Friday, 20 May 2011

Write Way, Head Lines????

Apparently, Magnus was a bit of a letch, but honestly he didn't lay a finger on me!! I wonder why? It might have s'thing to do with be grinning inanly like a moon cat.

Who knows which ones the best :)(Name 4 the writing group)

Last Week , given 3 Characters, I had to write a short story :D Well mine included Elvis Presley imagining, what was in the young girls jeans. And about folk getting a kinda stirring downstairs!!Perhaps that revealed too much of my own feelings and thoughts ;)People in the group did laugh, but maybe it was more from embarrassment!!

On the way home, I told Matt, about a very surreal and incredibly strange thing that had once happened to me....12 years after my RTA the Police phoned me, and said 'We've had your bag that we retrieved from your car, in the Station for 10 years, please come and take it!! Wow, how would that feel, seeing that and unpacking, I wasn't too sure that I wanted to revisit that day? Anyway, I got the bag, and I think the most interesting bit, was a music tape, which of course had stopped at exactly the time I had collided with the bus. You'll not know the song, it wasn't like 'Girlfriend in a Coma' or owt, it was by a band called The Armoury Show, singing Castles in Spain. I've looked at them tonight on You Tube, and they look like a right bunch of girlie's!!

I have loosely made arrangements with Lawrence, to see him on Sunday/Monday. Now it's very' safe', if I meet in the Park, on Monday, but not so ;) if I meet on the Sunday, when my children are away.

I am really busy next week, I'm just looking at my Calendar, thing is, I want to do it all.

Mmmmmm just back from Fishy Friday, at the local. I did cycle there and back, which allows me to be a Fat B* xxx

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  1. Have you got the hang of pictures now then? Can we look forward to illustrated blog posts from now on?