Saturday, 4 May 2013

A beautiful pair!

Of Lurchers, trotted along Aldam Rd, attached to Ziggy, awww they looked ace, and were surprisingly well behaved. I'm sure Robbie, who probably weighs about 6 stone? was pulling 2.5 x that!!! Yeah I know I've just divulged how much I weigh!!! How shocking!!!!

Had an insy bit of a sore head today, but I had been so proud of myself, for cycling getting the bus, staggering (even before I'd had a drink) to Bar 1 It's gotta be, the townyish pub in town.To meet the lovely Hannah, for her leaving do. She's moving onto a School for primary aged children, with disabilities. Mmmmm I think she may become a useful contact?

Did you know about my teeth, I think you did.....urrrrgh, my gums feel so tight today??

I'm so lucky to live where I live, I couldn't have planned it better really.

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