Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I am soooo tired

I'm not hard I am feeble, but hey some say that's fairly normal for a brain damaged person? But I always try and be more like I was b4, when I was 21. The fact that I'm 44 now, with 2 very active kids (and the rest of the streets) I keep forgetting to take account of. But thing is I can't even remember what I did really yesterday, Oh yeah....I'm just tired.

Briefly, I got a cab with Ziggy to Zest where the lovely Miriam works, anyhow it was an Older and Wiser event, and as it's only a stones throw from Hillsborough, I seized the moment to drum up some publicity.

I met some fab folk there who've invited me, to other Displays, and I had to write an article to go in this Newspaper for the 50+ local thing. Anyway, I wrote it in between, getting the kids off to School, Showering, and going on 2 meetings, one after the other at ASC. One of these meetings was about how I can be funded to continue life at Hillsborough. Well apart from Hannah offering to Bungee jump!!! to raise money, (Ahhh how lovely of her, though) I know a couple of the others are no hope rs as well :( I had hoped that she was gonna reveal a secret pot of cash.

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