Thursday, 28 February 2013


I don't think so.....:(

2 of the main players behind Hillsboroughs Cycling 4 All, had a meeting today, apparently on the future of C4A. And I wasn't invited. And it's silly because I actually sit on the Councils Co-Production Stratergy team, that decided, that services would not be used by the Council, unless they demonstrated CP.

But hey what do I know???

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Me and my big mouth!!

The other week, whilst talking with a very senior person whose extremely important, but who won't let me names drop him at all :( Do you think I embarrass him? :) He claims not! I happened to mention how I think employment, and sickness and disability, could be improved. Anyway he told me to go away and start the process, and he would support me all the way!! It's really scary!!

Monday morning was ace, I had a lay in bed :) (I don't have the kids on Sunday nights) Took the dog in the woods tied to the back of Ziggy (i love that) It was very muddy. My taxi arrived, and off I went for a swim :) So I was very refreshed for my ground breaking ??? idea, for righting employment issues, with the brain injured any how.

I'm not silly though, I do understand that at the moment I am a very cheap and positive way to demonstrate co production.  And my ideas Might work???

Like an ass, I forgot clean dry underwear!! So I ended up bra-less and knicker less, whist delivering my plans for the future!! 'Tits out' but no not really.

I bumped into Alan from Cycling 4 All, on the Tesco Bus, and he's so excited about it starting again on the 7th of March. He got me all giddy, thinking of it :) So much so that I rang Steve. Who has agreed to take Richards place as my trusted cleaner/pa!! I'm kinda nervous about Steve seeing what I keep in my knicker drawer!!! :D......socks of course

Friday, 22 February 2013

I'm not ready to be cathartic!!

About Nigels beautiful funeral,.

Steve M leaving.

Richard, my cleaner and personal organiser, leaving after 6 years. All this and it's not even the end of Feb

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I 4got!!

To tell you about Carsington!!.

Well we were collected at 10am by David aged 51, and single ;) I didn't push it, at all because I'm feeling unattractive, fat, and a bit ill. And I'm really missing Nigel, I just need to bounce ideas off him. I sooo took him for granted

I'ts his funeral tomorrow.

Back to Carsington.....I fell off a 2 wheeler twice!! both times when I had to slow, to manover. Luckily I'd taken Ziggy, soooo I huffed anmd puffed trying to keep up with my kids. Finn on his Mongoose and Daisy on her pedal assist bike which we had hired. The sun was splitting the sky, it was gorgeous weather :)

And Rob, I didn't get chance to try the Cafe, long story, but I only made it half way round, and rather than pursue on, we headed back because we knew the terrain.

It was a very funny day, very bonding.  

Monday, 18 February 2013

I am trying!!!!!

Some might say very trying!! I sent a text today suggesting that the very select few (2) schools? Who pay for C4A to come to them. Be extended to include any Halls of Residence, like Henliegh Hall, for example, where my Mum spent the last year of her life.Or Hospices, and Dave came up with a top suggestion, of Cheshire Homes! It is a shame that they are on a right hill. But I think I will pay them a visit, this week.

But not tomorrow, because My children are mortified, but excited they are coming on 'the window licking bus'. And we are going to Carsington Water, for the day. Where Daisy and I have booked an electric Cycle!! and Finns taking his Mongoose, I am also taking Ziggy, b ecause It's quite probable, that I won't last very long on the one that I'm hiring. But it's all very exciting!!

Anyway I received a text back (i imagined it was curt - is that the right word?) explaining that the project was closed.

Sunday, 17 February 2013


As i don't have many folk reading anymore, I expect I've spoken to most of you? So you will know that sadly Steve Marsden, has lost his job. Well in actual fact it had run it's extra year, and that comes to an end at the end of March.

I met him on Friday, and cried!! He had been! but I think put on a brave face for me. Who's job it was to secure funding, or start the implementation of a cycle hire, with support thrown in. I'm not too sure, but he'd got lots of ideas but it's all too late!!

We got an invite from Sustrans, to a Celebration Party at Westminster, I declined. And Steve said he had other plans??? I don't think either of us feel like it's been much of a success.

The invite from Sustrans, had no contact details???? which baffled me a bit?? So I just wrote to a general email addy, thanking them but declining their invite. Saying I didn't feel like celebrating.

I also wrote to Nick Clegg, I don't supposed, that will do any good, but I have to try s'thing.

What a glorious day it was for a ride/skid in the mud with Holly dog, attached to Ziggy, in the woods.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Boo Hoo!!!

Steve Marsden, my hero has been made redundant!! He's got till the end of March. I'm soo upset, it's like all my support is disappearing. First Nigel, and now Steve.:(

Another thing!! Sustrans have invited me to a party at Westminster Palace, to celebrate the success of Hillsborough Cycling 4 All!! I'm deciding, because I have a mega important meet?

I've been to 'making it Real' which is a National thing, that Sheffield is apart of. But I don't feel like doing much :(

Monday, 11 February 2013

I can't wait!!!

I've booked Community Transport, to take me and my little darlings, (i say little, Daisys as tall as me and she's 14!!). To take us to Ashbourne, or more precisely Carsington Water. Where I have booked a couple of BICYCLES!!!!! pedal Assist ones too!!!! I am taking Ziggy and Finns taking his Mongoose, for the off road trails!!! I can't wait. It is costing £54.00, but I kinda figured, I might spend that if I took them to town. And apart from it being so very cold, it will make a great change.

Ooooh tomorrows exciting too, I'm going to a 'Right to Control' event, where I've got to facilitate a table of 8, about how they could use the Record of Involvement. And I've got all these posters printed at Adult Social Care, about the Launch day at Hillsborough, which is on the 7th of March.

I will try and include a flyer, but just incase I don't manage, it starts at 10 and finishes at 3.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Tooo cold!!

I think I'm in fuel poverty!! I'm making a conscious effort, to not use the much, sadly this resulted in me spending the afternoon, tucked under a duvet with Holly dog.

I'm not really feeling too smug about not eating meat for 33years!! :)

But what with rogue fox' eating babes fingers!! and substituting cow meat for horse meat. It's like making a profit is far more important than, obeying food labeling legislation, and emtying bins!! It's all preventable!! if folk weren't greedy.

I've just had an interesting ;) conversation, with a guy who I've been in touch with on an annual basis for 7 years!!

I'm going to town tomorrow providing it's not too icey.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Hi folks!!

Well, I'm ok, a bit pissed, and when I'm not invigourated by my latest conspiracy whichj combines the council the BIRC, ASC, Job centre plus, the universities and PCT. which is Me, in all of them.

About a week ago I sent off an email to the above, stating that they all wanted the same, so why couldnt thery share recourses etc Or was I just stating the very obvious!!! Anyway unsuprisingly I didnt hear a dicky bird!! I thought shit, i've really offended folk!!! But apparently not and 2 of the parties want me to fix up a date, for them to meet!! So hey ho!! :)

Life aint as easy without Nigel West. He was like 'Father Remus'???Suitably he died in India.

His funeral is at Abbey Lane Cemetry, on Feb 21st, at 11.00 and then after at The Circle in town.....I keep trying to tell myself, that it's a celebration  of a wonderful guys life. But then I get sdelfish, and wish he was still here.

Thanks Dave. x

Sunday, 3 February 2013

My mate Anj

I've cycled with Holly dog, tethered to my trike. Upto my mates house, for a coffee, and a cry :(  But I feel better now :) x

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Are all men shallow? Surely not.

I'm NOT after compliments here! Just incase you, thought I was trying to contrive some sort of response. For various reasons, I have laid low (not literally!!) on the dating scene, for a while now prefering to wait and see rather than seek it, and be disappointed. And men love me for a laugh and a joke, and they all coment about what an interesting life, I have. But on New Years Eve I was overlooked, because my friends weren't disabled? were slimer? - debatable? But I don't think they were funnier, or more interesting? And remember Pat off the tesco bus??? He's been in touch, and why???? Because he wanted to know how Julie was and if she was dating anyone!!

I'm sad again now, I thought I could live with rejection, but not, over and over again.