Saturday, 25 May 2013

Awwww Poor guy

I mean, I'm sure soldiers are aware of the risks but this guy was obviously not aware that he was 1)gonna get rammed by a car! 2)gonna be disembowelled with a machete! Poor thing, probably half my age and the thing that gets me is he has probably been on the front line, in Iraq? Without so much as a scratch, comes back to England, and dies in his back yard!!!

Enough, of the morose! And thank yopu Sue for listening to ,my grumbles about being constantly redirected, and put on hold!!

Anyway  she directed me to the website above.

Oooooh Scarey Stuff!!

I'm just off to Perth!! Where my friend now lives, It's actually just outside Perth? near that Salmon River????? So my wee boy is catching dinner everynight :) And he's very excited about providing for his Women!!! (me and Daisy!!!) meanwhile Hollys been looked after by Steve M. And No I'm not taking Ziggy!!! :( very upset about that!!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013



URGENT MESSAGE. The 2013 York Cycle Show has been cancelled. Below the text of a Press Release.

Organisers of the annual CTC York Cycle show have had to cancel their planned 2013 event, due to have been held on the City’s Knavesmire over the June 22nd/23rd weekend.

Committee Chair Paul Hepworth of Holgate, York said ”Advance bookings by traders and visitors this year, are well below exp...

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Bionx Pedal Assist?

Can anyone fit one please, to Ziggy my Greenspeed. I was gonna be buying a used PA Scorpian, but the guys decided he wants to keep it. :( can't say as I blame him.

Mmmm one of My mums old carers, contacted me, today. He's calling for a coffee tomorrow????

Monday, 20 May 2013

Dear 'Concerned, Glasgow'

I am still alive and kicking, perhaps not so much of the kicking. I seem to have spent an infinite amount of hours today, pressing different buttons on my frigin keypad on the telephone!!! to put me through to departments, that might give me the information, I am seeking, or they might just hang up!!!!

And I am travelling to Perth on Saturday, to stay with a very old friend. Old as in she's been my mate for a long time .She lives on the famous Salmon River??? So Finn (bum-bum) is going to catch our dinner. Whilst Daisy collects eggs, from the chickens.

Life is still good at Hillsborough, but I feel like I'm not getting enough opportunity, to be inspirational, and creative with my ideas. Regarding All ability Cycling, and attracting new punters.

My link with the CTC isn't a link anymore :( He listens for 5 hours a week, but then I know the insightful info isn't been passed on, like it was.

My involvement with HealthbeMe, is exciting though, and keeps me in touch with lovely jubbly folk!

And it is the future of the way health is going for individuals, to take responsibility, for their own health., is the new internet community.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

As clear as mud!!

I went to Cycling, feeling traumatised by a 10 year old, and because urrrm my behaviour, which was a result of his dreadrul

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Without mentioning Individuals...?

This will be so difficult! Why people get techy about being associated wi my blog, I do not know :)

Urmmmm, I can mention HealthBeMe? and Roz Davies, I think. Too late now.... :)xx

She along with other folk from the council, Voluntary Sector, and the Health Service, are helping me put the Record of Involvement online, and making it interactive, and live. So I can support and direct folk as they go through Community engagement. And help with ideas and networking.

I've given you a hint of why I've not been very sociable, you'll just have to bare with me on this.

As for cycling, word on the street says they are gonna start prescribing, exercise. I'm trying to get hold of whoever is in charge at Cycling 4 All? But everyones denying responsibility???

It's pure anarchy! :)

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Awwww, I'm a rite sad git......:)

But I can't wait till tomorrow! I bet it rains though.

And I just might be getting a Hase Scorpian, pedal assist trike! Very exciting! But I do need Steve M, to do some Cycle Routes with me, now I can go further.....If, I can go further!!

I will get it in about 2 weeks, when the lovely Wendy, is bringing it from Cornwall.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

A beautiful pair!

Of Lurchers, trotted along Aldam Rd, attached to Ziggy, awww they looked ace, and were surprisingly well behaved. I'm sure Robbie, who probably weighs about 6 stone? was pulling 2.5 x that!!! Yeah I know I've just divulged how much I weigh!!! How shocking!!!!

Had an insy bit of a sore head today, but I had been so proud of myself, for cycling getting the bus, staggering (even before I'd had a drink) to Bar 1 It's gotta be, the townyish pub in town.To meet the lovely Hannah, for her leaving do. She's moving onto a School for primary aged children, with disabilities. Mmmmm I think she may become a useful contact?

Did you know about my teeth, I think you did.....urrrrgh, my gums feel so tight today??

I'm so lucky to live where I live, I couldn't have planned it better really.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Gorgeous Day @ Cycling 4 All, Shame I wasn't there. :(

I don't know why I bothered to go to the dentist, he couldn't do anything, because all my teeth are clean, with no decay! But he did give me a prescription of Antibiotics, (bit of placebo effect?)

I caught the train back, and my moby was pinging wi Folk wanting to Cycle, :( But I aint there !!! I was so jealous as I passed them onto Steve Marsden. I bet they were sooo busy!!

I called in at this wee Coffee Shop for a Classic Dandelion and Burdock, which was ACE, but I had to sip it on  the left side, because of my problem.....urrrrrgh!! I was just walking out when this Older Lady, said....It's Caroline isn't it? 'I've seen you in the Newspapers, and I used to go sledging with your Dad!!!' Well that was it, she'd trapped me with intrigue! So anyway this was Val, who mesmerised me, she must be 80's and she says she'll read my blog!! So Hi Val, you made my day. x

I have bought some Soda water, so I can dilute everything and I even have it neat!!! Steady on!! (i'm not a water person)

I got texts from Steve and Dave, who were having a busy and fab time. I did miss Hillsborough! But really glad it went well.

:( I'm V Sad.

I've not really slept for 2 nights, because of my teeth!! It's crazy, how s'thing that happened 25 years ago, can have such a massive impact, and cause so much pain. I'm talking about my teeth, and how the enamel on the Right side of my mouth have ground down, to reveal just the Dentine. Therefore removing all the enamel, this along with the effects of 4 clementines a day!! has left me in so much pain. I've not been able to hold a conversation, on the telephone, because I keep screaming in pain. It's as though my Saliva, is too acidic.

So I'm off to Cycle to Dore and catch the 10.15 train to Hathersage, where my lovely dentist is. Instead of spending a lovely dayu at Hillsborough, Cycling at Cycling 4 All.