Wednesday, 4 May 2011

I did it and it's only May.

I cycled at 9.00 this morning, to Millhouses Park, for a date with The Pudding Ladies, and Miriam, Pam, and Cycle Chic. I'm afraid I didn't have lippy and very Chic attire as I was on my way to Esporta, Swimming.

We all chatted, I thought they all found it useful meeting one another. I hope so anyway!!! (I do that all the time, I treat my friends like strangely shaped jig saw pieces!!) Sorry everyone!!!

A big, big thank you to Cycle Chic, who cycled with me to Esporta, which was about another mile or two. It was a bit awkward, as (i cant explain!! it's too boring) but there just aren't enough dropped curbs in this world!!! I staggered in, (I get tired and flustered just locking up and striding over my trike and curbs, and stuff!!) Anyway I had loads of forms to fill in, not really my forte!! I swam 4 lengths, not wanting to over do it!!!

I really regretted not bringing some clean dry underwear, because my tits were polishing my shoes!!! and my stomach still looked big despite this mornings exercise!! Why doesn't exercise provide instant results!!!

I cycled a bit on the road and a bit on the pavement, if I'm honest. And cut back into the Park as soon as I could.

I called in to see Mum on the way home, who isn't comfortable, but she told me she loved me, which was nice to hear. We shared a joke, which had to be there!!! I must have looked a rite state, but I cadged a drink and was off on my way with a date with the Firemen, who were coming to fit my fire alarms, at last. I screeched to a halt...I'd spotted the man from the council who I slip a £10 to for cutting the grass in my garden, Oooops never does he accept of course! ;) at the same time as he's doing the verges. I know I've got Fred and Ollie, but I'd rather share myself out a bit ;)

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  1. Well done on the fitness, looks like you are really making progress.
    Live and learn on the kit!