Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A Spluttering!!!

I did manage to splutter a few words this am, on Rony Robinsons show, over the telephone. I sounded a bit naff, and not very intelligent. But it was a spur of the moment thing.

I know I forgot loads of people, I'm sorry if you were one.

I have invited myself and Steve to a review of what services are important to the council, and folk like myself want to keep, and they provide good value for money.

I thought, I'd try the train to The Circle with my trike on Thursday, armed with my Gps letter. And trains from Dore looked good, I was a bit dubious about the climb, to the Circle. I thought I'd be polite and check first, and no it wouldn't be advisable for me to take my trike, because there wasn't parking for it. And it was a 'fire hazard'. Now this is from a council funded building!!! to attend a disability avent. And before anyone wants me to go to battle, I'm not.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Disability Day

Hi, feeling like a bear, who wants to stay home protecting her young at the moment. But I'm sure I will be nipping out to hunt for food, in the concrete jungle tomorrow. I do like my life to slow down intermittently, so I'm not grumbling yet.

Hope you had justice today Rob? Good day for it as well? I'm sure I heard on the news that it was 40 years today that the disability Act came into force.

Sounds like you had an interesting time Dave, let me know what I can do? As long as it doesn't involve confrontation.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

I hate Snow!!

I ventured out today on Ziggy, it wasn't as daunting as last year, when I had to reverse past a sprocket with no guard, my legs touching the very teeth that dug into my flesh. So I might not be quite as housebound, should we have a repeat of last winters big freeze. I only ventured out to fetch my wee boy, back from sledging, as he'd got a party to attend. Ahhhh, I just hunted out a pic of my leg, that could have quite easily been mistaken for another part of my anatomy ;)Luckily I hadn't got far in the snow, when my boy came home, but turning round and trying to get up the gradual incline prooved tricky.

Steve and Andy are coming with their huge choppers tomorrow.

I'm ok for Monday Dave, to come with you,to see the Station Manager, we could get the 11.53am in, but I will need to get the 1414 back to Dore. As long as the weather looks ok, because I don't wanna be stranded in town, should the kids get sent home, and Happy Birthday for tomorrow. x

Friday, 26 November 2010

Where I'm at :( not a good place

I do so much for the SDS team!!! I have become an embassador, and trainer, but no more!!!!

I spoke to Steve, well sobbed down the phone, before I sent him this copying my social worker in. (Im deciding whether to send it to the Manager of SDS, who I'm really fond of and her me????)

My request for a new trike, has been seen as an extravagant solution. I know it's not your fault Jenny I'm just including you, so you can see where I'm at.

I wish I could mend Ziggy (my trike) myself. I don't feel fab, having to reveal to the world just how inept I am. When asking for someone to come and pump my tyre, or fix the brake. My children repaired her the other day. But I cant!!

Of course, when I ask a Mum, to watch Finn home, because I can't cycle to school because I can't fix Ziggy. Or if they could do me a favor, and bring me a pint of Milk. I missed a vital flu jab the other week, because I had a puncture, which could have had serious implications. But because I rewarded someone, with a bottle of cheap bubbly for changing my tyre, the following week. I was able to cycle to the drs, have my jab. Go to 'Recycle', have a meeting about the 'Innovation Fund', leave my trike overnight. Pick her up in a taxi the following morning, on my way to Hillsborough Inclusive Cycling.

Above are the non selfish reasons why I need a spare trike, If I'm being selfish, I would say it's because I LOVE cycling, and being awake, and alert. It keeps me involved with the progress of folk at Autism Plus, who I see every week at Hillsbro' . My work there was recently valued, by a national panel as being the most pride worthy in Yorkshire, of it's kind. Do you think, I'm proud of admitting I can't change a tyre? Or having to plea for everyone's assistance with my kids, because I can't cope? Which is how I feel, when I can't just go to school, at the drop of a hat, because one of my children is ill. And I can't walk there, but gi me 3 wheels, and I can beat any walker/runner. Me without wheels, even for 48 hours, it's like an able bodied person losing their legs for 48 hours!! Yes I'm sure they wouldn't die, but it's just too cruel, and totally avoidable.

Then there is my Mum, who was so made up last week, because I managed extra visits because I was able to cycle there. It was great!!

Anyway, I don't really know why I'm telling you all this, because you know better than most the impact of being immobile has on so many lives now.

Believe me I have searched out alternatives, as part of my role as Welfare Officer with the Inclusive Cycling Forum. Yes there are a few bike mechanics, that do emergencies (a bit like the AA) but they don't operate, within a mile of your home. Which considering all my daily runs, are within a mile. That's no good. My local 'Bike Tree' have kind of admitted that they can't help me, if the gears break again. And It cost me £50 plus £30 taxi fare and 24hrs to take it to Recycle last time.

I must have been shown a hundred times how to do simple repairs, and I have so many cycle enthusiasts, around the country, who'll be at the end of a phone. But s'times I just want to be INDEPENDANT.

Please Can you vouch for me Steve Marsden (CTC), that 1) I have searched out and priced all sorts of cycles, to use as a spare, and in your experience of me and my capabilities, the safer option would be another Recumbent. The cheapest and most suitable is an Anura for £1195. It is sold by the same company I bought my first one from, it's the nearest and it's in Melbourne Derbyshire. They will deliver it.

Sorry it's long winded.

Thank you.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Is it too easy ?

I've cycled to my Mums/Park 4 times in 6days, pretty good going for me hey? Steve M chuckled this morning, when I told him that!! So I scorned him, and he said he was remarking on the fact that it was about a year ago that I first got the recumbent bug. And even then wouldn't go on busy roads. (I still only go on familiar ones)

OOOOOOOOOOoh I've written my support plan, which will get the ney or yey tomorrow :) but bloody hell, I found out today that my Welfare worker wants £70 a week, for doing about an hours work!! it would be the same if I needed him for 2o hours though. (I've got plans !!!)

I met the lovely Miriam, in the Park and we had lunch, I do love 'The Pudding Ladies'.

Hey m daughter aged 12, threatened to walk out of school today, because she wants to go to university. And knows I will struggle to fund it. But the main reason, she says is because I always taught her to be a 'free spirit' and say what she believes in. (Eeeeek!!! Did I say that????)

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

:D I'm beaming

The letter I picked up from my GP today.

Re Caroline Waugh

This letter is to confirm that Mrs Caroline Waugh uses her tricycle as a 'Class 1 invalid carriage' and so needs to be able to take this with her on her train journey. If you require any further information regarding this matter please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dr Stephen Moorhead

I wasn't really very optomistic about it, because I had asked via a 3rd person for this letter. But I payed £10 for it (????) And I've just read it.

I won't bore you with todays journeys, instead I'll keep the mood lightish, (steady on we're talking about the eternal spinster here)

I bumped into my gorgeous young physio, who had to have a go on Ziggy, She's a rite man magnet.

Sorry to sound so one track minded, I don't know whats up because I am in such a good mood!!!

Monday, 22 November 2010

In Demand

I spent an hour and a half, advising an old 'friend' about SDS, and my Individual Budget. He knew me, when I went about on a mobility scooter, and really scrimped having to pay for disability services out of my House hold Income. He finds the transition in my personality, truelly amazing but recognises, that it's a mixture of things that have done it.

I zoomed down to my Mums in the torrential rain, I do love cycling in the rain. I say to myself, all the time 'You nust really love cycling, to be out in this' But thing is I really do!!!

Called in to see my Mum, who was delighted, because it was a total suprize. I made all the Carers laugh, with stories of how Mum, used to boss the huge 'scarey' men about on the psychiatric ward, we used to work on.

I met David Qualter, who asked me lots of stuff around SDS Budgets, and the innovation fund. He's a keen cyclist so I let him have a wizz round the park on Ziggy.

Thing is if I'm advising the folk who deliver, the welfare support that I do need? Well it just doesn't follow? I'm telling them how to make a successfull bid, and all that?????? I'm not sure about lots of things I got all excited about, and said yes.

I did advise both guys to go on a training course, I've helped plan, and will be co delivering, in January.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Just a thought

'AnuraThe Anura is Greenspeed's first Delta trike, and we've just added one to the fleet!Our demo machine is the SL model, with Schlumpf Speed Drive, and is yellow and black as pictured here'

Would you be able to get the Moundain Drive in place of Speed drive????

Thank you 'Wait 4 Pete'

I loved it today, Ziggy was fast and reliable, too reliable for anyone to try and correct, because you'd never get an example of what she's doing wrong, if you follow?? Her pedals did spin the once, but I can't say what I was doing, but I can't have been in MD because I only need that for about 2 yards and it wasn't then. I did get stuck on a wide grass verge, whilst taking a short cut from the designated cycle path (because there is no dropped curb at the end of it) soz to bore. Memories of being wheelchair bound came rushing back as I had to turn the wheels with my hands, as I got wetter and muddier. I bet I looked funny though.

Mum was fab, the staff were fab, they're all baggying goes on my new trike, if it goes ahead :)

'Wagners' not been Oh well no great love lost there then!!

Hey I've got a meeting in Millhouses Park Cafe tomorrow, with a guy, from Leeds, he's incharge of the Health Consortium (Health Champs) and sought me out for some advice.. :)

Saturday, 20 November 2010


I think I really must get some lights, some proper ones not some of those velcros wrap around things, that are brilliant, just not powerful enough. And I must pick up one of those, £1 battery powered switch lights for my shed, it took ages tonight, unlocking stuff. Anyway, I nipped to the Mohul, for the nicest food in the world. (my daughters into Chillies!!!) and she's only 12. I met Paul there from Northern Rail.

Ziggy was super, I haven't really used the mountain drive tonight, and I forgot to give the kick plate a firm tap. I will do tomorrow, when I cycle to see Mum.

I don't think I'm seeing 'Wagner' tomorrow, He aint text me, or me him. I don't mind but why isn't he smitten ?

Friday, 19 November 2010

Invalid Carriage

I have spoken with Maggie who was wonderful as always. She has always been so supportive of me, and I have known her 22 years now. Infact she has dealt with so many legal battles, that as soon as J* left me. She sought my permission to advise my solicitor. And I'm so very pleased she did. Her advise this time, sounded a bit like passing the book, but because I know her, I know it wasn't like that when she advised me to seek a Certificate confirming that I need a Class 1 invalid carriage, (my super cool Ziggy) to show on train journeys. off my GP as he's possibly got a template for folk who use wheelchairs. But to get back if I didn't have any joy.

My SW, came this morning to 'divvy' up my money, in the form of writing how I was spending my money. Included was a new Greenspeed Anura, as a spare, so I would no longer be housebound because I'd got a puncture, although I do intend to get a new track pump, and have another go myself. Paul at Recycle said that all my tyres had tyre lining stuff already in, but they put on the stuff Rob sent, because I had asked them too.

I didn't have a lot of spare time today, and it was a bit foggy and my lights are a bit tiny!!! So I just gave Ziggy a spin to school, and onto the shops. My seat and my arse seem good and firm now :D But I still span the pedals once. I'm sorry Rob and Carol, but I think your services may be required, but maybe if I buy the Anura off you, maybe coincide delivery with a visit??? Oooooooooh I've got it all planned:D

Urrrm, I got deserved slapped wrists, fom Daisy for kissing a guy who looked like 'Wagner' (apparently) I don't think it was a compliment!! - I know she walked in on us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, I've been reading up on becoming a public speaker :)

Thursday, 18 November 2010

'Dolly Mixtures'

Awww, I may have several chins, but I think the little boy who thought I was Susan Boyle, was so mistaken. Anyway I had to ask JR for his pic :)

Dolly Mixtures, for obvious reasons as you'll gather, I'm all of a mixture tonight.

I don't know the name of this celebrity, but everyone else seemed too.

Firstly, Paul from Recycle phoned to ask if I was picking Ziggy up. But then he went on to tell me that they were having problems with the Slufphf mountain drive. But thank goodness Carols phoned him, and he's a bit happier but it's just a case of me trying her really. I think a plan was hatched for Rob and Carol, to come to Sheffield, and show them at Recycle what to do. How amazing for folk to do that!!! I'll be on tea making duty.

Next I travelled by cab, to Hillsborough, and the room was full of CTC staff, I recognised Steve Bailey (does anyone else remember Jubilees?) Hey I didn't say it wasn't a totally random post.

I kinda got the impression that Fred, Ren, and Myself, were stifling the flow of the training, so encouraged the other 2 to move upstairs. That was where I had my first game of 'Chair Bowls' and thrashed the other 2 a number of times.

Haley phoned from Autism Plus, to say they were here at least I hadn't offended anyone yesterday by calling them Guinea Pigs (oops)

We had a really good session, lots of frivolity and I let Ian have a go on Ziggy, forgetting that earlier in the year he had tried to ride into a tree!! But he was fine :)

Awww it will be everones final week next week, so we're going to the pub for lunch, after cycling.

Then I volunteered to go swimming with them to Upperthorpe....Wow I stun myself sometimes!! But Cycling will have finished :(

Oooooooooooh then I rushed home because I'd got a date with a workie, who was bringing me a high viz jacket. Mmmmmmmmmm, on Sunday he's bringing me a fleecy hi viz. I'm so easily bought!!! ;)

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Where do I begin???

I woke to 3 text messages, all enquiring about the police car. Now were folk been neighbourly, or nosey?

I ended up telling Julie Andrews, but I haven't wanted folk gossiping, hey they do that already!!

I went to an interesting, money saving initiative training. It was basically about setting up a 'Skills Bank' with friends and family. Which I can see working for some folk, but not many folk see the skills that I offer as being very valuable. Which are things that seem to come quite naturally and that is humour, Counselling Skills, and just being nice and accepting.

Paul from Recycle phoned, I'll gi you a detailed list of what he has done, when I get it tomorrow. But he briefly said, they beieved the Slumfphf to be faulyu, and he was on about shipping it to Glasgow!!! I told him definately not, it could go to West Country Recumbent first, which I forgot to gi him Robs phone number......durrrrrr!!! But if you're reading this Rob, and you have time to phone in the morning, 01142507717. But I am going to pick her up at about 950 on my way to Hillsbrough.

I 'pulled' :D after the training day, whist standing in the rain, feeling decidedly p* off!! This worky pulled up in his van accross the road, and asked me if I was ok? I informed him I was waiting for my cab. Anyway to cut along story short I ended up jumping (yeah rite!!)in his van and blocking my escaping cab, in the church car park!!! I asked this 'Worky in the van' if he'd got a spare Hi Viz, he could gi me??? :) he told me that he'd deliver one tomorrow. So that's how he got my address and phone number and name. And he's only sent me 35 texts since this afternoon. It's all very exciting.

I'm knackered now, so off to bed to have sweet dreams about Nathan ;)x (and Ziggy of course)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The horrid world

Skip, skip, skiiiip triiiiip!!! Wham bam, knock me down with a feather. I won't say anything on my blog, because It's too sick. But the police are coming to look at my computer, as soon as im in. And I suspect they might take it away. But as soon as I can bribe my kiddies away from theirs I'll do my blog.

Ziggy is in hospital :( But Paul at Recycle has studied the evidence and reckons she'll be ready for me to take to Hillsbro' on Thursday.

Seen Steve M about funding stuff today, and I think we appreciated what each other was on about.

Nigel Wests Boss, of The Wellbeing Consortium, contacted me and is coming to Millhouses Park to meet me next week.

Monday, 15 November 2010

My life is too complicated

I have reorganised things, I don't know how many times today. I hate to bore you with my itinerary of the day, but I'm going to.. so tough. Tomorrow my last chance this year to get my very important Flu jab, which due to my auto immune, or lack of it. Is so necessary, because the implications of me getting flu, like raging temp, siezures, and it's just too horrid. At 10.30 I'm taking Ziggy to recycle at last, and I've forwarded Dave's assessment to Paul, who's a top guy. And really looks forward to seeing Ziggy. At 10.45ish I'm having a meeting with Steve M, I don't actually know if there's much point other than keeping him informed of what's going on, regarding Steve Bailey, Dave, Kev, and myself. It's all kinda snow balling but that's what I like to see really. Then I've got to fly back maybe, to look after my wee boy whose just started with the 'Squity' tummy, 'mmmmm' nice. (supposedly for 11.30) But, if Steve M, has the van or if he's prepared to cycle Ziggy to Recycle and work (same place) and meet with me here,than that would be so cool, and take off a lot of pressure. But hey I know that's a lot of 'ifs'. Jock's Dad will just have to help out, very kindly.

I'm such a boring fart, whose a bit obsessed with imposing cycling on others, that when this Gorgeous 28 year old Doctor with the 'mmmm' Oh so nice bedside manner, text me lot's and asked if he could visit me later ;0) I said 'No the house is too untidy, and you need to come on a Sunday, I cant be spontaneous, I've got children. What a mature thing to say!!! I shock myself sometimes.

Today, I had to get a taxi to my Mums, and back costing my Individual Budget £10. I rushed back, as this guy was coming to take my wee boys Xbox, and repair it. The guy came and collected it, and left with a Cauliflower Ear after an hour, and 2 cups of tea later:D He did promise me, he would by a bike. :)

I cycled to school on Ziggy, with a greatly improved seat - of the trike ;) And do you know the pedals only span once :) so well done Dave, and thanks. But I may as well take her tomorrow, after all the rearranging that folk have done, and it's still a bit dangerous for me to ride as I'm more likely to need the mountain drive which is the spinning gear.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Thanks Rob and Dave

I watched carefully as Dave, who's a big guy struggle, to get the jammed seat off Ziggy. And then painstakingly stretch the corset 'ribbons' and retie them at my bottom (wee joke). He had brought some rim tape to go on my inner wheel rim, because it actually didn't have any, and thanks to West Country Recumbent for reading this and supplying me with some tape, perhaps that was why I'd had 3 flats in as many weeks. I gave permission, and was in fact very grateful for him taking photos, of the damage caused when the seat was rammed onto it's pins by the railway staff, on October the 23rd, but I still have only praise for Leesons attitude towards me as a woman with a disability in a strange (but lovely, honest Derek) town. If only Sheffield staff had been the same, because it was the fear, and urgency as the guard took his whistle to his lips, to give the signal for the train to depart, that caused yet more damage to be done. Thank goodness, for nice folk.

Although I could cycle to meet Steve M (CTC) in the Park tomorrow, absolutely no bother now Dave's been messing with my corset, and nipples!!! (apparently it's a bike term!!) he'll tell me owt :) But oooh it felt ever so comfortable when he'd finished!! It's a gentle incline for 3 miles to get home, and the way my cranks are spinning at times? I know it's a cop out, but I think it's a bit dangerous.

I think having shown Dave my Innovation fund literature, it's like the penny dropped at what this could mean to inclusive cycling, if different locations are doing similar things. So I really hope to get things moving. But I think, only think, I will slow down a bit on the 'gobbing off' stuff, and the promotional stuff, and concentrate on my physical health and fitness a bit....???

I am very lucky to have so much support offered, and I hope it's done because I'm nice, and not out of pity.

Friday, 12 November 2010

I am all snug

And relaxed, and lazy :) Brrrrrrr!!! it's mighty cold out there though, it's such a contrast, with central heating and dry warm air.

I've been far too busy today, oooooh I sent a reply, to East Midlands Railway, now where is it.....

To Mark Haslam, (at least I have the manners to personalize your mail)

A disappointing reply to be honest, I'm only going to sound off once, because I've wasted far too many hours reliving the 23rd of October. Not counting the expense of having my trike fixed!!Not once did you apologize for Sheffield Staffs behavior, and you clearly are blinkered, I reported to you that I had asked two separate groups of Railway staff, to telephone ahead, and let Sheffield know I was early. And anyway, shouldn't staff be nice all the time? and not need to be pre warned? Manners cost nothing.

Unfortunately I used my debit card receipt, to claim some expenses back. So that isn't in my possession anymore.I would love to say, I would know longer be traveling by train, but unfortunately I don't have the luxury/physical ability of being able to choose.

Caroline Waugh----

I deserve more from them but I doubt if I'll get it, because they know I won't rock the boat. But their behaviour that night was deplorable, and like I said, I shouldn't have to book ahead to expect courteous staff.

So busy justifying how I've blown quite a lot of money this weekend!!! and planning how Im to spend the rest, one things a cert after the depression of recent weeks and immobility, another cycle as a spare. I've been looking at folding tricycles, as I may find them a bit easier to assemble/disasemble. on a train, and I think railway staff might help, as apposed to thinking I'm some kinda boy racer. And I suppose it would be handy for when folk come to stay. But other than that, I do find them a bit wobbly!!! I cant really imagine going to see my Mum on it.

Anyway can anyone tell me why a Di Basi is £1300 and a normal folding low step one is £650???

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Yipee I love Howard :0)

At 8.30 am, Howard arrived (my kids school bike Dr) having answered one of my more direct pleas for help to Barry (Sheff CTC)....long story.

On inspection, we weren't (hark at me the expert :D) to sure that the spokes weren't too long and were sticking into the inner tube. I understand that I can get some lining tape?? But the tube was definately the right size, but tube and tyre seemed really tight. Anyway I asked Howard, if he'd accept a cheque, to which he replied 'Absolutely No Way' He'd do it for nowt. Later in conversation, he said how much he loved champagne. As it happened I'd got a bottle of that!! So that was his gift for helping me out. He checked out my track pump whilst here, and declared it broken!!! But did say I could call him whenever I needed a tyre replacing :)

I turned up at Hillsborough, in the pouring rain. Nick the Park Ranger informed me that no one was coming until 2pm (I usually come home at 2) Apparently Autism Plus, didn't want to come in the rain. It's a good job Nigel was paying expenses!! He suggested that I speak to Fred before I set off, because he is in the know? But contrary to being pissed off, I was cool I had the whole day, with a working trike!!! Even though it was pouring it down, and a bit windy, and cold. I was very happy.

I went to see my Mum, who I'd been neglecting, because I'd got my head in the clouds last week. Once there all the staff were so delighted for me, ahhhh it was really nice. I mean you lot think you've witnessed my 'ups and downs' well Karen the Manager? I've known her really well for 26 years, I worked with her, she even went to the same school, and knew of me!!! She came to my ill fated wedding, moped my tears when he left. bathed my gashed leg, when the stitches were taken out too early. But then she witnesses every little peak, because I'm always buzzing when I've cycled to see Mum. Spoke to Steve M to say lets meet in Millhouses Park on Monday, to discuss the innovation fund. He was supposed to be trimming mine and Julies bushes this weekend, ooooh and we did get excited, but due to the adverse weather he aint.

I stayed at Mums for ages, and she seemed tired, so I just held her hand :( But I left her my Pride Of Yorkshire trophy.

I plodded - cycled, on in the rain, but was very happy to do so :)

Hey Yesterdays email from EM trains??? No I don't have the tickets, I destroyed them before I'd even eaten my fish supper, I was so upset. And I'm done with it now, I sounded off, a bit. Let him know that as a disabled person I didn't feel like a valued customer, of theirs. So I'm done with it but if anyone else wants to use me as an example for ammunition, please say.

I'm happy, but I've got a meeting with my SW and my welfare worker tomorrow, eeeeek wrists slapped I think.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

a special treat, 2 entries :) He doesn't really get the point does he???

Dear Thank you for your emaiI and I was concerned to hear about the difficultiesyou had at Sheffield station. So that I can consider a goodwill gesture, I need the original tickets forour auditing process. They can be sent to our Freepost address: Freepost RSAK-GETK-BSJXCustomer RelationsEast Midlands TrainsNottinghamNG2 3DQ It will really help us if you quote the above reference number. I was concerned to hear that you feel this situation wasn't handled in anappropriate manner. Being polite to customers and treating them withrespect is vital to us, so I was particularly disappointed to hear yourcomments. We are taking your complaint seriously, as the details you have providedcertainly do not reflect the values of East Midlands Trains and thestandard of service we expect all staff to provide. I have sent a copy ofyour letter to the manager responsible for these members of staff. Theywill discuss your feedback to ensure they understand the negativeimpression they've created in this situation and ensure any appropriatetraining is given. I have passed your comments to the people who co-ordinate requests forassistance. They will try and find out what went wrong so that we can avoida similar problem happening again in the future. In this instance - it appears that you were travelling on an earlierservice than the pre-booked arrangements made with the assisted travel tea.In such instances we are reliant on the station you are travelling fromand/or the traincrew to make the your destination station aware of theamendments to your trave arrangements, so they can re-schedule yourassistance. If this is not the case my colleagues will not be aware of thechanges/immediately available at your revised arrival time. I was also concerned to hear about the problems on the journey itself. Aseach company deals with complaints or queries about its own service, I needto pass your comments on so that they can be properly addressed. So, I have passed your letter onto: Customer RelationsCross CountryCustomer RelationsCannon House18 The Priory SquareBirminghamB4 6BS08447369123 I'm sure they will be in touch with you shortly Thank you for taking the time to get in touch. Kind regards Mark HaslamCustomer Relations Officer Tel: 08457 125 678 (Option 5, then 3)Fax: 0845 6010988Email

Innovation fund :)

I often feel a tinsy bit unsupported, when I have crazy ideas, but they have usually worked out ok. After all learning to cycle, was once thought to be a crazy idea, by my peers, and family. Fourteen months ago I suggested that someone suggest me or Steve for the Feel Good Award!!!!! And Nigel, and Miriam, thought I hadn't been cycling long enough. So along with Dave they waited till this year, and I'm proud of the publicity it gained for cycling.

I had a meeting this morning with the Innovation Fund folk. I was supposed to meet them in Millhouses Park, but alas I haven't sorted my flat tyre yet. I've just priced new track pumps!!!! But I have to get one, Im sure I could manage one, eeeeek at least I do hope so??? Anyway, I was hoping that the Innovation fund would fund me to support new disabled cyclist, and just generally be positive about SDS funds and a healthy way to spend any social/keeping well/ section of cash the service user may have. But I think they have different plans, perhaps bigger and better, for Hillsborough, and the woman did say that no one could have sold her the idea better than me. Because I was living proof of the success of Inclusive Cycling.

I feel a right fat slob though now, because I aint been on Ziggy for 5 days. I hate it I miss the other Mums, at the school gates. I had to pay for a taxi back from little Tesco today :( I aint seen my Mum for a week!!

Julie called to say, I was the talk of the school in my posh frock.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

I'm too tired very random!!

*We had an appointment at the Hairdressers, at 1pm and at 1.30 my hair looked amazing, it didn't last long though. But Miriams, looked beautiful of course, and seemed to stay put. I had a manicure by a beautiful lovely woman called Sarah, who actually heard my life story, (she did ask!!) And she paid £15 for my manicure and pedicure. Bless her she even struggled wi my support socks (taking them off-me). She said it was because I'd shared my life, wi her. Awwww thank you Sarah, you made me cry.
You can actually catch the Glam me being interviewed, if you type Calendar Pride Of Britain on tonight's Calendar program. Although don't expect me to be profound, it was at the end of the evening!!

* There was about 30 candle lit tables of 10 people last night, with Silver candelabras. Each one had several buckets of ice with either bottles of red/white wine or champagne. Strictly NO soft drinks.

(I had to ask the receptionist if the man suspended from the ceiling behind was real, I thought he was David Blane?)

*I reckon every 3rd person was famous, But it wasn't appropriate to act all starry eyed all the time, so I didn't get many autographs. My feet were agony, I was crying nearly. Apart fom the 2 tables that were totally surrounded by body guards, that included Prince Charles, Lady Camilla, Nick Clegg, all the X Factor team, . Normal celebrities that I found myself tripping over were Johnathan Ross, Russel Brand, Micheal Mc intire, Barbera Windsor, Phil Mitchell, Gary Linekar, One Direction, and so many more. But to be honest I know I sound like my Grandma used too, but my shoes were agony, I so wish I'd taken my trainers!!! or maybe taken Daves advice and worn some dockers, I always used to wear my Purple Dockers, with every outfit I owned.

We stayed at the after party, party. And I felt a bit of a party pooper, because it was me that said enough is enough I wanna go to sleep, at 12.

I woke at 8.30am, and spent the next 2 hrs being violently sick whilst very much needing to sit on the toilet. Unfortunately the hand sink was a very ornate glass one, it wasn't pretty though by the time I'd finished. I slept and shivered for a while.

I've tried to rearrange my 'Innovation Fund' meeting, because I can't mend my tyre although I reckon it's my track pumps valve??? And I can't find my hand pump, although I would find it difficult wi that.

Howard the Bike Dr, who fixed Gretal, and my kids bikes at school once. Is coming to see what he can do regarding everything, at 8.30 on Thursday Morning. So will you be around Rob to answer questions?

Sunday, 7 November 2010


Sorry, about the title!!! but I really am very excited!!!

I am meeting wi Miriam, at 915am we are travelling first Class to St Pancras, we have a meeting with ITV about our P & Qs and not using language, as I do, when I get scared. Then quickie hair tarting on Park Lane, and Awards and Dinner at 5. Ooooooooooh how excited are you for me~? Especially those who've stayed wi my very long struggle to get from sitting on a tricycle to riding about 10 miles in York!!

Good news is Howard The bike Dr, is coming to have a look at Ziggy on Wednesday, he's phoning me on Tuesday night :)xxxxx

I love you all very much, xxxxx

Saturday, 6 November 2010

bubble burst.....or tyre did!!!!

Vanity got me to the hair dressers though :)

Any offers of help, much apprechiated, call me please on 07909972140.

C x


I do go on when I've been drinking s'times. I've got a head ache now, just nipping out, be back on later. I'd love to find s'one to fix Ziggy properly, Oh well not too long to wait, and then I'll get some money to have her serviced by the guys at recycle.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Talk to Me Then, xx

I'm back :)

I'm extremely happy and slightly pissed, I haven't had a drink for a week!!!! B4 anyone says owt, and f* knows how I afforded it!!! AND I'm not going to incriminate myself anymore.

I am booked into the hairdressers tomorrow, eeeeeeeey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for a bit of a colour.

I am sssssoooooo excited now, I can't believe I aint had a seizure actually, because Wow!!!!

My picture story looks really 'classy' I was a bit dubious about having My Story, and a photo of myself and Mr Marsden, on display, but hell it's of me on 'Gretal' and learning to be mobile. So Fuck, that's what I believe in spreading, so yes I am proud of it.

I really couldn't cycle on the main roads today, Ziggy is too unpredictable!! I can be gathering pace up a gentle incline and suddenly the tension will go and there will be absolutely no grip whats so ever! I had a couple of incidents where I pissed folk off today, and that was on the quiet roads, to the chemist. And then later to fetch the children, and go to book my very extragent hair colour. There's no flies on me, is there?

I really am soooo happy, my kids are ace!!!

Everyone kept saying at the shops, Oooooooh I saw you on Calandar!! And in the chemist she said ' Ooooh Ive got that pill you wanted!! (to stop my period!!!) ' I replied your e much too late, but I'll have it anyway.So I've just denitted my hair, my daughter didn't find any.

I am happy I am pissed though!!!

:) Never been happier, to see it

Metaphorically speaking, I'm like a balloon that escaped before a knot could be tied, or a full bath that's had the plug released!! Appropriatly soo I am the Catherine Wheel, that breaks free, and zips about the garden spreading spaks!!

Enough for now,

Thursday, 4 November 2010


Now 90% of my readers will say, it always boils down to that!! They - Women, don't know what it's like to be rite ill, and av flu!!! well not proper flu like us men get!! I'm not grumbling about tummy ache (just bring it on at the mo!!!) I've been extremely sensitive this morning, and reclusive, and a grumpy old fart. And I obviously have no shame!!!I had good intentions, but when it turned dark at about 1pm!!!! That was me in for the day/night.

Barry Raynor (Sheffield and North East Derbyshire, CTC) popped in as promised with my framed Personal Story. Ahhhh it's lovely, I am so grateful, because I know, that the way things are at the moment, with finances. (i couldn't even afford to pay out for my usual lift to Hillsborough today!!!) I would never have got round to it, and it would have got spoilt. It's a lovely silver frame, and I was going to hang it in the hall before, but it's too nice with its ornate silver frame. So I'm putting it next to my pc, so that when I'm doing my blog, and having my moments, as I often do????I can be reminded of just how far I've come. :) with loads of very willing help.

Oh... I arranged a meeting in Millhouses Park, with some folk who give money too innovative services, anything from £1000 - £20000, so I asked if they would fund me to recruit disabled cyclists to Hillsbro initially, because it has provided me with so much independance. Anyway, they're impressed.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Ey, I'm rite happy folk read my blog, a friend of mine 'Bert' who hasn't read it for about a year, just glanced yesterday. And presumed I was thinking about surgery, anyway he's just called me to tell me all about his experience. Which I've got to say, has been the first positive one I've heard about. But that's human nature to be more interested in bad news, I know it's the grusome truth :)

There were seven of us in the group today, and the object of it was to get public reaction, to what the criteria for receiving free Bariatric surgery should be, hope you follow?

I am open minded after talking to Bert because for some folk it can be 'a life saver' literally, and it can certainly help them retuern to some type of normality. Steven on the other hand today, whilst initially after having the surgery 5 years ago, and losing 9 stone, had recently put 7 of it back on.

He walked with a stick, partly because he had had to have surgery on his knees, and partly because of his weight. Oh I so wanted to help the guy, he would so benefit from some sort of cycle, very obviously for the exercise, but for his independence and general Well Being.

I soo want to help Steven, so I gave him, my card and offered to meet him at Hillsborough tomorrow, but he can't do that, but he says he might do the week after. (i hope so, but doulbt it)

But the wo,men organising it, wanted to book me for future health talks :) And I met Judy, the Chair person for arc an arthritus group, in Rotherham. And she wanted me to visit them and just talk, something that comes easily to me, I know.

I popped into see my Mum, and was so happy because I had honestly thought that she didn't understand what was happening. When infact with outstretched arms she congratulated me, as soon as I walked in. Apparently all the staff had seen it, it was great. And I think because everyone was sort of following it at the home, Mum felt right 'in on it'

I had in fact got a taxi back from the meeting so, I hadn't got Ziggy. But once home, I took Ziggy out of the shed, It's been so long - 2 days actually. I love her sooo much, why can't everyone see how good cycling could make them feel, I suppose today worked as a bit of an eye opener. I know that whilst ever I keep exercising it won't. Because Although I aint slim I do actually feel quite healthy.

Thank you everyone for dropping me a line last night, it's great this little very supportive community. Speaking of which, Paul the cycle mechanic, is coming for Ziggy whilst I'm in London. And having her for a couple of days, because my arse is only a few inches from the floor!!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Who am I trying to kid? When I pretend to be carefree, When I go and spend the entire grocery money on an outfit for Pride Of Britain (POB)

I had to phone the bank today, and transfer some money, the smug cashier said, ahhhhh it appears you spent over a hundred pounds at the weekend at Evans and Next, and now you haven't got enough Tesco money??? Well I burst out crying, I was truly sobbing, it was awful.

Tomorrow, I'm going to an obesity surgery group!!! I know, it sounds dramatic!! I just feel that it is almost inevitable, that I will be offered it at some point in my life. And also as a health champ I 'm interested. And I think it would be a really good group to try and get at Hillsborough Cycling. I have to be really honest and say my gut (bum bum) reaction on the thought is....I do love my food, and I'd miss it. Also if it's as life threatening as I've heard? Vanity isn't worth it, but if it got to a point where my health was seriously threatened, I'd consider maybe. Another reason for my attending tomorrow, is to maybe gain some recruits for Thursdays????I spoke to Steve about it, and he thought fab, but told me, Hillsborough was closing for winter at the end of November :( And said of a relaunch in spring, so I immediately got onto the Producer of Calendar News, and asked if they'd help publisize?? And yes He thought they would, because they had enjoyed visiting before.

So I'm in a right maudling mood :( I don't know why.. Talk to me, you know. you always make me smile. :)xx

Monday, 1 November 2010


I'm such a mass of butterflies at the moment, excitement, fear? Focused (boringly so ) I'm grinning like a Cheshire cat all the time, and the stranger in the street doesn't know why, and I just want to shake them and tell them. But supposing I get so excited, I have a 'fit' on the red carpet??? I only ever used to suffer from epilepsy when I had a period, and guess what? I'm visiting the Drs, to see if I can take something. Am I witling unnecessarily?? Supposing Miriam can't come wi me??

It's such a massive event as well?? I am tearful sometimes, when I think of the 4 years prior to me discovering cycling. And the driving force within me that helped me, and the massive comparison, between now and then. Folk say I should be very proud, but who of???? I just do what I enjoy, I'm no hero for that, it's normal....selfish even? I do hope so much, that if you're one of the folk, who deserves to feel sooo proud, because of helping me that YOU do.

I do wish so much that my Mum and Dad, could appreciate it.

Urrrrgh, the puddle underneath my sink was getting worst, you know perhaps if I was a little more observant, it would have dawned on me that it only happens when the washing machines on...durrrrr. The guy promised to come for 9.00 but he didn't actually get here at 1pm. But that was too late for me to visit my Mum. So I aint seen my Ma for nealy a week :(

Oooooooooooooooh this guy contacted me with a link to a very similar thing to Hillsborough, that takes place in London. Pedal power http://www.hackney-cyclists.org.uk/pedalpower.htm and kinda put them in touch with me and vise verse, thanks for that!!! Because after watching the fab video, and speaking to Steve M, and proposing the idea to Autism Plus. I think we're gonna make a video for this blog.

Another nice surprise was that Barry from Sheffield CTC is gonna make me guest of honour, at the Xmas do, this year. And when he called to tell me, he also took my mounted Story and was gonna get it covered for me as a gift. Ahhh aren't folk so lovely.

I then cycled to school, which did seem strange and hard, it's only cos I'm heavy :( I told Steve of my new objective which was to cycle to Esporta have a swim and cycle home. His reaction, was Oh ok. Not.... bloody hell that's good.

Dave darling, I think you need to alert Patrick the higher Ar key of the CTC that you had a hand in me reaching the finals of the Pride of Britain, because I don't think they appreciate that.

Mums and Dads from school, who had seen Calendar by chance on Friday, hooted and howled at me well quietly.