mean, old as in Aged :) Sonia, and Howard (my super hero who mends punctures) Both arrived to take CFH, which was good and bad, because it proved they weren't relient on me being there, and the usual group, needed 2 people. Or it could just mean that I'm not very good :( Only about 5 showed this week though)

Half way through the session, a young woman was looking fed up, so I asked Sonia, if we could cycle round the Park together, I felt very apprechiate, because it was apparent that the young woman really enjoyed the individual attention.

Dave and Freds Place in the Inclusive Cycling, he's great Dave :)

My usual fav group arrived, that was Autism Plus, I did my usual High Fives with Ian because he likes that :) It's really good, because I know all of their names now, it makes it all so personal. It wasn't the usual staff though :( Another group arrived from A +, and I knew the staff better, which macde for a bit of a jolly. Meanwhile, the lady from CFH asked if she could stay with me and A+....?? ' Of course you can' was my reply. mI'm not actually sure that was ok, but I just want her to enjoy her times Cycling.

:D I'd actually brought some Lemon Slices and some Spotted Dick today, for us all to tuck in to. Which did provide some rude jokes and all the inuendos started tripping out, from Russell (Hi Russ) which was exactly why I'd brought it!! I've only just got the one about Billy Goats cheese!!! It made me blush ;)

I sent a line to nice folk who might consider me carrying the Olympic Torch, as a good thing, if nowt else it might draw attention to Inclusive Cycling? But hey I'm not sure if any of them actually will. I also nominated Steve M, because he's been there from the very beginning (poor bugger) he's had me phone him nearly everyday, seeking a cheerful banter. And of course he set up Hillsborough, which is now so important to me.

I'm late doing this, I'm just off to 'Write Way' See ya later. x

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Thanks for that Pete

Thanks for that little gem Pete. I can only suggest to folk that they DO find ME inspiring :D and hope, I've forwarded the website onto the usual suspects :)

I didn't feel terribly inspiring this morning, when I realised I hadn't been on my trike for 6 whole days!! So off I set to meet Lawrence, the very handsome younger man, who has also suffered a brain injury. It's strange but when I text some of the usual for a meet, as soon as I mentioned A handsome brain injured chap who cycles, they all said BYE. I think folk want me settled, but I don't want to turn into a boring unsociable git, all comfy in my routine, I know it doesn't suit me. But never the less, we had a really pleasurable couple of hours, in the Park, he confided in me quite a lot. So I directed him to ASC because I believed they could help him as they have me. I cycled onto Mums, stayed over an hour and came home. On switching to my emails, I had a very long one from another member of BIRRP the Brain Injury Injury group. I phoned Hannah, from ASC and got a number, and gave it out accordingly. I then hit Reply All, a copy went to CIL, the same place that I had previously applied for a job. Ooooooooooh it must have sparked s'thing, because I got a reply from The Boss, thanking me for giving out some sound advice, and also for applying for the job. Apparently they had had over 40 applicants, and had in fact interviewed those with proven experience.

Gosh.... that was long winded.

Hey Ho, it's Hillsborough tomorrow :)

And Thank you Pete, that was a really nice suggestion :)x

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

I'm back to being the normal me!!!

I'm here, bonkers and all the other idiosyncrasies. I sent a pic out......Oh my gosh :) How could I forget, that I got the fantastic tiara this morning!!! with the trike on, I may, if you're lucky model it for you. But hey I've been busy today, along with the usual Tesco Tuesday, do you remember I had a meet with Richard Webb (exec Director of Adult Social Care)?? Well apparently he's asked the lovely Hannah, to arrange an informal meet with me to discuss new options!! Mmmmm' Interesting. As I am going to a Co Production Meeting next week, we've arranged to have lunch together.

Hey, remember ???(I do demand that you keep up, sorry!!) I do my writing thing with another Brain Injured Man who happens to Cycle, well I asked him today, if he wanted to meet me in Millhouses Park for a coffee? And he said yes!! But hey it's only a coffee!! And I just like to widen my circle of friends.

I will visit my Mum, but I don't think I will have time to do Esporta :) EEEEk!! I'm making excuses already.

I'm doing a thing for old peoples services next week, I'm taking Ziggy, and Miriams asked me to wear my Tiara. Do you think I should contact my mate Mark Witty? from Calendar News? I may try and blag a bit of publicity.

Monday, 16 May 2011

I did it!!!

My Tiara......But first......There was Friday, Saturday, Sunday and today.

Friday. I was sooo nervous, I'm not good at behaving 'normally' But I think I managed to bluff my way through the 'Write way' thats the name of the writing group that have all suffered a Brain Injury. And a right bunch of all sorts and odd sorts, but then you get that with all groups? So why are we any different? We aren't, but I think the thing we have in common is the fact that we are all negatively judged.

I can't write more at the moment, I'm going to bed. Steve came round for some goss, about the weekend, this morning.

What a fantastic time was had on Saturday Evening in Weymouth, for Inclusive Cycling. I got a Highly Commended Award, which was a large Embossed Coin? which had been Personalised. I also got a framed Certificate.

I really am going, but Hi to anyone who met me, I will try harder tomorrow, to be funny :D

Hi to Welma Bowden, you were very nice and made me feel worthy :)

For some reason my Blog won't let me upload the gorgeous photo of Kevin Hickman and I, surrounded by Kevins Awards :) I think Inclusive Cycling is here to stay.

Night, I've just been for 12 lengths, I cheated though and got a cab.

Quickie extra.....met Graeme Willgress, ......and he's Gorgeous, so get giving to his Cycle For Health, the Massive ride around Britains coast. He must be mad, yep probably......:)
Will this work?

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Quickie :)

* I worked with Dave Bocking today, who was the original blog master :) So well done Dave, because what a fantastic thing the Blog is......well writing it anyway :) And I just sat in Ziggy admiring a genius at work, he is an absolute pleasure to watch take a session.

Only 5 for CFH and 1 extra learning to ride.

I worked with the 5 and then joined Sylvia, who just wasn't terribly confident. But she'll get there :)

Autism Plus arrived, with news that Stephen a 60 year old client (eek I hate using that term, but I don't know what he'd prefer?) walked about the Centre Brandishing A Cycling 4 All leaflet, with me on, saying 'She's my friend She is' :)

Just found out about an Enterprise thingy, for folk with Disabilities.

Sheffield Homes were having some training in another building by some folk from the CTC, who acted very Officious, and didn't come to say Hi. Which we thought odd.

I am really fond of that group, and one was feeling cak, and normally it might have brought me down :( But hopefully he left feeling a little better?? because I was feeling fab, 1) because of Bocking, 2) I'm going to Weymouth tomorrow. 3)
I'ts writing group in the morning. 3) It's a secret ;)

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

I can't do it !!

Awww I was going to copy a pic of a model of Ziggy, which will be placed on my Tiara.... It's surprisingly well done. It must have taken a few midnight oils. But I can't, thing is, I could learn, but the amount of times I'd need it, I'd forget? So you'll just have to drop us an email, and I'll mail you a pic.

I think I got up feeling overwhelmed with what I had in store!! suffered 'Projectile Vomit:)' Sorry but I've always been descriptive!! Had gallons to drink, and slept. Baring in mind that everyone I'd mentioned today's meet with Richard Webb to, had said 'Crikey, how's you manage that one!!!'

He was a pure Gent, and laughed at my humour, listened intently to my wants and dreams, denied he was Ever getting bored. :)

Anyway, he made a note of a few of them, and was quite excited about 'My Men in Suits ride' and said he'd try and sort it. My little idea about a catalogue of Health Champions and their Projects, been Catalogued and shown to interested business'. My little one, of keeping a trike and a bicycle in Millhouses Park, and me cycling with individuals as a healthy feel good introduction to 2 or 3 Wheels. He had a few ideas, so who knows? He likes to read my good news emails, Richard also had a go on Ziggy, and could appreciate just an insy bit just what I love. But I don't know ? if he can because he'll never know, just what it's like to be as incapacitated, as I am. (well hopefully not!!) I also bet he's not as happy as I am.

I saw Barry, on my way there, which was nice because he quickly gave me a CTC badge, as I'd forgotten mine. So we chatted a bit, and then another couple cycled past 'Hello Caroline' they called, ? I kinda recognised them.

I wasn't brave on my return, as it was 5.00pm on one of the main roads out of the Centre of Sheff. So I relaxed and took the pavement.

Ascot/Buckingham, here we come :)

I woke in the night, and I was sweating my B* off, oops I aint got them, better make it T*!!! Whatever, they were very hot?

Monday, 9 May 2011

Sunday and Monday

My days are numbered, and quite busy, so when my little boys wrist was still hurting from too much....jumping over the river!! in the forest on Saturday Evening. The law of averages defined the inevitable. I had said, 'There, There let's see how it is in the morning??Fortunately, it was his Dads day for the pleasure of the kids, soooo, on a day when there were no buses, in the am and he hadn't got the car. He willingly took him to hospital for an X ray. They couldn't be 100% either way, at the hospital. But the fact that he couldn't move it, made them air on the side of caution I think. So they used a 'Splint' with Velcros.

I say numbered, Do you know what I'm on about? I'm going to Weymouth on Friday for the CTC AGM and Dinner. and stopping at Wendy Creeds Dads. It's a big thing me catching the train etc :) Once at St Davids in Exeter, she's picking me up, on her way from home. We're hoping to meet up with Graeme Wilgress, whose doing a mammoth ride around the coast of Britain. Baring this in mind, I had to go and buy some 'Clobber'. I really struggle because I can't dress my age!! I had to ask for the shop assistants advice, on telling her my idea, she looked a bit shocked, and replied 'But we only have Ladies, in this shop' :D I took her advice, so if I don't look comfy that's why? I bused it and cycled home.

This morning I enquired to a few organizations, regarding funding for my individual plight to help me continue at Hillsborough. I just casually dropped into conversation, that I was meeting with Richard Webb, in Millhouses Park tomorrow afternoon. :) It's amazing the effect a bit of names dropping can have :) Apparently he is the man to ask though!! But I didn't want to meet him at 4pm, as it means cycling home in the rush hour!! The things I do for cycling ;0)because I agreed in the end, so hangfire for tomorrows blog because, I'm sure there will be a tale to tell.

In the morning, I'm going to CFH at Endcliffe Park (where it all started for me) I'm trying to get Lawrence, and Matt to come to CFH? and then depending on time I might get my taxi to drop me at Esporta, because it's nearer Millhouses Park, than home.

Hey and then Wednesday??? Remember Horace? He's coming to 'Sign me off' Which I've agreed to as long as he doesnt want me to gush (verbally) about 'Floating Support'

Ahhh Nigel phoned me from his sick bed, poor thing he sounded dreadful.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Woken at 3.30am!!!!!

I was scared, pswush-boom boom, pswush- boom boom. Was ringing in my ears, internally though that's what made it so scary. Now I reckon there are 2 possibilities to the cause, 1) my very attractive support socks that I have been advised to wear continuously for a week. To take the swelling in my ankles down again, ha yeah they also advised that I put my feet up on the settee in the afternoon. The 2nd cause was I had just had a terrifying nightmare, in which I got penned in on the road too Esporta, whist cycling on Ziggy.

I just kept wondering if this was what having a Stroke felt like? There are so many things I haven't done in life? But it was just my leanings towards hypochondria, :) x

Friday, 6 May 2011

Ooooooooh 'I say'

Just remind me never to trust sweet old ladies!!!

I've had a busy day, which saw me speed cycling (but not really :D) to the Chemist and Co-op. I parked Ziggy up on the flat drive way of the local Coop, next to this blue rinsed old dear, who was obviously waiting for someone. Asking if she'd mind, .... and she finished my sentence and said ' OIh yes I'll be here I don't mind looking after your 'bike'. I just knocked Ziggy as I dashed past, it was enough to set her rolling down the hill towards a new Silver Merc. I know it was my fault, but I asked the old dear, if she could just stop it rolling past her....and she Uttered ' Oooooh I say' and raised her arms across her chest!! By some absolute miracle, I'd left the wheels turned in my haste to jump off, so in actual fact She just did a big circle, turning away as she reached the car.:) All this so I could be like the BEST Mum, and get the Fave drink of the mo, at the School Football Match. Anyway all this just detracts away from the 'Meat' or Meet' I will keep it clean ;) of the day.

I met the group outside the University Building, first was Matt, the course leader, (who is young and quite nice ;) I have to tone it a bit because he reads this. Hi Matt :Dxx Then Steph and his Wife Gwyneth???? I always say her name wrong. Heather, who describes herself as having Mental Health Issues????? And Phoar!! then this gorgeous cyclist introduced himself, he was Lawrence, who was 40, and very fit. (and healthy of course, what did you think?)

We learnt about the 5 stages of a story.....silly me? no wonder I've never never made it big in the writing field ? I thought there was an Intro.... middle....and End, No wonder it never worked!!

I loved feeling useful, and valued today. Taking on my usual role of Hostess with the Mostess (no comment - cheeky) making drinks, and making sure everyone was heard etc.

It's gonna be very stressful next Friday, because I'm catching the train at 2pm to go to Weymouth. Matt doing his best to make it ok for everyone though, he's picking me up from home, as well as Steph, and taking me to the Station, after the lesson.

I know I'm chopping and changing and probably not adhering to anything I've been taught, but I'm feeling random, and I'm just having to say it. I've just had a massive Fish and Chips to take home from the local pub, and am feeling like a fat b*

Hey anyway, Im helping out at CFH on Tuesday, at Endcliffe Park, and I invited ' Lawrence' because he seems lonely.

Hey and fantastic news!! Zest are having an 'Old People Awareness' and they've asked me if I want to take Ziggy, and some leaflets about Hillsborough.

Ha, ha I've just re-read my blog, it's kinda contrary, but :) ???

And Just to say Hi to Dave :0)x

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Ache !

I wussed it, and cried off Hillsborough :(. Even though I look forward to it every week!! preferring instead, to shower and sleep, once I'd seen the kids off. I must have needed it, as I didn't wake till a friend called round at 1230 waking me!!

I start a creative Writing Course tomorrow, with the purpose of 'Creating' a book, at the end. About 'Coma' Victims, and their own experiences. Well you know me, I thrive on things like that???

I have rite enjoyed today though, it was great just 'Slobbing' round, in my dressing gown all day!! :) x

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

I did it and it's only May.

I cycled at 9.00 this morning, to Millhouses Park, for a date with The Pudding Ladies, and Miriam, Pam, and Cycle Chic. I'm afraid I didn't have lippy and very Chic attire as I was on my way to Esporta, Swimming.

We all chatted, I thought they all found it useful meeting one another. I hope so anyway!!! (I do that all the time, I treat my friends like strangely shaped jig saw pieces!!) Sorry everyone!!!

A big, big thank you to Cycle Chic, who cycled with me to Esporta, which was about another mile or two. It was a bit awkward, as (i cant explain!! it's too boring) but there just aren't enough dropped curbs in this world!!! I staggered in, (I get tired and flustered just locking up and striding over my trike and curbs, and stuff!!) Anyway I had loads of forms to fill in, not really my forte!! I swam 4 lengths, not wanting to over do it!!!

I really regretted not bringing some clean dry underwear, because my tits were polishing my shoes!!! and my stomach still looked big despite this mornings exercise!! Why doesn't exercise provide instant results!!!

I cycled a bit on the road and a bit on the pavement, if I'm honest. And cut back into the Park as soon as I could.

I called in to see Mum on the way home, who isn't comfortable, but she told me she loved me, which was nice to hear. We shared a joke, which again....you had to be there!!! I must have looked a rite state, but I cadged a drink and was off on my way with a date with the Firemen, who were coming to fit my fire alarms, at last. I screeched to a halt...I'd spotted the man from the council who I slip a £10 to for cutting the grass in my garden, Oooops never does he accept of course! ;) at the same time as he's doing the verges. I know I've got Fred and Ollie, but I'd rather share myself out a bit ;)

Monday, 2 May 2011

I am Mary Poppins! with a few vices

An ex FB of mine plus his Son (no relation to me!) even though he's the same age as my Son. Came down for the day from Leeds, offering to put me on his 'Family and Friends' Northern Rail ticket. Ooooh it sounds like fun, for the kids and I? But he forbid me from taking Ziggy??? Which I know I could contend, but it don't seem right as it was a gift.

I've just ridden Ziggy to the Spit, with 5 children!! Bought em a coke each and a few 'pint of chips', a luxurious glass of wine - for me honestly, and now I'm home and happy.

School tomorrow!!!!

How is everyone? I'm sorry DH, my house isn't my own at the moment. It's a youth club. You wouldnt like it.

Liverpool are at home :(