Monday, 30 May 2011

Huge effort, but so worth it.

I woke this morning, as Paul shouted Goodbye, from DOWNSTAIRS!!! where he'd slept comfortably on the bed settee, so there. :)

I felt lousy, I just wanted to cry, you know when you haven't got the energy to do owt. But yet I knew, from experience the only way to cure my feelings, was to cycle. I quickly phoned my kids and said I'd meet them at Mums. And a friend ;) in the park. And so that was what I did, and although temporarily I felt better after cycling 8miles, I think I must be premenstrual or s'thing :) (she says hoping) immaculate conception if Im pregnant !! So I aint worried, what were you thinking????

I'm doin my bi polar thing again? and I'm missing Steve, although I think he's back tomorrow. I've just been busy being 'Popular' and liked. And now, I'm flat and alone, but it's a good job because I don't feel like doing anything. So not good :(xx


  1. Given that the Master Cutler has a desire to promote all the best stuff that Sheffield can offer have you ever thought have offering him a ride on Ziggy, or an invite to a session?

    Don't go in expecting moolah/baksheesh etc but the best introductions work when people meet people who know more people, and a lot of little bits get joined up. For example I'd reckon that moving you and Ziggy around has a cost which could be worked on - is there an alternative to the taxis that can work - local delivery run to Totley/Dore that goes back to town empty at the right time?

  2. Oh dear you do ride the rollercoaster don't you love?
    Still, if you can drop an 8-mile ride into the conversation without even a "Phew" you are definitely building good fitness.
    It looks like you have learnt to self-medicate endorphins too. My wife calls it the banana smile!