Tuesday, 10 May 2011

I can't do it !!

Awww I was going to copy a pic of a model of Ziggy, which will be placed on my Tiara.... It's surprisingly well done. It must have taken a few midnight oils. But I can't, thing is, I could learn, but the amount of times I'd need it, I'd forget? So you'll just have to drop us an email, and I'll mail you a pic.

I think I got up feeling overwhelmed with what I had in store!! suffered 'Projectile Vomit:)' Sorry but I've always been descriptive!! Had gallons to drink, and slept. Baring in mind that everyone I'd mentioned today's meet with Richard Webb to, had said 'Crikey, how's you manage that one!!!'

He was a pure Gent, and laughed at my humour, listened intently to my wants and dreams, denied he was Ever getting bored. :)

Anyway, he made a note of a few of them, and was quite excited about 'My Men in Suits ride' and said he'd try and sort it. My little idea about a catalogue of Health Champions and their Projects, been Catalogued and shown to interested business'. My little one, of keeping a trike and a bicycle in Millhouses Park, and me cycling with individuals as a healthy feel good introduction to 2 or 3 Wheels. He had a few ideas, so who knows? He likes to read my good news emails, Richard also had a go on Ziggy, and could appreciate just an insy bit just what I love. But I don't know ? if he can because he'll never know, just what it's like to be as incapacitated, as I am. (well hopefully not!!) I also bet he's not as happy as I am.

I saw Barry, on my way there, which was nice because he quickly gave me a CTC badge, as I'd forgotten mine. So we chatted a bit, and then another couple cycled past 'Hello Caroline' they called, ? I kinda recognised them.

I wasn't brave on my return, as it was 5.00pm on one of the main roads out of the Centre of Sheff. So I relaxed and took the pavement.


  1. Just too much happening - so I didn't get to Sefton and the Disability Cycling session on Tuesday - but did meet someone who had attended today and plugged the bikes on trains with Scotrail, so that those who ride special bikes to cope with a special body issue can get the bike on the train.

    Remind me to stand behind you when you get excited or nervous about anything

    Wandsworth LCC group did a sort of suits thing (if that is what I think you are talking about, and it did work well) the other thing we found went down a belter with Scottish Transport Ministers was to get them pictured on a penny farthing or other interesting cycle. We did one back in 1989, and we know the man was prompting his PA to see when he might be able to fit in another excuse to open a cycle facility or just ride the bike. Put them on a bike and let them romp around the park for 20 minutes or so with some 'safe' but mildly competitive activities and you'll have most 'suits' grinning from ear to ear. It also works when you invite them to certify your preserved railway trains - let them enjoy the visit a bit and the wheels of administration get nicely oiled - not by-passed - but the blunt "No it doesn't fit the rules" becomes "Now how can we make your proposal match our criteria"

    Speaking of making your suits smile, its worth seeing if your MP might join other MP's on the Parliamentary Bike Ride in June.

    Do keep punting that normal clothes/fashion chic for riding bikes we have to maintain standards you know!

  2. (hello new reader here, friend of Welna I believe you met at CTC AGM...)

    Just to say I spent a few odd days in Sheffield a couple of years ago, and although I wanted to cycle over (from Chester) and get in the Snake Pass, I did not think I could at all ride in the Sheffield Traffic at all ever!